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SFWDA Welcomes members to join the NOHVCC for 3rd Annual - TN OHV Day on the Hill

2016 OHV Day on the Hill -
Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Photo from our 2015 TN OHV Day on the Hill 

Photo from our 2015 TN OHV Day on the Hill 

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 The concept of this day is for various groups representing motorized OHV recreation to come together at the Tennessee State Capitol "On the Hill" to promote and discuss Off Highway Vehicle areas on public lands across the state. Michelle Russell of the NOHVCC is spearheading this event and leading the discussions.

 Previously attending were members of the ATV/side by side, dirt bike and full size four wheel drive communities, making voices heard to promote and discuss off highway recreation areas on public lands in the state. 

 Groups represented were NOHVCC, Mountain Trail Riders, Southern Four Drive Association, and supporters of the Coalmont project. Southern Four Wheel Drive Association was represented by Past Presidents Bob Yarbrough and Gary Parsons and long time Dixie Run Coordinator Greg Griffith. Knox Off Road and Franklin County Off Road Club along with Mountain Trail Riders and NOHVCC had tables set up to promote awareness of motorized ohv recreation. Also, a huge THANK YOU goes to Michelle Russell for spearheading this event and leading the discussions. (If I left anyone out I apologize.)

Schedule of Day's Events

7:30am - Booth setup in War Memorial Building near legislative hearing rooms
8:00-9:15am - OHV Roundtable in Senate Chamber, 2nd Floor Capitol
9:15-9:45am - Lt Gov Ron Ramsey welcome, Senate Chamber
9:45-10:00am - Speaker Beth Harwell welcome, Senate Chamber
10:00 - 3:00pm - Visit legislators, committee hearings, OHV booths
3:00 - Booth breakdown
Optional * 11:00 & 1:00 - Capitol Building Tour (first come, first served)

Highlights from Last Year:

TN Capital Building "On the Hill"

 On April 7th, 2015 Tennessee hosted it's second annual TN OHV Day on the Hill where representatives of various motorized recreation groups (off-roading) came to the capitol to enjoy the end of session legislative fun, meet with state elected officials and gathered in the awe-inspiring senate chambers for updates and discussion on several significant projects across the state.

Lt. Govenor Ron Ramsey



  Special welcome from Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey & Speaker Beth Harwell.
Current legislation. HB1104/SB1003 creates a nine member board that will recommend to the legislature, at the beginning of next session (by Jan 1, 2016), a course of action for the following: Creating a statewide, self-funded TN OHV safety and training program, creating an inventory of TN public land available for OHV use, as well as potential opportunities, and when coming up with these recommendations, investigate how other states are doing it well.
Presentation by Bob Yarbrough, TN Greenways & Trails OHV representative, on his recent study of the economic impact numbers from several offroading events in the state. Mind blowing.
Updates on several big projects: Doe Mountain, Coalmont and Aetna Mountain Adventures.
Great club success stories, like Mountain Trail Riders Association and Franklin County Offroad Club.
Leadership updates from NOHVCC-Tennessee and Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA).

2014 - TN OHV Day on the Hill 

This is a great event for youngsters to attend with their parents and experience their state capitol at work. Last year, NOHVCC-Tennessee Associate Partner Joey Blevins brought his grandson Caleb to the event. So great to see the next generation of OHV leaders starting early!




SFWDA delegates meet with the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest to discuss current RTP projects plans for 2016


A number of SFWDA members had a very open dialogue today with the Recreational team from the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest to discuss current RTP projects, plans for 2016 and facilitate the introductions of Jay Bird, Past President SFWDA and GBR, as our Georgia Co-Trails Representative; and Ken Sutz, long standing SFWDA and GBR member, as our Georgia Recreational Trails Program (RTP) Representative. As a critical OHV Stakeholder, we want to thank both Jay Bird and Ken Sutz for volunteering for these critical roles as Dave Logan moves on with new professional commitments with Omix-ADA (Rugged Ridge), one of our supporting SFWDA Business Members.

