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CNC4x4 Puts out a helping hand at the 2016 Good Guys Car Show & Demolition Derby

From our friends at CNC4x4 out enjoying the weekend.
That's what its all about. 

At the end of a long day (around 10 PM), CNC4x4 had safely towed over 30 disabled demo derby cars and made new friends with fair officials, Good Guys promoters, demo derby drivers and staff.

A big shout-out to the following CNC4x4 members for participating in this event....

  • Rob B.
  • Mike F.
  • Danny H.
  • Doug J.
  • Robert and Lisa T.
  • Ron W.

And a special thanks to Ken C. for doing all the logistics to set this up.

The club received payment for our services, plus free entry to the show and the 'best seats in the house' for the demolition derby...right up close and personal!

Unlike last year, we we're not allowed to "show" our rigs in the main show area. Most of us do not meet the criteria for having rigs 1972 or earlier, however, starting at around 7:30AM we set up a table, banner, and out-reach information just outside the registration building so people knew we were there and could come out and visit us while taking a break from the main show.

Thanks to Robert, Lisa and other club members for talking up CNC4x4, handing out our business cards, and in one case, a hardcopy application to a couple of guys with a nicely built-up TJ(?) Sahara with a snorkel. (Note to Scott: Watch for an application from 'Eddie'. Thx.)

Weather was perfect and CNC4x club members had plenty of time to look at great examples of 1972 and earlier American made cars, from total restorations to wild custom jobs. From one perspective, if you had a '32 Ford hot rod or a restored '55-57 Chevy, you were in good company. That's not to say there wasn't plenty of other Detroit iron from all makes and models. Visit Good Guys Car Shows or ask one of us for a copy of this year's show catalog if you want to know more.

Fair food? Check. CNC4x4 members dined on the finest 'gyros, sausage, ribbon fries and funnel cakes' the state has to offer. Didn't see anyone go for the deep-fried oreos this time!

Again unlike last year, yesterday's weather was least from our point of view. The 'tacky but not muddy' track meant easier towing and almost no de-mudding afterwards. Some of the derby drivers loved it...some preferred last year's ankle-deep mud...but every one of those guys and gals put on a great show for packed stands. Thanks to one of our members for taking the time to cover their car seats, gas/brake pedals, and carpeting with plastic...thus ensuring perfect weather and almost no mud! ;-)

There were two preliminary heats of eight full-size cars each, followed by one jaw-clenching heat of about 20 'mini-cars' (4-cylinder, front wheel drive), ending with a deafening championship heat of ~10 full size cars.

At the end of every heat, CNC4x4 was out there with our chains, straps and J-hooks quickly and safely clearing the field for the next heat. Typically, a little less than 1/2 of the cars were able to limp off the field under their own power with the exception of the mini-car heat...the majority of them were totally smashed! The others were left for either CNC4x4 to tow, or if they were too badly damaged and hung up on the concrete barriers, a fork lift truck would either get them unstuck for us to tow, or in the worst cases lift them straight up and move them to the pit area.

New CNC4x4 member Danny H and his companion in their '01 black Wrangler Sahara didn't need much encouragement as they jumped right in there to clear out the disabled derby cars.

CNC4x4 got a couple of nice shout-outs from the announcer early in the program and club members had lots of good interaction with drivers and promoters. It was great PR for CNC4x4 and a great business deal for the promoters..

Unfortunately there were some driver injuries, some requiring an ambulance trip and there was one very small fire immediately put out by city and county firemen. There was great support from both fire departments and EMS. It's a rough sport.

At the end of a long day (around 10 PM), CNC4x4 had safely towed over 30 disabled demo derby cars and made new friends with fair officials, Good Guys promoters, demo derby drivers and staff.

Got a feeling we're going to get invited back next year. Be ready for some fun! 

Pictures/Videos of the Event



GBR's Spring Cleanup Work Weekend at Beasley Knob OHV Trail System raised over $10,000 in RTP funds for the OHV Trail System

The Georgia Bounty Runners recently held a “Fun Run” a/k/a work weekend at the Beasley Knob OHV Trail System in Blairsville, Georgia March 18th through March 20th, 2016. 

The GBR really stepped up for a very aggressive funds-match request that the USFS needed for this weekend.  The USFS normally gets around $4,000 in matching funds with each of our regular work weekends.  Due to the addition of brand new trails and work still needed, they had the lofty goal of $7,500 matching funds for this weekend alone.

The call went out and we raised over $10,000 in matching funds with the help of SIXTY-FIVE GBR attendees!  This is one of the highest turn-outs we’ve ever had doing the work at Beasley Knob.


We started with a meeting with Teressa Brown, Forestry Technician with the Forest Service, at 1:00 PM at her office in Blairsville on Friday for pre-planning.  We discussed how the OHV area weathered the wet winter closure.  She indicated they had not been able to get out much over the trails because all of the rain so conditions were unknown.  She did say some of the other areas had many downed trees and for us to “bring out the certified sawyers”.   We discussed that three new gates had been installed and people have been making there way around the gates, so one of our big tasks would be to block these illegal by-passes at the new gates.   She said she would have a few tools (one post-hole digger, shovel and a rock bar) and supplies (bags of sackret, posts, boards, screws to fasten the boards, etc.) at strategic locations for the work.  Unfortunately both of the Forest Service’s gas powered augers were out of commission!   Oh no!

