LIVE - Jeep JK build at Dixie Run 30 sponsored by Tennessee Off Road !

 Earlier this year when I spoke to John "Poky" Mcgee from Tennessee Off Road about helping out with our Trailfest raffle he informed me that he was planning a HUGE project and stepping up the bar to contribute towards our raffle. This is super important raffle because between our two annual events they are a huge contributor to the financial health of our Association. Well, anyhow after we talked through the details I realized he was absolutely right, and this would be a real challenge but an even more remarkable Prize for one lucky winner! 

 So, a lot has transpired since early May and the folks at Tennessee Off Road ( TOR ) are still absolutely committed the pulling off a first time ever Live Jeep - JK build to the owners; Ron and Rhonda Brewer of the Stones River Jeep Club. They are new to the sport and did not make it to Trailfest themselves last year, but while they didn't win the actual prize drawing they did manage to acquire it from the original winning ticket holder and so it all worked out. 

 The ultimate prize will be to have a slew of NEW parts installed on location LIVE under a pavilion by the team from Tennessee Off Road right there inside of Golden Mountain OHV Park through the weekend of Dixie Run 30. Come on by and see the progress first hand yourself. They will be turning wrenches and working through their riding time so when you do stop by be sure to say Thank You for such a killer contribution to our Association. From raising funding in our raffle, to bringing awareness and education of a Jeep build, to helping out a new wheeler and spouse get better acclimated to tackle the trails. This is a WIN WIN for everyone. 

Thanks again Tennessee Off Road. 
For more info one this great shop check out their webpage or follow them on Facebook.

  " We, Ron and Rhonda Brewer, bought our jeep ,“The Silver Bullet” 2/20/2016. I, Rhonda personally have never owned a Jeep until now. I have fallen in love with the “Jeep Life”. My Husband, Ron, has owned a few jeeps in his lifetime. Our Jeep is a 2013 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport (JKU); upon purchasing our jeep we were trying to decide what type of lift and tires to upgrade it with. We visited a longtime friend, John McGee of “Tennessee Off Roads”, to discuss what Modifications would be best for our JKU. At that time John was telling us about a raffle that was won at Trail Fest and the unforeseen circumstances that happened to the lucky winner of the raffle and that they wanted to sell the winning ticket. We happened to visit the “TOR” shop on the right day at the right time. We purchased the winnings from the Raffle winner and are excited to see “The Silver Bullet” transform into the best it can be.
We look forward to being able to do more moderate and up trail rides after all modifications have been complete. I currently use my jeep as my daily driver and I already see heads turn and I’m excited to see even more heads turn once all the modifications are completed at Dixie Run. I want to thank everyone in advance that has allowed/made this happen and that will be working on my Jeep come September."  
- Rhonda Brewer (2013 Jeep JKU Owner) 



Check out the latest national OHV news from our friends at UFWDA in the August e-News

UFWDA eNews August 2016 

Welcome to this edition of eNews and to those readers who've recently joined us. 


I was wrong in my assumption that the UFWDA Annual Meeting would be a quiet affair... it buzzed with enthusiasm as we had some highly respected volunteers step forward at the last moment to help with roles on the UFWDA board. 

We'd like to thank Veron Ball for his considerable efforts as he steps away from the role of vice president and maybe we can persuade him to continue to represent UFWDA in negotiations for the use of a racecar facility as a 4x4 event location? 

Your input of topical material for each eNews is still vital, so please keep UFWDA and our readers informed by emailing to before the 10th of each month. 
Peter Vahry; editor

New Board of Directors

The United Four Wheel Drive Associations Board of Directors is pleased and proud to announce that we have a full Board for the first time in several years. 

With the additions of current President of the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Steve Egbert, current President of the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, Ray Stanley, and past President of the Colorado Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs, Jim Dixon, the United Four Wheel Drive Associations is stronger than ever.

Steve Egbert has grown the Cal4 organization to a thriving and dynamically strong force in California.

Ray Stanley has reorganized the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association into a well-oiled organization that has become a very strong and vibrant group of fun-loving, hard-working people.

Jim Dixon made great strides in doing the same reorganization to the Colorado Association of Four Wheel Drive Clubs during his term. 

