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 Aetna Mountain Adventures

Aetna Mountain, in Tennessee, has been an OHV destination for decades. Bowater, a large paper company, owned thousands of acres of land that they welcomed OHV use on for a long time. However, times change. Many of the land owners all over this nation have changed in recent years and it is no different in our area. Along with this change came the loss of riding areas.
 In March of 2015 an owner of about 750 acres on Aetna Mountain, Steve Perlaky, teamed up with Joey Blevins, an avid OHV advocate to create a legal OHV riding area and name it Aetna Mountain Adventures. They offer yearly memberships and have daily riding permits on weekends when the weather permits.
 Aetna Mountain Adventures is located in Marion and Hamilton Counties in Tennessee. This is real close to Chattanooga, TN. and is served by I-75, I-24 and I-59. They are within 100 to 150 miles from Birmingham, AL., Knoxville, TN., Nashville, TN., Atlanta, GA., Huntsville, AL., etc..

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Raccoon Mountain Caverns is at a section of the same location and is owned by the same folks:

Aetna Mountain Adventures
319 West Hills Drive
Chattanooga, TN
(423) 933-2198