After the meeting we headed over to the campsite.  Since the area was still locked from the winter closure we had to install a specially coded combination lock at the gate so everyone could get in/out without much problem.  Next, Rita and I set-up camp at the Satterfield Pay Station off Windy Hill Rd., as others arrived, we set-up plans for work parties to start evaluating the trails and start clearing back the brush.  One crew led by Greg Uphole headed out 93C cutting back the brush off the trails and cleaning out water bars.  Another crew, led by Kerry Vanderpool worked Trail 93 where they had to cut two trees off the trail.

On Saturday morning, we had a parking area full of vehicles!

65 Attendees Supported this RTP Weekend Workday Event

We had a driver’s meeting and went over the game plan.  I also gave a short safety briefing giving instruction on proper wear of safety equipment, care for distances around the sawyers and hospital location / reporting in case of an emergency.  Then we split out in to five groups.

 My group started at the Satterfield pay station going back towards Windy Hill Rd.  We cut the grass, cut back the brush and picked up the trash as we walked.  A group of us went to the new gate and installed short fences on both sides of the new gate blocking ghost trails going around gate.  We then went to the Blue Rock pay station cutting brush off the road. We then cleared brush off the pay station area and off trail 93.

  A second group, led by Kevin Sutz, started at the parking lot of 93D and went up Nicholson Gap down to F.S. road 117.  They covered the complete trail 93G, Beasley Knob Mountain trail, down to F.S. road 117. They had to chainsaw three trees off the trail and move a small one out of the way.  They went to the new gate to stop the illegal bypass around the gate.  At the new gate they used a vehicle winch to pull some big rocks into the ghost trail opening. After that they found some posts and installed them behind the rocks they added a cross bar to keep ATVs or other vehicles from trying to drive over the rocks.  They collected trash, cleaned water bars and cut back branches and tree limbs that were growing over trails          .

Another group led by Ralph Payne rode 93B cutting back brush and clearing water bars.

Our forth group led by Dave Logan rode trail 93D.  They cut back brush and cleaned out water bars.  They ran into a huge tree blocking 93D. The tree’s root ball pulled up and over blocking the trail.  The root ball was over 6 feet tall and the tree at its base was over 4 feet in diameter, impossible for them to move.  They changed their route going on another trail and back tracked to the other side of this tree.

The fifth group led by Paul Fon traveled trail 93C cutting back brush and cleaning out water bars.  His group also had to cut two trees off 93C, one tree at two different locations.

 Since we could not finish all work on Saturday a group of us stayed overnight and finished the needed work on Sunday.  This group repaired part of the fence behind the sign at the Satterfield pay station.   We also cut the grass and cut brush, back clearing the camp and parking areas.



G. Curtis Barnhart Jr.
Adopt-A-Trail Representative
Beasley Knob OHV Trail System



GBR's 13th annual Mud for Blood blood drive is a Hit by raising over 107 pints of blood


From all our friends at Georgia Bounty Runners and Jay Bird;

"Thanks everyone. We had a great turn out with 107 pints of blood attempted. My goal was 100. Thanks to all who have. You saved lives today" - Jay Bird

Just received this from Life South. Thanks everyone.....

Good morning Jay,

"On behalf of LifeSouth Community Blood Centers, we want to thank you and the Georgia Bounty Runners for hosting your 13th annual Mud for Blood blood drive with us! Because of your commitment and support, we collected 107 pints of life-saving blood!! You achieved 167% of the blood drive goal (64 pints). Excellent blood drive and way to support the local community hospitals we serve! I’ve attached a more detailed report of the blood drive for you.

Those 107 pints have the potential to help 321 patients in need of blood to live.

Overall drive results were:

  • 126 made the effort to donate

  • 16 donors were deferred

  • 3 donors had to leave before donating

  • 107 pints were collected

Please let me know if you have any questions or need additional information.

Thank you so very much for having us again this year. We enjoyed ourselves and it seemed to be a pleasant experience for the donors, despite the hiccup with the wait times. My supervisor Seandell and I have already made note to order more T-shirts and ask for an extra bus next year. We’ll be on the lookout for next year’s date!

Many thanks for your time and partnering on blood drives with LifeSouth! It is a pleasure working with you! Have a great week J

Kind regards,



4th Annual 4 Wheeling for a Cure raised $27,813.90 for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

St. Jude
100 % of entire proceeds will be donated to St. Jude .

100 % of entire proceeds will be donated to St. Jude .

Thank you and your company for your support for this year’s 4 Wheeling for a Cure. After the raffle, t-shirt sales, and other donations, our grand total raised for St. Jude is $27,218.90.

As you know, no family ever receives a bill from St. Jude for anything. The $27,318.90 will help cover the cost of a major surgical procedure for a St. Jude patient. St. Jude has revolutionized pediatric cancer treatment around the world with its groundbreaking use of a combination of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery to treat childhood cancers. Your hard work is so appreciated. Thank you for your continued support in the fight against pediatric cancer. 

