Daniel Boone Back Country Byway


  The Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway is a multi-county Tourism Project of highly scenic and moderately challenging street legal, high clearance 4x4 vehicle routes running through Powell, Lee, Wolfe, Menifee, and Estill official county roads.  

  The purpose of the project is to put into use the beautiful county roads to generate tourism money for local businesses while improving and preserving the roads from illegal closures, vandalism, erosion, and other risks.  

Q. So what is the Daniel Boone Byway?

A. It's a long loop (98.7 miles) in some of the most remote and scenic territory in the State of Kentucky including the Red River Gorge. 

Q. Who exactly collaborated on this project? 

“ A collaborative SFWDA Grant utilization venture to unveil 100 miles of OHV trails throughout Kentucky and Ohio. “
— Jeffrey Dozier "Friends of Boone / SFWDA"

A. Through grants provided by SFWDA & Tread Lightly the key contributors of the project are; Friends of Boone, The Ohio River Four Wheeler's, CartoTracks LLC, and Southern Four Wheel Drive Association. 

Q. Who is able to ride on these trails and when? 

A. Anyone and everyone who agrees to adhere to basic Tread Lightly principles including common sense best practices are invited to take advantage of these pristine trails. This entire nearly 107 mile trail system is now open now and will remain open indefinitely. 

Q. Who and What is CartoTracks? 

A. CartoTracks is the leader of digital OHV mapping and they are now offering this entire trail system for a nominal fee as a downloadable file which can be used right on your Smartphone without the need of a cell phone signal.  

Q. Which route is best to begin to tackle the DBB? 

A. It is suggested that you begin in Slade, KY and travel West along the route until you intersect the loop.  From there, counterclockwise is preferred.

 Remember to tread lightly and always respect land owners and their property.

The Daniel Boone Back Country Byway was made possible through support from local counties, Tread Lightly, Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, Friends of Boone, CartoTracks, and The Ohio River Four Wheelers.

 See www.Cartotracks.com for the preferred Digital Map version to be used on your smart phone.  (non cell-coverage reliant) 

See www.Cartotracks.com for the preferred Digital Map version to be used on your smart phone.  (non cell-coverage reliant) 

You can now download the complete and current comprehensive DBBB map electronically and use it right now on your smartphone. 

For more details visit; 


Local county governments and tourism boards have partnered with the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA.org) and other local jeep clubs to support the development and maintenance of these valuable roads which will result in cleaner, better roads to control forest fires, emergency evacuations, recreation, and private land holder access.  

 Improvement and better management of these roads to generate tourism money will result in better enforcement and prevent unfortunate damage to the land as a result of irresponsible use.  

 Treadlightly! ethics (Treadlightly.org) will be implemented through signs with maps and information displayed at key points along the route in wooden kiosks placed on the county right of way.  These kiosks are being built and paid for by donations of time and money from local organizations, state and regional clubs, and anyone who wants to contribute.  

 Southern Four Wheel Drive Association’s grant money is paying for CartoTracks (cartotracks.com) to “smart map” the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway.  This means tourists can navigate the route with accuracy with their smartphone or device without needing a cell signal because the route is downloaded onto the smartphone or device’s memory.

 OHIO RIVER FOUR WHEELERS used a $2000.00 grant from SFWDA and TreadLightly to design, construct and install 10 kiosk road signs along the 107 miles byway route. ORFW appreciates the funding and all the volunteer hours donated to get the kiosks in place. Below are some photos from the construction and installation.

 Overall, a tremendous amount of volunteer effort from the Friends of Boone, ORFW club, SFWDA Board staff, and of course Jeffrey Dozier to coordinate this massive undertaking. Grant funds from your association played a vital role and we couldn't be more happy with the results already.