Miracle Truss Buildings

Miracle Truss Buildings was born out of the desire to supply a better structural product and a better customer experience than what was available previously in the DIY steel building market. The owner has been in the steel building business going on 2 decades and as a Veteran of the Armed Forces he believes that it’s Miracle Truss’s duty to offer a great product at a reasonable price – instead of the cheapest product with no customer service backbone.

Like an old mentor of his used to say “You can’t drive the building down to the nearest lot and trade it in if you don’t like it 2 years from now – you’re stuck with it!” To this end we encourage you to choose your building purchase decision wisely based on design, quality, and customer experience in-place of another “cheap price” or “got one left” story. Thank you for exploring Miracle Truss Buildings.

We look forward to getting to know you and serving your building needs with the utmost in quality and integrity.

Residential / Commercial / Industrial Garages and Structures

Web truss steel buildings are easy to erect and can be used for many different applications – Hangars, Garages (perfect for car lifts with the raised ceiling), Homes, Storage, Workshops, and Commercial applications to name a few. With the Do it yourself (DIY) design you can bolt the building together yourself, with friends and family, or hire a local contractor to easily erect the structure. Save cost on labor and get a better building by building with open web steel trusses.

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