Attention All Members - Online Membership Activation is about to Launch "Action Required"

  We're excited to announce that after tremendous effort we have now finally compiled a database aggregate of all members and clubs of recorded history within our Southern Four Wheel Drive Association. 

 Now that we have this data compiled we need your help to update your newly migrated SFWDA Membership profile including your email, address, and any other status changes. This will all be stored securely in an encrypted database through a long established and very large membership management corporation. 

You should be receiving an email shortly from '' with a subject line of 'New Online Access to the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association'. We've been through an exhaustive process to make sure everyone gets this message, but expect there might still be some troubles... We might have invalid or missing email addresses for some of you.  So if you do NOT see this message in your inbox today, check your spam and junk folders and then shoot a message to and we will look into your specific issue A.S.A.P.!
Otherwise, please follow the link in the message to activate your profile in our new Membership and Events system, as this will be necessary to register for events. 

Speaking of Events, we will have a special Christmas Offer for Trailfest 2015 registration so be on the lookout for that soon as well!

Welcome aboard the newest club for 2015 - Georgia Trail Riders

 We would like to welcome aboard the newest SFWDA club for 2015 - Georgia Trail Riders. Check out their own web page at Watch for an upcoming charity event on March 14, 2015 at AOP sponsored by these guys. Thanks to Danny Kinder, Bobby Underwood, Doug Reynolds and Tony Chaaple for your support. Lets rock in 2015. - Ray Stanley

Check out their new SFWDA web page presence now and show them all a warm welcome on our FB page....

We're excited to have you guys on board for 2015 and beyond!

SFWDA Leadership Path for 2015

SFWDA Leadership Path for 2015

   The Southern Four Wheel Drive Association Board of Directors continues its hard work to refocus our association and our efforts for 2015. As most of you are aware, the association is implementing sweeping changes to the membership structure. Additionally we introduced the SFWDA Grant program to allow each of our member clubs to directly address the needs of your local area and communities with this tool. The key to our grant program is that we embrace our core missions of Conservation, Recreation and Education.

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