Dave Logan is retiring after a long term as Georgia RTP Representative

Dave Logan is retiring after a long term as Georgia RTP Representative

We also want to thank Dave Logan for his volunteer commitments since 2008 in representing the Georgia Bounty Runners and our association, SFWDA, in both of these roles. Dave has also been critical in the development of our SFWDA Educational Video series over the last few years and will continue to serve as a resource and adviser. Thank you Dave Logan for your service.



2015 Annual Report From ORBA



The Off-Road Business Association’s membership and working partnership
categories throughout 2015 shows continued growth. It’s important to note that ORBA has realized an average growth rate of 4.3% per year for the past five years. Sustainable growth is a result of strong business planning along with a timely schedule of execution. It’s also backed-up by a Board of Directors that clearly understands the needs of Off-Highway Vehicle Community.

Strong working relationships with other national organizations are important elements of the business plan. Those organizations include ARRA, AMA, MIC, SEMA, Tread Lightly and several others.

ORBA’s C-6 IRS category allows for lobbing at federal and state levels. Therefore ORBA contracts with professional lobbying firms through the country along with project specialists for individual goals and initiatives. ORBA is a founding owner of a legal group called EcoLogic Partners. The Company has been in existence for over twelve years and has been successful with several litigations. The mission of EP is to do all that we can to stay out of court by providing solid analyses, appropriate legal and scientific comments, preparing language as needed for testimony at state and federal hearings.

Our staff is highly educated and has over seventy-five years combined experience. They have testified before congress, written legislative language that has been included in law and successfully managed state and federal administrative programs throughout the country.

Accomplished goals 2015

1. “ONE-VOICE” fully implemented and organizing regional representation

2. “SAVE MOAB” provide maps, trail names, develop leg-language for 2016 bill

3. OHV protection language included in Colorado Wilderness bill

4, Passage of Boulder-Whitecloud protecting OHV uses

5. Extension of RTP and Federal Highway bill

6. Comment on the five early adopters of Winter Travel Management

7. Comments and protest on Sage Grouse

8. Testify on e-15 fuel requirement

9. Provide data for CPSC for the test standards for ROHV’s

Listed above are just a few of the on-going projects. ORBA also does support work for our association members in specific use areas. We are also involved in OHV economic impact studies for several states. ORBA is involved in the organization of state OHV organizations.



Spring 2016 Marshall University OHV Scholarship


Applications due December 27th, 2015. Classes begin January 11th, 2016.

NOHVCC is once again proud to administer a scholarship for a semester of the Marshall University OHV Recreation Management program.

The spring semester OHV Recreation Management courses are PLS 451/551: Planning and Design of OHV Parks; and PLS 453/553: Operation and Management of OHV Trails Systems. The information in these courses can be invaluable for both agency personnel as well as for enthusiasts. The winner of the scholarship will be able to choose 1 of the 2 offered courses for this spring's semester.

This semester's scholarship is being offered by the Right Rider Access Fund. The applications are due in to the NOHVCC office on December 27th, 2015. NOHVCC will review the applications and choose a winner in the shortest amount of time possible. Spring courses begin January 11th.

Information about all 4 courses, including how to register for the courses is on the NOHVCC website

For more information regarding the scholarship or to receive an application, contact NOHVCC staff

For additional information regarding the content of the course, contact Theresa Litteral M.S. at . 

The Right Rider Access Fund is a charitable, community benefit organization created in 2011 to support off-highway vehicle enthusiasts directly; by supplementing the work of the Motorcycle Industry Council, the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association; and in other ways. The Fund's charitable mission is to promote the safe and responsible use of off-highway vehicles and to preserve their access to appropriate lands.