Great turnout even with a little cold in the air! 

Brian & Janet Overly

Brian & Janet Overly

We appreciate the support from the off road community. We look forward to your support next year, and we will be in touch for our next event in April 2017. Your continued support is important to the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Thank you so much!



Win this Axial SXC10 R/C as Grand Prize for the TrailFest Mini-Crawlers Challenge Award - Sponsored by SFWDA & Krawl Off Road

Axial SXC10 R/C Trailfest Award for Mini-Crawlers Challenge as Grand Prize 

 You could win this Axial SXC10 R/C as the Grand Prize for the TrailFest Mini-Crawlers Challenge.

 The Mini-Crawlers R/C Challenge is Sponsored again this year by SFWDA & our friends at Krawl Off Road.

  •  All ages are invited to participate. 
  • Meet up at the rock pile near the pavilion Saturday morning 10 AM (No Advance Sign-Up Required) 
  • Don't have an R/C of your own, no problem, we have a loaner on site for participants to drive.
  • The "driver" with the fastest time through the gate overall takes home this brand new Axial SCX10 R/C Crawler, Jeep Wrangler G6 Falken Edition valued at $350 MSRP.

Awards will be presented Saturday evening during our announcements. We will also have additional prizes awarded and everyone is invited to participate. No additional cost required, and all ages are invited. Bring your own car or borrow one of ours. 

Krawl Off Road Official Sponsor of Trailfest 2016 Mini-Crawlers Challenge

Krawl Off Road Official Sponsor of Trailfest 2016 Mini-Crawlers Challenge

Krawl Off Road services all your "KRAWLER" needs....

Krawl Off Road
1017C Whitehall Rd
Anderson, SC 29625

864-437-8029 Office
864-353-5486 Cell




"We are a Husband and Wife Team and we have a dream. We wanted to do something we love together and that will help build a future for our two sons. We all have a passion for off-roading. That is something that we do as a family. If one of us is on the trail then we all are. We do everything from small RC Crawlers to large full size rigs and custom installations, we do it all!

 It is a great way for our family to come together. It also allows us to instill morals and values in our children. So, we hope to pass along these values to you, our customers. If there is anything we can do, please feel free to let us know... Thank you!" 

 The Axial SCX10™ Jeep® Wrangler G6™ Falken Edition elevates all terrain trailblazing, marrying the celebrated Jeep® dovetail body with the undeniable performance of Falken WildPeak M/T tires.

This SCX10™ was inspired by Falken’s dedication to offroad motorsports and the uncontainable spirit for trailblazing that Axial is known for. The Jeep® Wrangler G6™ Falken Edition bares the special edition livery that echoes Falken’s established legacy. The SCX10™ is packed with a variety of realistic details like a molded interior with a steering wheel, a Poison Spyder Rock Brawler front bumper, a dove-tail universal bolt-in cage, and a roof mounted light bar (LED lights not included). With the WB8 HD Wildboar™ drive shafts and Falken WildPeak M/T tires, the Jeep® Wrangler G6™ Falken Edition delivers durability and performance for every adventure. Rugged. Dependable. That’s the SCX10™.

For More Spec's on this very special vehciel check out or


Content Source and Manufacturer details provided by Axial -



Trailfest Registration Ticket Packets will be mailing out this Monday, Register today to avoid lines

We will be mailing out registration packets on Monday to all those who have pre-registered through this weekend, April 10th. This will speed up the check in line at the gate and get you onto the trails and into the events faster than ever before. So don't hesitate, elevate, and get your tickets now! Then when your package arrives post and share your event sticker registration number proudly displayed on the rig you'll be tackling the trails in. Let's see who has the lucky first 10, 50, and 100 registrations.  

Each order that has been placed online will be shipped directly to the address you provided during online checkout-out and will include everything you need to get you through the gate more efficiently. 

Registration & Tech Inspection Schedule

 All OHV's must pass a basic Safety Tech Inspection  

Required - Safety Belts, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid kit, Secure Battery

Optional - Cooler, Winch, Recovery Equipment, Body Anchor Points, CB Radio, Body Armor, Trail Map or GPS, etc. 

  • Thursday   4 PM - 8 PM  ( 9 AM - 8 PM Vendor Only Check In & Setup)  
  • Friday        7 AM - 8 PM
  • Saturday   7:30 AM - 11 :30 AM

For more details....



CNC Trip Write-Up from our last Black Mountain OHV Park trip to Harlan, KY

Black Mountain OHV park

Our club, Central North Carolina 4x4 Club, recently went on a trail ride to Black Mountain Off Road Park. This is typically referred to as Harlan, KY. We created a write-up of the trip. Our club likes to wheel the best places in the US. We make sure everyone gets to, through and back home. This trip was a testament to that.

The complete report of the trip in detail can be found on our club website. 
Trip Write-up on our website:

More pictures of the event:

Thank you,
Scott Roberts
CNC 4x4 Club Public Relations