Adventure Off Road Park
Guided Trail & Scenic Excursion Rides
Information and Schedule

  SFWDA is again offering both guided trail rides inside of Adventure Road Road Park as well as excursion rides around the area for everyone to make the most of their experience at Dixie Run. For excursions we plan to guide all the rigs that attend through scenic back roads and country roads while we spend some time along the route to explore some of the beautiful scenery the Cumberland Plateau area of Tennessee is known for. For guided park rides the plan is to run a morning and afternoon block for both Moderate and Advanced Moderate vehicle participants. All of this is included with your admission to Dixie Run.

Need to Know about Guided Trail Riding

Comprehensive Educational Video Series Available Online

Comprehensive Educational Video Series Available Online

  • Tread Lightly! principles will be observed at all times.

  • Your welcome to ride along on and participate in as many guided trail rides as you wish.

  • Trial Routes have been carefully pre-determined and should be suitable for rigs based on the categories described of each group.

  • Each group will have a brief drivers meeting before departure to become acclimated with the planned route and debrief on all safety, and communications, along with best practices when riding in groups.

  • CB Radios are suggested but not required. We encourage good radio communication and groups will be on a designated channel.

  • Each Guided Trail Ride through AOP is approximately 2-3 hours long

  • Excursion Rides are approximately 4-5 hours long.

  • Every Guided Route will include at minimum One Trail Guide and One Tail Gunner.

  • Our goal is to depart each guided trip with no more than approximately 15 rigs per total. We can and will split rides into multiple groups to accommodate everyone and the trail system itself for maximum efficiency.

  • A brief drivers meeting with all participants will commence 15 minutes before each scheduled departure time. You must arrive on time!

  • In the South rain is a weather factor which can elevate the difficulty rating of some trails as much as one whole level higher on average.

  • While each route category has a few different levels of basic requirements, most would benefit from use of some additional suggested equipment. While you want to be prepared you also don't be to be overloaded.

  • CB Radio, Tool Kit, Spare Tire, Tire Patch Kit, and some common spare parts are all suggested equipment to have on-board.

  • May we suggest our series of Educational Videos aimed at assisting you in coming prepared and making the most out of your trip for both yourself and everyone else in your group. Topics in our Education Series include "What to bring on a One Day Trail Ride", Group Trail Riding Etiquette, How to Tread Lightly, and much more.

Easy Moderate Trails Group

Easy Moderate Trails Group

Easy Moderate Trail Routes

Required Safety Equipment

  • Safety Belts

  • First Aid Kit

  • Fire Extingusher

  • Secure Battery

Required OHV Equipment

  • Transfer Case

  • All Terrain Tires

  • Recovery Points

 Everyday rigs and highly encouraged to join. Routes will be mostly easier trails, and only those which everyone in the group can traverse. 

Easy Moderate Routes

Advanced Moderate Trail Group

Advanced Moderate Trail Group

Advanced Moderate Trail Routes


  • All Basic Safety & OHV Equipment As Required of Easy Moderate Tralls


  • Winch

  • Lockers

  • Recovery Gear

  • Roll Cage

 This group will tackle more challenging terrain. Routes will be more challenging, but still capable of everyone in the group. Body damage may be possible, and a roll cage is required.


Scenic Excursions Group

Scenic Excursions Group

Scenic Excursion Trail Routes


  • Safety Belts

  • First Aid Kit

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Secure Battery

  • DOT Registered Vehicle

Recommended Gear

  • wear sturdy closed toe shoes or hiking boots

  • bring a flashlight or headlamp!

Travel approximately 70 miles round trip as a group on asphalt to visit various scenic destinations.

Travel approximately 70 miles round trip as a group on asphalt to visit various scenic destinations.