Additional information on ORBA can be found at  and



Call to Action * The House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Federal Lands will be hearing H.R. 3668

Call to Action* Please reach out to your local congressman and help get this important bill to benefit the OHV community through its first hurdle.

From Fred Wiley of ORBA - The Off Road Business Association.

NR-comittee logo
The House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Federal Lands will be hearing H.R. 3668, the California Minerals, Off-Road Recreation, and Conservation Act, on December 9th at 2:00 P.M.
Let's share this among all of our friends in the off-road community so everyone knows about the hearing and encourage them to weigh in and express their support to committee members.

Congressmember  \  District  \  Office Phone


Tom McClintock Chairman  CA-04  (202) 225-2511

Don Young  AK-At Large  (202) 225-5765

Louie Gohmert  TX-01  (202) 225-3035

Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson  PA-05  (202) 225-5121

Cynthia Lummis  WY-At Large  (202) 225-2311

Raul Labrador  ID-01 (202) 225-6611

Doug LaMalfa  CA-01   (202) 225-3076

Bruce Westerman  AR-04  (202) 225-3772

Dan Newhouse  WA-04  (202) 225-5816

Ryan Zinke  MT-At Large  (202) 225-3211

Jody Hice  GA-10  (202) 225-4101

Tom MacArthur  NJ-03  (202) 225-4765

Cresent Hardy  NV-04  (202) 225-9894

Darin LaHood  IL-18  (202) 225-6201

Rob Bishop  ex officio  UT-01  (202) 225-0453


Niki Tsongas  Ranking Member  MA-03  (202) 225-3411

Matt Cartwright  PA-17  (202) 225-5546

Don Beyer  VA-08  (202) 225-4376

Pedro Pierluisi  Puerto Rico  (202) 225-2615

Jared Huffman  CA-02  (202) 225-5161

Alan Lowenthal  CA-47  (202) 225-7924

Debbie Dingell  MI-12  (202) 225-4071

Lois Capps  CA-24  (202) 225-3601

Jared Polis  CO-02  (202) 225-2161  

Raul Grijalva  ex officio  AZ-03  (202) 225-2435




The OHIO RIVER FOUR WHEELERS off-road club, based in Cincinnati, OH performed trail repairs to a severe washout on Old Fincastle Road, part of the Daniel Boone Back Country Byway, on Saturday August 8th. 

The team assembled at 7:30 a.m. just south of Cincinnati, OH and caravan down to the Natural Bridge area of Red River Gorge. We were on location at the work-site by 10:00. After reviewing the damaged area with the team we broke up into smaller groups to begin preparation of materials and the area to be repaired.

Concrete and pressure treated lumber were prepared a week before to act as foundation piers for a retaining wall. The retaining wall allowed us to fill the washout with locally collected rocks to act as a water break which would diffuse the rush of water into this area, yet allow it to drain through. We attached horizontal lumber ties to the vertical lumber piers with galvanized bolts. These allowed us to tie the retaining wall into the surrounding hillside for support.

Approximately 8-10 tons of local field stone was collected and dropped into the washout behind our fabricated retaining wall. 

We built a water bar across the trail at approximately 60 degrees from parallel, and then a second water bar in parallel with the trail into a natural drainage channel that empties out behind our retaining wall. We felt these modifications would divert water from the damaged area and work naturally with the path water tends to take in this section.   

In a couple of years time the pressure treated lumber will gray down and take on a natural look with its surroundings. The ties off the piers have been anchored into the surrounding hillside with 4 foot long pieces of ½” re-bar. 

The loose field-stone acts as a break to rushing water, which will allow it to pass through the retaining wall without building so much pressure as to challenge the integrity of the retaining wall. We expect silt from water runoff to fill in some of the gaps in our field-stone and settle our water bars into place.

We feel this is a sustainable repair and should last for many years.

Three months later 

* Update - After three months trail repair is still in good shape and it looks like the water is running in the direction that it was directed toward. Water bars have settle in good into the ground.