Club Membership Application

Please complete the form below and submit electronically with your payment via Paypal (treasurer@sfwda.org) or include a check and mail to SFWDA Director of Membership address below.

Club Name: _________________________________________________

Address:  ___________________________________________________

City: ______________________________  State: ____  Zip Code: _____

Telephone:  (____) _____-______                    Cell:  (____) _____-______  

Email Address:  ___________________________@_________________

Web Address: __________________@____________

Facebook: ___________________________________

Twitter: ______________________________________


We hereby apply for Club and Individual Membership for 2014 and am enclosing our annual membership fee of $25 per member.


Signed: _____________________________  Date: __________________

Title: _______________________________

Please contact Wayne Hartford, SFWDA Director of Membership, for access to the SFWDA database, and/or assistance in updating your membership data.  Contact;  membership@sfwda.org .


Please make checks payable to SFWDA

Mail completed application and your payment to;

SFWDA Director of Membership
3933 West Lamar Alexander Parkway
Friendsville, TN    37737