Tom Mandera and Jerry Smith are past-Presidents of the Montana 4x4 Association, with Peter Vahry a past-President of the New Zealand Four Wheel Drive Association. 

Together with the “old board” members, we are looking forward to making some serious upgrades to the UFWDA operations very soon. The new Board of Directors will be setting a new agenda with achievable goals and accountability to make the goals reality. A new “vision” of what can be accomplished is about to be made possible. 

A business plan will be implemented to set the course of a reorganized United Four Wheel Drive Associations. Very soon you will see a new and rejuvenated United working hard to keep our beloved roads, trails, and Great American BackCountry accessible for motorized recreation. 

United Four Wheel Drive Associations – Board of Directors

  • President – Tom Mandera -
  • Vice President – Steve Egbert
  • International Vice President – Peter Vahry
  • Treasurer – Bob DeVore
  • Membership Director – Richard Hiltz
  • Public Relations – Jim Dixon
  • Director of Environmental Affairs – Jerry Smith
  • United Four Wheel Drive Associations – Extended Board of Directors
  • Business Development Manager – Ray Stanley
  • 4WD Awareness Program – Craig Feusse
  • Voice Editorial Manager – Peter Vahry
  • Website Administrator – Milt Webb

The new Board of United is always open to suggestions about how we may better serve our members and the 4-Wheeling public. If you have a suggestion or an issue you believe we might help with, please contact us.

For land use issues, please contact Jerry Smith, Director of Environmental Affairs. In fact, even if you have no current land use concerns, if you are into land use, please contact Jerry to be added to his network of land use champions. We need your voice. 
By Jerry Smith: Director of Environmental Affairs

New Off Road Vehicle Ramp 63 Opens on Ocracoke Island 



Accessing Cape Point By Joe Darling, Hatteras Island District Ranger:



“Can I walk in the water to Cape Point?” Currently Cape Point is reduced in size due to erosion and flooding. Temporary wildlife closures extend into the ocean, encompassing the shoreline. Because of this, the shoreline is closed. If one were to walk the closure boundary closest to ramp 44 they would need to stay 75 meters into the ocean to stay outside of the nesting bird closure. And 30 meters off the tip of Cape Point in the ocean to stay outside of the nesting bird closure.Currently there is no legal or safe way to access Cape Point by walking in the water.

“Can I walk outside the park boundary?” One would have to stand in deep water the entire time depending on time of day and tide cycle. Whatever actions one undertakes outside of the park’s boundaries that affect the wildlife in temporary wildlife closures in the park are subject to various federal regulations. They would be violating federal regulations if they became tired and needed to walk onto the beach (into the closure). Temporary wildlife closures and buffers are in place to protect federally listed species, species of concern, and other wildlife at Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

VA4WDA 24th Annual Trail Ride at Oakridge Estate in Nelson County VA
Sept 16 to Sept 18, 2016

July 15 Registration opens at
Sept 15 Camp field opens at 2:00
Early check in begins at 2:00 at camp field


More info at:

The California Four Wheel Drive Association and our partners in the California Motorized Recreation Council and the Coalition for Public Access are currently working on reauthorization of the state OHV Program. While we often complain about our state government and what they do, the OHV Program is an example of our state government at its best. 

Federal, State and Non Profit Groups depend on the Grant Funds that the OHV program provides to do real work on the ground to maintain and increase OHV opportunities all over the state. The OHV program is a separate division of California State Parks. California State Parks has struggled with a number of issues over the last few years and is going through a reorganization, or transformation process. 

State Parks has not been very transparent through this transformation and the OHV program is threatened as this process moves forward. State Parks is proposing elimination of the OHV Division and managing the program in the larger State Parks Department. Why is what is happening with California State Parks important to you? 

Because State Parks is more than the State Vehicle Recreation Area’s (SVRA’s), it encompasses the Grants Program, the OHV Trust Fund and the OHV Commission as well. There are many questions on what is going to change in the transformation process, but be assured that if you recreate in California on public lands it will affect you.

We will continue to update the available information on our web site and Facebook pages. We may need your help in the near future and we will notify you via e-mail, our web site and social networks when we have a need for action.

