The SFWDA Grant Program

The SFWDA Grant initiative is our largest annual project committing a significant portion of the association's net income to this program.  Grant funding is now available for your project focused on our core missions – Conservation, Education, and Recreation. 

In 2018 alone $72,634 was provided in Grants from SFWDA.
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 The Southern Four Wheel Drive Association Board of Directors approved the SFWDA Grant Program during their on-line meeting on April 21, 2014.  

 We invest our annual net proceeds into our local community through OHV related grants, along with OHV education courses, videos, and lots more in effort to preserve, and protect trail access. We are even developing new trails to extend the life of our sport which directly benefits the off road industry as a whole. In fact we're the only organization that directly invests all of our event proceeds right back into our local trails, parks, and riders within the Southeast. 


 Grant funding will be limited to $5,000 per project application and requires a cost sharing portion from the requesting party in order to qualify.  SFWDA has committed a fixed amount of Association funds annually and we will consider applications carefully to manage apportioning.  The decision process includes the application process; Grant scoring based on the goals and scope of the project; and a commitment to maintain best operating practices for a period of three years.  Additionally SFWDA will post signage designating the project as a SFWDA Grant project.  The application and decision framework for the program here on our grant information page. 

 Additionally the SFWDA Grant can be used as part of the matching funding requirements of the state Recreational Trails Program in your home state.  As part of our development of the SFWDA Grant Program, your association has detailed the available RTP funding by state and the appropriate links to the RTP sites for additional information.  This information is included in the SFWDA Grant application document

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Completed Grant Projects

SFWDA has awarded a variety of grants now since inception, all relative to our core mission of  Conservation, Education, and Recreation.  

 Some of our completed Grant projects include;

Pavilion located between Trail 26 & 27 inside of Windrock OHV Park, Oliver Springs, TN

Pavilion located between Trail 26 & 27 inside of Windrock OHV Park, Oliver Springs, TN

  • Uwharrie National Forest Gravel Access Improvements - 
      Our very first Grant Award provided funds from an SFWDA Grant to purchase 125 tons of gravel to be applied by a U.S. Forest Service Contractor during the annual maintenance of these roads.  This grant addresses access issues of OHV, hikers, kayakers, fishermen, bird watchers, mountain bikers and equestrian users on this valuable national land asset.
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  • Windrock OHV Park; Trail Pavilion Project -
    In Tennessee, the Rock Solid Jeep Club received a $5,000 SFWDA Grant which was being leveraged with other sources to help fund a $15,000 budget totally new pavilion project.
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    Updated photos

  • Uwharrie National Forest Trail Revamp -
    The Friends of Uwharrie and The Carolina Trail Blazers Club together with a combined 224 Volunteers worked jointly over several weekends to provide some major overhaul on popular OHV trails.
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  • Fincastle Road Erosion Management
    Thanks to a grant from SFWDA and lots of hard work from the Ohio River Four Wheelers, a washout on old Fincastle Road in Lee County was repaired. Proactively working to preserve our access and prevent further erosion.
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  • Educational Video Series
    Starting in 2015 we developed a team of SFWDA members focused on producing a series of 4-6 short videos aimed at educating enthusiasts on best practices in a variety of OHV related topics. With principles deeply rooted around Tread Lightly! we featured topics to includes "What to bring on a 1 day trail ride", "Spotting Techniques", "Safe High Lift jack Operation", and now in season 3 "Safe Rollover Recovery", and lots more! Check out our You Tube Channel Here or read up on the evolution of this great tool below.
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  • Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway
    In what may be our biggest project thus far, and with multiple contributing efforts we have successfully reclaimed nearly 100 miles of a Kentucky byway into a OHV route for everyone to enjoy.
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 * The Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway is a multi-county Tourism Project of highly scenic and moderately challenging street legal, high clearance 4x4 vehicle routes running through Powell, Lee, Wolfe, Menifee, and Estill official county roads.  The purpose of the project is to put into use the beautiful county roads to generate tourism money for local businesses while improving and preserving the roads from illegal closures, vandalism, erosion, and other risks. Highlighting the beautiful nature in this area all the while stimulating the economy by attracting many wheeler's and tourists to the area. SFWDA grant funding has already provided funding for a digital map, trail markers, and signage through the byway. Funding continues on this project as we battle land owners who do not approve of OHV access through these public lands.
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In 2018 alone SFWDA spent $56,538 fighting to protect the precious land and solidify the Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway trail system.

Total DBBB
• Legal - $82,912
• Grants - $3,000

Future projects will include Tread Lightly training and educational segments; trail development on OHV private lands; access and trail improvements within both public and private areas; trail maintenance; site improvements, and other great ideas from you; the members of SFWDA. 

We are pleased to share this opportunity with members of SFWDA. Empowering our community with a viable funding mechanism to address critical projects where you ride.  By working with the public and private land partners proactively we intend to create a dynamic result and address critical conservation, education and/or recreation needs to continue growing our OHV sport.

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