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ORBA Meets With Congressional Leadership

Off Road Business Association BOD Chairman, Greg Adler president/CEO of Transamerica Auto Parts, and Fred Wiley, President/CEO of the Off-Road Business Association, recently met with the U.S. House of Representative Speaker John Boehner and local House member David Valadao (21st district CA) to discuss the Off-Highway Vehicle community and public lands access.



Southern Four Wheel Drive Continues to Gain Momentum

    As we tally up the results from an exciting year in 2014, it's clear that SFWDA is continuing on the momentum of renewed enthusiasm! After just recently adding several more new business members we are connecting to the Off Road business industry in exciting new ways. We have a renewed sense of energy among our clubs and members, and we are beginning to all become better focused on how to strive together.

 Just this week alone we have added two new Business Memberships in Tennessee, and a first time club from Georgia. Our members are loyal and dedicated just like our business's who offer our individual members opportunities an and savings you wont want to pass up. Let's all please warmly welcome the following new members of the SFWDA family; 

 We're also making strides in our Membership Database through the support of Lucas Weidner our newly elected Co-Director of Membership as he aggregates data on daily basis in-between breaks at his real job and with his little spare time as a father he has single handed managed to wrangle up all of our historical membership data and compiled it into one clean database of approximately 4,300 unique identities. We plan to be reaching out to the most recent part of that group in the near future to invite  them back once again into SFWDA and our free Newsletter Subscription as blaze forward into 2015.  

2014 Membership Status; As discussed in our Annul Meeting last weekend our current membership numbers are rising quickly. To date we have the following active Business, Individual, and Club / Group Members;

  • 21 active businesses 
  • 786 total active people
  • 409 active people who are club members
  • 377 active people who are individuals
  • 27 of which are premium individual members
  • 34 total clubs / groups 
  • 18 active clubs / groups

  We already have commitments from several additional large Clubs and Groups within the next month. Who will be the next Business to join forces in our mission for 2015? 

  ET4WD just assisted us with hosting our productive and efficient Annual Meeting last weekend in Oak Ridge, TN. If you were not able to attend in person or on the webinar we also have the complete presentation posted as a PDF file on our website message board.

 As we wrap up a successful year lets all take a moment to reflect on the success of 2014 and remember those who helped make this happen.  We have an amazing and diverse Board of Directors, Delegates, and Leadership Council deeply involved in a variety of aspects within SFWDA day to day operations. However, it is only with the support of each individual like yourself that we will continue to make it happen. So Thank You to all the individuals reading this all the way to the last detail to stay in tune. Thank You to the many clubs who collectively volunteer thousands of hours to numerous and elaborate volunteer efforts and Thank You to those business's who continue to support us among our common goal. 

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2014 Annual Meeting Wrap Up Report

 Thank you to all who attended this important meting. This past Saturday at the DoubleTree hotel in Oak Ridge, TN we had a great 2014 Annual Meeting. We not only had a great turnout in person (near occupancy limit) but we also had a larger than expected attendance for our online webinar. By the time the meeting began we had exceeded our 100 person allotment for this webinar. This turned out to be a very productive and efficient meeting, and we received tons of great feedback from the attendees. 

 Here are a few pictures from the meeting. I have also attached a PDF version of the complete PowerPoint slideshow presented to the audience during our meeting. 

The Presentation has been converted into a PDF file for easy viewing. Feel free to download from the link below.