Move over Rubicon and make way for Ultracon, the worlds toughest Jeep style off-road vehicle that can climb the steepest hills, crawl the biggest rocks, traverse the gnarliest backwoods trails and at the end of the day, take you home in all the comfort and style you would expect from a well built ORV.

We started with a clean sheet of paper with one goal in mind, to build the best and most capable off-road vehicle that would perform equally as well on the road as it did off the road.

The idea was to build an ORV that had the lowest center of gravity for side hill stability while maintaining the highest amount of ground clearance for crawling over big rocks and uneven terrain all the while making it as light as possible but with all the creature comforts of a high end sport utility.

To achieve this goal we designed a frame system that is 25% lighter than stock but is still just as structurally sound. The body is all aluminum as well as the suspension links and skid plates to further reduce the overall weight by another 10-15%.

The engine and drive train is all GM and fully customizable to your specifications. Our standard package includes an LS2 engine coupled to a TH350 automatic transmission and an Atlas 2 speed transfer case. The Ultracon’s front axle is a custom high pinion Dana 60 with 35 spline chromoly axle shafts inner and outer. The rear axle is a GM Corporate 14 bolt also with 35 spline chromoly shafts.

[Ultracon Jeep Style Off-Road Vehicles] The suspension system is made up of a triangulated four link setup in the rear and a three link with panhard bar arrangement in the front. All link bars are 7075 aluminum alloy for performance and durability. The suspension struts are made by ORI and are the key to making the Ultracon glide through the rocks with an effortless motion.

The braking system is comprised of four wheel power disc brakes with a Hydroboost full hydraulic master cylinder for fast safe stops with minimal effort at the pedal.

As for the interior components, again much attention was given to the comfort, safety and functionality of the unit with the use of Mastercraft suspension seats and matching four point harnesses, tilt steering wheel, CD player with Garmin GPS navigation (complete with backup camera), heat and air conditioning, defrost, intermittent windshield wipers and a full roll cage rounds out the list of standard features that the Ultracon offers. The upper portion of the vehicle has been kept stock specifically so any 04-06 Jeep Unlimited accessories will fit perfectly including full hardtop, full softtop, bikini top and safari top. Also the stock door surrounds will fit as well as the now popular “frameless” softtops.

When you purchase the Ultracon you can have confidence in knowing that you are buying an American made product from a company that stands behind every vehicle that it produces.

Please give us a call now to find out more about how you can test drive and see for yourself why we have the best full bodied off-road vehicle on the market today!

3933 W Lamar Alexander Pkwy
Friendsville, TN 37737