Recreation Trail Program (RTP) Updates; SFWDA & Forest Service Meeting

Recreation Trail Program (RTP) Updates; SFWDA & Forest Service Meeting

This past week several SFWDA volunteers met with the National Forest Service Ranger and Engineering Manager representative; Valencia Morris regarding the design and construction parameters in building new trails at Beasley Knob OHV area.

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TrailFest 2014 was a hit!

 This was a special event this year. A combination of many fresh and exciting things happening all together that made this 11th annual the biggest and best TrailFest events yet. The weather this past weekend was the best I can recall at this event. The rain held out, the temperature was great, and the trails were well primed for us all at Adventure Off Road Park.

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SFWDA GRANT Program Introduction

Your Association Introduces the - SFWDA GRANT Program

 The Southern Four Wheel Drive Association Board of Directors approved during the on-line meeting on April 21, 2014 the introduction of the SFWDA Grant Program.   This new initiative by your association has been established for the benefit of its members and their OHV areas, both public and private.   The SFWDA Grant initiative is our largest annual project committing a significant portion of the association net income to this program.  The SFWDA Grant initiative supports the membership and regional projects focused on our core missions – Conservation, Education and Recreation. 

The grant funding will be $5,000 maximum per grant project and requires a cost sharing portion from the requesting party in order to qualify.  SFWDA has committed $30,000 in 2014 to fund this first year of the Grant Program.  The decision process includes the application process; Grant scoring based on the goals and scope of the project; and a commitment to maintain best operating practices for a period of three years.  Additionally SFWDA will post signage designating the project as a SFWDA Grant project.  The application and decision framework for the program is posted on our association web page at

 Additionally the SFWDA Grant can be used as part of the matching funding requirements of the state Recreational Trails Program in your home state.  As part of our development of the SFWDA Grant Program, your association has detailed the available RTP funding by state and the appropriate links to the RTP sites for additional information.  This information is included in the SFWDA Grant application document. 

SFWDA recently awarded our first Grant to the Friends of Uwharrie ( and the Carolina Trail Blazers ( for Gravel Access Road improvements within and to the Uwharrie National Forest.  The SFWDA Grant will purchase 125 tons of gravel to be applied by a U.S. Forest Service Contractor during the annual maintenance of these roads.  This grant addresses access issues of OHV, hikers, kayakers, fishermen, bird watchers, mountain bikers and equestrian users of this valuable national land asset.  Additionally, SFWDA has offered a challenge to the office of The Honorable Richard Hudson, Member of Congress, 8th District to match our grant award and address the needs of his constituents. 

Future projects will include Tread Lightly training and educational segments; trail development on OHV private lands; access and trail improvements within both public and private areas; trail maintenance; site improvements including restrooms, etc.; and other great ideas from you, the members of SFWDA. 

We are pleased to share this tool with you, the supporting members of SFWDA, and empower you with a funding mechanism to address critical projects in your home areas.  Please work with your public and private land partners to create a dynamic result and address critical conservation, education and/or recreation needs to continue growing our OHV sport.

 Please feel free to direct any questions to Ray Stanley,; Brian Overly,; or Flint Holbrook,

Proof of concept validated, BLM & OHV together

Check out this article I found today which reads to inspire and prove that we are on the right path.

This Utah “Win-Win” Is Good For OHV Riders And The BLM

By Dave Halsy, NOHVCC Contributing Writer


Off-highway vehicle (OHV) riders need trails. The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) needs volunteers to help sign and maintain trails. A BLM recreation technician coordinates volunteer projects. OHV riders show up and help get the job done. 

That’s a common success story at BLM Field Offices. 

In Utah, they’ve taken that win-win scenario to the next level: The hours OHV riders volunteer on trail projects help pay the salary of the BLM Rec. Tech. 

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