UFWDA eNews September 2016

   From UFWDA Newsletter Editor;
 Welcome to this edition of eNews and to readers who've recently joined us. I've just recognized that this edition did not publish earlier this month as scheduled, so here's a belated September edition. As summer and holiday memories fade for those in the northern hemisphere, the pending elections may be diverting attention from opportunities to be a part of various 'advisory' groups, as several have needed to call more than once for candidates. Another reason may simply be a general reluctance to volunteer?

- Peter Vahry; editor

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Appalachian Toyota Round-Up raises $1,000 for SFWDA at their annual Labor Day event. !

Thanks You

  Fantastic is the word; that's all we can say!!!

  The “Appalachian Toyota Round-Up” is the largest annual gathering of Toyota off-road enthusiasts on the East Coast. This year their 2016 event brought in 186 rigs, and 290 people, and everything went off without an issue.  Together they raised right at $1000 for SFWDA, I believe it's $1006.00 to be exact!


  The “Appalachian Toyota Round-Up”, (also known as ATR) is the largest annual gathering of Toyota off-road enthusiast on the East Coast.  This annual event is held every Labor Day Weekend at WindRock Park, the world’s largest privately owned OHV area.  This family friendly event is the perfect opportunity to meet other off-roaders from around the country while enjoying the mountains of East Tennessee.  Attendees will enjoy three nights and four days of great food, entertainment, and off-roading on over 72,000 acres of the most beautiful terrain imaginable. The event hosts; nightly gatherings, catered food, live entertainment, amazing door and raffle prizes, and the chance to build lasting friendships with others in the off-roading community, this is truly an event you don’t want to miss. You too can join them in 2017. Check out their website and Facebook group for all the latest.



Welcome to the family of supporting business's. Check out their cool doorless Jeep solutions online now...

  Welcome to the family...

  Let's formally introduce everyone to one of our very newest supporting business members and help them successfully launch their new business.

 If you missed them at their booth during Dixie Run then check out their website;

These great folks make universal brackets for mounting side mirrors & accessories on doorless Jeeps with snorkels and without.

"Once you take off the Jeep doors, our brackets mount into any of the open door hinges. Our brackets are MADE IN AMERICA of SOLID STEEL (not tubular metal) and are durable and strong."



TrailFest 2017 dates will be May 4-7, 2017 at Adventure Off Road Park. Mark Your Calendar!

Here's a list of just some of the fun in store at this years TrailFest 2017

All new Trailfest 2017 Shirt Design

  • Expanded New trails inside of AOP.
  • Expanded Guided Trail & Excursion rides with new destinations and an expanded schedule. 
  • New & Enhanced Education Seminars & Demos will be back on a limited availability.
  • Exclusive Early Registrant prizes will be awarded separate of all other raffle prizes to one of only the advanced event registrants. (No additional purchase necessary) 
  • Test your Skills on the new Expanded Obstacle Course / Dirt Track with added Technical Obstacles creating a more challenging opportunity still manageable for all vehicles.
  • Timed Uphill Multi-Class Challenge ( Southern Shootout) will be back again bigger and better. Everyone can have a shot against the clock up the hill. Bring what you got and compete among your equal level rig to win the trophy. 
  • Expedient Raffle Awards (buckets) with more amazing prizes from Top brands and Sponsors.
  • More Food Vendors, including more options, more efficient. 
  • More details are in development, but it's planned to be the biggest and best ever TrailFest event. 

Registration Coming Soon......



Online ticket sales will close for Dixie Run 30 at the end of the day on Monday, September 19th.

Reminder; There are just 3 Days remaining.......

Online ticket sales will close for Dixie Run 30 at the end of the day on Monday, September 19th.

  If you're not already on the many who preregistered then go now and get your tickets.
 This time next week you will riding on some of the best trails around and part of an amazing event shared with a thousand other new friends.   What are you waiting for.......


Get your tickets now to skip the line, and save $10 off the gate price.
#SFWDA #DixieRun30




SFWDA contributes $1,000 to the inaugural 2016 Share Trails Challenge.

   Each year we contribute a portion of our annual proceeds to other fellow nationwide stewardship organizations through. This we have a more direct mission to support our partners with the Blue Ribbon Coalition, now referred to as Share Trails.

  These folks work tirelessly to fight for our access across the entire nation and have been a great resource for us here locally in the South. We are currently working their representatives, lawyers, and consultants to ensure success on our Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway project.

Learn More on DBBB

SFWDA contributes $1,000 to the inaugural 2016 Share Trails Challenge....

SFWDA contributes $1,000 annually to BRC, and now to the Share Trails Challenge for 2016

SFWDA contributes $1,000 annually to BRC, and now to the Share Trails Challenge for 2016 / BlueRibbon Coalition is nearly 30 years old and to celebrate we want to try something new, our first ever online Fundraiser Challenge. We really need your help to make it work!


  Here's what you can you do to help........

   Our goal is to promote and the preservation of access through social media like we've never done before. We want this to go viral! Please accept our challenge to participate and by all means share, share and share! Show the preservationists and extreme environmentalists that you care just as much as they do about public land and support your rights to access by joining, donate and sharing. 


  We've grown at a rate of about 15% over the past 7 quarters but we are still at a relative disadvantage in numbers because our starting point is far behind groups who oppose access. Preservationists groups succeed largely because of their numbers, not because of the merits of their arguments. As the only multi modal 50-state organization that fights for your rights to access we need to grow. More members increase our ability to stand up for access and makes us harder to ignore. Accept our challenge and join us - and bring along your friends who care about access. DONATE:  We have received a generous match from Inland Empire Four Wheelers for the specific purpose of bringing onboard our first land use rep and ambassador for the Eastern United States, Randy Block. Please help us fund this position by donating to this fundraiser. 


CHALLENGE YOUR FRIENDS:  Here's how it works. Go HERE to download and print a copy of our Sharetrails Challenge sign (or make your own). Then take a photograph or video holding the sign (interesting backgrounds are a bonus!) and share it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the #sharetrailschallenge hashtag. Tell everyone how you are answering the challenge!  Post your photo and comments to social media, send to your friends, tag them and challenge them to join and match your support for Sharetrails/BRC’s vision (to ensure that your posts show up in the feeds above, be sure to make your post public and also post it on the Sharetrails/BRC Facebook page). 




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One more reason to Join / Upgrade to a Premium Membership.

Free Bonus Vendor Ride Shirts

Free Bonus Vendor Ride Shirts

One more reason to Join / Upgrade to a Premium Membership. Support our CORE mission as an individual who understands its importance and wants to step up along with these top industry brands. Unite to protect and preserve our trails and support the initiatives of educating the off road community from the bottom up. Ensure our sustainability for our future generations. Yes, this is a FREE BONUS shirts for every Premium Member new or old selected to participate on this ride.

So, once again here's how you qualify:

Must be an active SFWDA Premium Member (You can still register & upgrade online for that)

You must submit a recent photo image of your 4x4 trail rig that you would like to drive on this trail ride directly to our SFWDA Facebook group page and tag each of our sponsors in the post. 
#BFGoodrich #BFGPlay #Areyoudriverenough #Warn #Clemson4WD#Rancho #DixieRun30 & #SFWDA
Share your posting in as many groups and as many pages as you can to generate the most likes and shares possible. This plays a very large factor in being selected. 
The representatives from our vendor sponsors will ultimately be selecting the group of 20 lucky winners.
The competition begins now and will end SEPTEMBER 20th..