For more information, visit: 

Did you see these on the UFWDA

Santa Fe National Forest Releases Draft Wilderness
Inventory Maps for Public Comment

The Santa Fe National Forest has released their Draft Wilderness Inventory Maps. These maps are Step 1 in a four-step process to identify and evaluate lands that may or may not be suitable for inclusion in the National Wilderness Preservation System as part of Forest Plan Revision.
Draft maps can be found online here. Copies of the maps are also available in print at the SFNF Supervisor' office and District offices as well as many public and community libraries around the Forest.
The Forest Service is claiming that the Draft Inventory generally excludes areas with public roads, the most noticeable man-made improvements, and stand-alone areas considered too small to manage as Wilderness. A careful review of the maps may lead one to think otherwise!
Once finalized, the Inventory will be evaluated for Wilderness characteristics (Step 2) and analyzed for impacts of potential designation (Step 3) prior to any potential recommendation to Congress (Step 4). In September 2016, there will be a series of public meetings to gain preliminary input for Evaluation (Step 2), and more information will follow.
A spreadsheet with all comments received from the public, how the Forest Service used them in the Inventory (Step 1), and how they will use them in future steps is available on the SFNF website and can be accessed by clicking here.
NMOHVA urges our membership and concerned public to review these maps and provide feedback on them and the inventory criteria.Comments are most useful by August 15th (yes, that is now!).
Comments can be submitted via email to: or by mailing to:
Forest Plan Revision
Santa Fe National Forest
11 Forest Lane
Santa Fe, NM 87508
Here is also a reminder that Scoping comments are due on the SFNF Plan Revisionby August 17th. We explained why Scoping comments are important and what comments are most useful in an Access Alert sent out on July 13th. You can review that article by clicking HERE.
The Forest Plan revision process has a better chance of a OHV-friendly outcome if we all participate. The access you save will be your own! 

Read more at ...

Read More......



30 BF-Goodrich Tires will be given away at Dixie Run 30! Don't miss out on your Opportunity to WIN!

30 for 30 BFG Dixie Run Tires

30 BF-Goodrich Tires will be given away at Dixie Run 30! 

(6 sets of 5 tires sized to your choice)

 BF-Goodrich tires has stepped up huge and offered to support our Association by offering 30, Yes, 30 brand new tires off road tires. All you have to do to qualify is to come out to Dixie Run 30 and purchase a Raffle Ticket. We will then pull 6 lucky Winners who will each be awarded a complete set of 5 BF-Goodrich Tires up to 35" in size. Please include in all of your posts about the event with hashtag #areyoudriverenough and #BFGplay to show your support and maybe increase your odds of winning. 




SFWDA Educational Video Series

Season Two


"Techniques to Avoid
Getting Stuck"

We will cover some basic tips and techniques to avoid getting your vehicle stuck when you go off road. Snow, Mud, and Sand can create challenging traction scenarios and we suggest a few ways to increase your traction. Also, ground clearance can hinder you unless you know how to approach the obstacle and choose the right line. Many of these techniques are universal in concept and can improve your driving ability on every level of difficulty.

Learn More:

This video is part of our second season's collection of OHV Educational Videos produced from funding and volunteers provided by your Association.



Things are coming together to make this an unforgettable 30th Anniversary event.

Things are coming together to make this an unforgettable 30th Anniversary event. BFG has stepped up HUGE for our raffle. Tennessee Off Road is doing a Live JK Build at the park. We've added a Family Movie night on Friday under the stars. The Southern Shoot Out, Timed Hill Climb will be run by ET4WD, and they're working on some killer prizes for the competitors. Jay Bird and crew from GBR will be entertaining the kiddos with field games in between bounce houses, playgrounds, and R/C racing. Lot's of vendors are expected including several tractor trailer rigs, so be sure to bring your imagination and your wallet. Food Trucks will be also onsite through the weekend to cure your cravings and the ultimate convenience. SRB Band will be returning to perform live music on stage. Oh and did I mention this is a Trail Riding event. Yes, their will be a TON of riding opportunities for 4x4 rigs of all sizes and ages. From guided waterfall excursions, and trail rides to extreme boulder gullies, there's something for everyone!