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Rock Corps "Crawl-O-Ween " Ride for Autism" & 5th annual 4x4 Toy Run

 Rock Corps " Crawl-O-Ween "
Ride for Autism & 5th annual 4x4 Toy Run

Let's all show our support for a great event from Chip Price, Tony Wilson, and our friends with the Rock Corp 4x4 club in Marion, NC.

This year Rock Corps 4X4 will be presenting to the public for the first time, our newly acquired property. We call it, The S.H.O.P. , which stands for, Sugar Hill Offroad Park.
100 acres of wheeling and camping.
As for the past many years, we have had a toy run to aid the McDowell County Social Services with gifts and of Money. This year, we will be doing the same. Also we will be making a donation to Autism. The land owner we lease from has a son with autism and that was one of our agreements when we leased the property, was that we were going to donate to this. so, TWO great causes that our wheeling will benefit!
As you see the dates, you can see where it just so happens to fall on Halloween. We will be searching for a sponsor for a best costume! We would also be interested in a sponsor for a Truck and treat event for the kids, Saturday evening!

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Mark your calendars
Get your rigs ready

Let's have some fun, and help two very worthy causes! 

Gate fees:

$10 per person, $10 per rig for a day, or for the whole weekend!
Bring a toy, and get $10 off admission!
Kids 14 and under free, with a parent or guardian
100% of profits will go to the beneficiaries. The only thing deducted will be our expenses to put this event on.

For more details check out the Facebook Event Page:



CartoTracks & SFWDA are offering 100 free GPS Map downloads to Dixie Run 29 Attendees Limited Time Only * Act Now * $9.99 Value


CartoTracks & SFWDA are offering 100 free GPS Map downloads
to Dixie Run 29 Attendees
Limited Time Only * Act Now *

$9.99 Value

How it works you ask?
CartoTracks maps are designed so that you can download the map to a smartphone before loosing cell signal and then travel into an area where there might not be any cell signal and the app then utilizes just the GPS function of your phone to show you exactly where you are on our map!  No more messing around with GPS units and trying to figure out what to do with all of that data and turn it into some kind of usable map....we've sorted all of that out for you.  Just go and have fun!

How to Redeem:
If you have already registered for Dixie Run 29  the you should have just received an email with a promo code for a one time only use and is only valid for 2015 event attendees and is limited to the first 100 downloads.

Here's a link for more for more info:

CartoTracks continues to offer a 15% discount on GMP and all other park maps for each SFWDA Active Member by use of another promo code found in your
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We're pleased to announce the "S.R.B." band will be appearing live at Dixie Run 29, September 25, 2015

We're pleased to announce the "S.R.B." band will be appearing live at Dixie Run 29. 

Join us on Friday 6-9 pm at the main pavilion inside of Golden Mountain Park, TN on September 25, 2015 for a free live concert. SFWDA is sponsoring this event and we would like to invite all your friends, and family up to the main pavilion for some dinner from a variety of great food vendors selling everything from hamburgers and dog's to brick oven pizza's and funnel cakes all while we all soak in some fresh air and listen to some great live music. 

  And here's a little more about the band. S.R.B. is great entertainment for all ages! Scott Freels ( Professional Lead singer, Bassist & Song Writer ) and Barry Freels ( Lead guitar and professional blue grass player) have played for 20+ years around the Southeast. They joined with Randy Ruffner ( Rhythm guitar roots in country and gospel) and Sam Teddar (Drummer who is also a singer, song writer and guitar player) to form S.R.B. several years ago to play the music they love best,  soulful music in country and classic rock.

They have played around the Tennessee area to including many four wheeling events like, The S.R.R.S. series, Tennessee Mountain Junkies Rally at the Rock, Ford truck shows in Townsend,  and classic Bronco events. They also have played many other car shows and events across the state. They are looking forward to a return to Golden Mountain Park which they had played in years past during the hay day of the Golden Mountain Dirt track!




Dixie Run 29 - Excursion Ride Destination Updates, New Trails, New Waterfalls!

For the second year now we're planning multiple excursion style rides departing from home base at Golden Mountain Park and venturing out through some of the most beautiful parts around in East Tennessee. If you missed it last year you'll want to sign up early upon arrival this year (Merchandise Tent) to reserve your spot. Groups are limited but we'll try our best to accommodate everyone. You can choose to ride either Friday or Saturday, and each excursion will be approximately 4-5 hours.