Off Road Education is at the core of our Associations Mission

A strong emphasis of our core mission is placed on education. All OHV enthusiasts are encouraged to practice safe and courteous driving and proper vehicle use off road. 

We work closely with certified instructors, and professional trainers within the region who teach the principles of Tread Lightly! and best practices for safe and effective off road driving. 

As part of this continuing effort to educate in 2015 we created our first series of educational videos produced by volunteers within our association and from funding of our own SFWDA Grant Program. Now in 2016 we're proud to release season 2 of our Educational Videos. Please watch and share....

SFWDA Educational Video Series


Season Two

Presenting our featured video of the Month

Techniques to Get  "Unstuck"

We will cover some basic tips and techniques to get your vehicle stuck when you go off road. Snow, Mud, and Sand can create challenging traction scenarios and we suggest a few ways to increase your traction. Also, ground clearance can hinder you unless you know how to approach the obstacle and choose the right line. Many of these techniques are universal in concept and can improve your driving ability on every level of difficulty.



Season 2 of our Educational Video Series is now Live!
This continuing series of videos discuss some of the most common and useful best practices of traveling off road and managing a variety of obstacles that you may be confronted with. Stay tuned for all 5 new titles in Season 2 featuring topics like " What to carry on a 1 day trail ride", safe operation of a High Lift jack and a Winch as well as How to avoid getting stuck and in an emergency "How to get unstuck". We will be releasing these videos monthly throughout the year until all videos new videos are published. 

Techniques to Avoid Getting "Stuck"

Safe Off Road Winch Operation with Tips & Best Practices to make you look like a Pro

Items to bring along on a typical trail ride. 

Safe Hi-Lift jack operation. 

 Season One (2015)

More Videos Coming Soon in 2017........

Basic OFF ROAD DRIVING TIPS by our business partner BFGoodrich Tires

"If you’re going to learn, learn from the experts. BFGoodrich® Tires has 24 SCORE Baja 1000 wins and 70 overall four-wheel SCORE Desert Race Titles. So yeah, we own the off-road. Off-road driving can be fun, especially when it’s intentional. But, it’s an entirely different kind of driving altogether. We recommend you understand these basic techniques listed below, so you don’t get stuck in a precarious situation." - BFG TIres



  1. Deflate your tires a bit to increase your tire footprint for better traction.
  2. Use steady momentum all the way through.
  3. In sand and snow, if your wheels start to spin, ease off the gas a little to let the tires slow down and regain traction. In mud maintain some wheel spin to help clear mud from the drive tires.



  1. Approach obstacles at an angle, so that only one tire engages, leaving the other three tires on solid ground for traction.
  2. To protect the fragile components on the underside of your vehicle, it’s best to drive over an obstacle by placing one tire on it, then gently driving over it.



  1. Approach the hill straight on, so the weight is distributed equally, providing equal traction to all four tires.
  2. Use as high a gear as the vehicle will handle comfortably on the hill. If the gear is too low, you will spin the tires. If it’s too high, you won’t have enough power.
  3. Always prepare for a failed climb and have an escape plan.

BlueRibbon Coalition is a respected national recreation group that champions responsible use of public and private lands, and encourages individual environmental stewardship. With members in all 50 states, BRC is focused on building enthusiast involvement with organizational efforts through membership, outreach, education, and collaboration among recreationists. 

Del Albright, a BRC Ambassador and partner Stacie Albright have created a series of useful videos to assist fellow wheelers with tackling real, every day issues within your OHV community. Please watch and enjoy then share the many decades of experience from BRC with your local groups.  


Advanced OFF ROAD Driving, Skills Training, and Outside Resources

  Experienced and certified trainers within our Association manage local public off road training centers which directly focus on skills related to safe, knowledgeable, and responsible four wheeling. They cover topics like winching techniques, and vehicle extraction as well as how to properly traverse off-camber muddy hill climbs, and functional techniques on driving over large obstacles like downed trees or boulders. We also incorporate Tread Lightly! demonstrations and education sessions at our two major events, so be sure to check out our events page and don't miss out. 

At our regional SFWDA events you can learn about general off-highway techniques and courtesies related to OHV usage and more specific education related to driving skills, elementary vehicle mechanics, recovery techniques and recommended equipment to carry on the trail. Our emphasis on education not only encompasses OHV safety, but also emphasizes environmental concerns and the “Tread Lightly” philosophy. In addition, members of the SFWDA are sensitized to today’s need for environmental awareness and we try to pass that knowledge on to others in our sport.



 Through our partnership and cooperation of Tread Lightly! we can offer these amazing tools. You’ll be able to locate a "Tread Trainer" near you, and find out about classes being offered, browse our vast library of recreation tips, watch videos on responsible recreation and even test your knowledge in our Online Awareness Course.


Get some simple tips on ways to minimize your impact when playing in the outdoors. 


Tread Lightly! has developed an extensive library of videos designed to offer visual information education relating to the outdoors and its use. 


The Tread Lightly! 101 Online Awareness Course is designed to teach the basics about the organization Tread Lightly! and more importantly how to minimize your impacts in the outdoors. 


The Tread Lightly! Regional Volunteer Coordinator Program is designed to assist interested Tread Trainers with their local efforts to promote the Tread Lightly! ethic. By creating a network of coordinators, Tread Lightly! hopes to better meet the needs of requests for presentations and promotions at a grassroots level. 


Tread Lightly!®’s Master Tread Trainer™ course is a two-day course designed to provide an in-depth look at outdoor ethics focusing on motorized and mechanized recreation on both land and water. Participation in the course qualifies individuals to present the Tread Lightly! message consistently to others in their state or region. Participants will work with Tread Lightly! staff on understanding the role outdoor ethics play in the recreation community learn the Tread Lightly! principles of responsible recreation, develop an action plan for outreach in their community, and be provided with the tools to conduct a variety of learning opportunities including training Tread Trainers through an 8 hour course. 


The SFWDA under the United Four Wheel Drive Associations has a 4WD Awareness education program which is held on a regular basis for novice drivers. The 4WD Awareness program intends to educate the 4×4 owner about general off-highway techniques and courtesies related to 4 wheeling and more specific skills related to driving skills, elementary vehicle mechanics, recovery techniques, and recommended equipment to carry on trips. This not only encompasses 4 wheel drive safety, but also emphasizes environmental concerns. Education is an important component of the UFWDA mission.

At UFWDA, we believe that good user ethics, conservation stewardship, and fun all depend on having access to information and education. Whether it’s technical “how-to” information on how to drive a 4×4 or user ethics when recreating in the great outdoors, UFWDA provides information to its members to aid them in their travels.

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Photo's courtesy of the Uwharrie Off Road Training Center, North Carolina  

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