SFWDA Embraces New Membership Concepts

 The Southern Four Wheel Drive Association Board of Directors recently approved sweeping changes to the membership structure as we re-position ourselves to be a relevant voice for all off-road enthusiast. As we prepare for Dixie Run 28, September 25-28, 2014, we are including the new Individual Membership as a NET $0 cost to all registrants. As proposed, the new Individual Membership will be $10 with offsetting discounts to Dixie Run and TrailFest. We have offset this $10 cost with an immediate discount to Dixie Run 28. Therefore there is no additional costs to an existing SFWDA member and we will continue to strive to build a broader membership through attendance at the event. Additionally all members can now share in these savings with our business partners. Note this link:



  • Individual Memberships
    • $10 per Year Renewable on Application Date
    • Net $0 Cost
    • SFWDA Event Discounts like TrailFest & Dixie Run 
    • Discounts at local Parks, Retailers , & Shops from our Business Partners like 4WD Parts, NAPA, Tom’s 4x4, AOP, etc.
    • Associate Memberships to UFWDA, BRC, & Tread Lightly 
    • Representation through the SFWDA Leadership Council

    • All communications & updates from SFWDA Leadership Council and Board of Directors 
    • Associate Memberships to UFWDA, BRC Tread Lightly and their respective electronic communications

Additionally we are offering a new Premium Individual Membership with enhanced benefits.

  • SFWDA Premium Individual Memberships
    • $50 per Year Renewable on Application Date
    • All the same benefits of Basic Membership
    • Direct participation with your association through the SFWDA Leadership Council; and all communications and updates from the SFWDA Leadership Council and Board of Directors
    • SFWDA "Members Only" branded merchandise package (T-Shirt, Hat, & Sticker) 

The link noted will give you additional feedback from our recent survey:

Last we are recasting the club structure going forward to allow us more flexibility in building a broader off road enthusiast network within our association. The new structure will use a fixed cost per club or group. Current SFWDA clubs will renew 01.01.2015 under this new format. New clubs or groups to our association will be on a real date basis and renewals will be on the application date.

    • $250 per Year Renewable on Application Date
    • 2 positions on SFWDA Leadership Council with Voting Powers
    •  Conservation * Education * Recreation Grant Program
    •  Club & Event Insurance Group Policy (a single event instance annually , additional available)
    • Access to Contribute on our SFWDA interactive website & calendar ( www.sfwda.org )
    • Associate Memberships to UFWDA, BRC Tread Lightly and their respective electronic communications

2014 SFWDA Board of Directors