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 "There are a lot of active people on the forums, but really not sure how many see a value in group membership. At age 57, I grew up in an era where you had clubs. Now with social media, that playing field has changed. Fraternities and many other organizations are affected the same way. Kids today, just do not see the need to group together and socialize the way mine and my parents generation did. That is one of the main reasons I like seeing SFWDA roll toward the newer platform."

   -  John Galbreath Jr. of Harldline Crawlers who recently commented with SFWDA about the challenges of membership in modern time and how important it is still to unite. 

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  • $10 per Year Renewable on Application Date

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  • SFWDA Events like TrailFest & Dixie Run

  • Discounts at local Parks, Retailers , & Shops from our Business Partners like 4WD Parts, Overly's Off Road, NAPA, Oriely's, Tom’s 4x4, AOP, Extreme Terrain, Extreme Roc Rigs, Crawfords Campground, etc.

  • Associate Memberships to UFWDA, BRC, & Tread Lightly

  • Representation through the SFWDA Leadership Council

  • All communications & updates from SFWDA Leadership Council and Board of Directors


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  • $50 per Year Renewable on Application Date

  • All the same benefits of Basic Membership

  • Direct participation with your association through the SFWDA Leadership Council; and all communications and updates from the SFWDA Leadership Council and Board of Directors

  • SFWDA "Members Only" branded merchandise package (T-Shirt, Hat, & Sticker & free delivery)

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  • $250 per Year Renewable on Application Date

  • 2 positions on SFWDA Leadership Council with Voting Powers

  • Conservation * Education * Recreation Grant Program

  • Club & Event Insurance Group Policy (a single event instance annually , additional available)

  • Access to Contribute on our SFWDA interactive website & calendar ( www.sfwda.org )

  • Associate Memberships to UFWDA, BRC Tread Lightly and their respective electronic communications


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  • $100 per Year Renewable on Application Date

  • SFWDA Leadership Council & BOD Communications

  • Vendor Opportunities at our annual TrailFest and Dixie Run events

  • Access to a growing number of passionate enthusiasts

  • Access to our Individual Member discount program

  • Promotion and impressions of your brand across our Association Website and social media outlets