Guided Trail Rides Schedule for Dixie Run 32 

   Registration & Tech Inspection

 All vehicles must pass a basic Safety Tech Inspection for access to the park. 

Inspection will occur upon entry to the park so please arrive prepared. Schedule coordinates with registration. 

  • Required - Safety Belts, Fire Extinguisher, First Aid kit, Secure Battery

  • Optional - Cooler, Winch, Recovery Equipment, Body Anchor Points, CB Radio, Body Armor, Trail Map or GPS

32th Dixie Run transparent Bg.png

  SFWDA is again offering both guided trail rides inside of Golden Mountain Park as well as excursion rides around the Sparta, TN area for everyone to make the most of their experience at Dixie Run. For excursions we plan to guide all the rigs that attend through scenic back roads and country roads while we spend some time along the route to explore some of the beautiful scenery the Cumberland Plateau area of Tennessee is known for. For guided park rides the plan is to run a morning and afternoon block for both Moderate and Advanced Moderate vehicle participants. All of this is included with your admission to Dixie Run.

  • Tread Lightly! principles will be observed at all times.

  • Our Scenic Excursion Rides will offer incredible views of the the beautiful Tennessee Mountain waterfalls and state parks. Spaces are limited and are first come first served.

  • Each guided trail ride and excursion will have at least 2 experienced Guides to accompany you on your route. We welcome you all to come and join us. We have color coordinating Trail Ride Flags in the Ride Staging Area and they will determine your location to meet at the appropriate time.

  • For all of our rides we ask that all drivers show up at least 15 minuted prior to departure. It is also advised to arrive prepared and ready to fueled up in advance. We'll conduct a brief drivers meeting and plan for a prompt departure. CB radios will be used on the rides so bring it if you have one but they're not mandatory.

  • Each Guided Trail Ride through GMP trails is approximately 2-3 hours long

  • Excursion Rides are approximately 4-5 hours long.

  • May we suggest our series of Educational Videos aimed at assisting you in coming prepared and making the most out of your trip for both yourself and everyone else in your group. Topics in our Education Series include "What to bring on a One Day Trail Ride", Group Trail Riding Etiquette, How to Tread Lightly, and much more.


  "The plan is to run a morning and afternoon block of rides for Moderate and Advanced Moderate vehicle participants."

Be sure to look for our new designated trail category flags at DR28

Flag Indicators for Guided Trail Rides

Look for these flags as your landmark and staging area near the entrance of the park where we will gather as scheduled. 

  • Blue - Moderate (Stock to Mildly Modified)

  • Red - Advanced Moderate (35" and larger Tires, Lockers and Trail Modified) 

  • Yellow - Excursions (All DOT registered rigs)

  • Pink (not pictured) Ladies Only rides. (Also split into two difficulty categories) 

Excursion Trail Indicator

Excursion Rides

 Travel to scenic destinations around the local area. Distances of up to 100 miles round trip and visit landmarks, waterfalls, overlooks, and more and primarily on asphalt. All vehicles are invited but must be street legal and capable to travel at highway speeds. 

Moderate TrailI Indicator

Easy Moderate Rides

Join a group of easy moderate drivers with only minimum required equipment; 4x4 vehicle, and basic safety equipment. Easy trails will be traveled with this group. 

Advanced Moderate Trail Indicator

Advanced Moderate Rides

Join a group of built rigs and experienced drivers together as we tackle the more challenging trails. 



Ladies Only Rides

  All ladies and all rigs are invited to participate. Each driver receives a free Ladies Ride Dixie Run T-Shirt that you can not buy. Registration for this ride is requested in advance so we may order correct sizes on shirts. No additional fee required, space is limited, and spots are first some first served.

  We have 2 difficulty classes and 3 rides so there is something for everyone. Your route will be one which everyone in the group can traverse. This Ladies Only rides will will be led and driven by only ladies although male counterparts are invited to ride shotgun if they desire. 

    All female drivers are encouraged to join us for a special trail ride. This group ride is for all ladies who want to join.