Our Trailfest Excursion Rides have some amazing new destinations routed for 2017!

Guided Excursion Rides are included with admission to the event. 

  How about a visit on top of a rare Natural Bridge, or drive through a very historic institution they call “The University of the South”, or maybe better yet a cave so cool it's a true National Monument and where artifacts have been found dating back to some of the earliest human occurrences in North America. That's just the half of it! We also have a spectacular "Waterfalls Tour" route too!

Thanks our new SFWDA Vice President Kevin Woods for mapping this route out in advance for us. Full details coming soon but here is a sneak peek at what you can expect. The goal was to highlight some of the beauty and charm this great area has to offer for folks attending Trailfest. Let us show you around a few highlights of the area.

These guided SFWDA Excursion Rides are intended for folks with street legal rigs and/or daily drivers who still love the experience of the comradery, getting outdoors, and enjoying nature, but don't need to hit the black diamond trails to have a good time. Whether it's in the dirt, or on the parkway, its all about getting out exploring and enjoying nature.

Be sure to register online now so your ready to book your guided ride when the slots open up. This is going to be beautiful!

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Spring 2017 SFWDA Meet & Ride will go down as a SUCCESS! Thanks to Hale Mountain OHV Park, and the Rocket City Rock Crawlers for leading.

 We helped bring out 75 people total to the park that day. 

 We helped bring out 75 people total to the park that day. 

  This is exactly what the SFWDA Meet N Rides are all about:  exposing folks to what Southern has going on these days, the accomplishments, status, and direction SFWDA is headed. 

 We helped bring out 75 people total to the park that day. Especially good when you can get this information in the ears of folks that may have never even had direct contact with Southern before.  At the same time, getting these people out on trails too and leading them through trails many of them have never experienced before. 

  The rain that the park saw overnight before the ride changed the equation a little bit for the difficulty level for everyone and momentum became the name of the game.  That, and some folks got some lessons on winch rigging and safety which is always good.  The "easy" group went through two rather difficult obstacles together as a team using straps and winches whenever necessary for those without lockers and less aggressive tires.  The route wouldn't have been quite as challenging when dry of course.  Moderate and hard groups also saw their fair share of challenges but it was expected and didn't stop anyone. 

  Many thanks to Hale Mountain for opening up their park for us and we hope that many of the attendees will re-visit the park, perhaps when it's a little dryer.   Also, thank you to SFWDA for covering the Chick-Fil-A biscuits and O.J. Saturday morning.  After all, we are Southern so what's a get-together without good food!  See y'all at Trailfest!

Great event for our club, SFWDA, and Hale Mountain Park. Thank y'all!

- Jake White
Owner / Operator
Rocket City Rock Crawlers

Complete Photo Collection of approx 250 images can be found on Cartotracks Facebook Page here

SFWDA also wishes to thank Hale Mountain OHV Park, and
the Rocket City Rock Crawlers for leading our rides. 

 To be sure you don't miss out on any upcoming Meet & Rides or other SFWDA events be sure to subscribe to our Newsletter. Also checkout our Message Board on a regular basis and follow our Facebook Group page for the very latest group topics.




BESTOP has contributed an all new "TREKTOP NX" for the 1997-2017 Jeep Wrangler for one lucky person at our Trailfest 2017 Raffle!

You Could Win an this brand new
for any 1997-2017 Jeep Wrangler from our friends at BesTop! 

Fits Any Year, Any Color, Any Body, Any Style

  We’ve covered all the angles. Bestop's innovative fastback styling has made Trektop NX the best selling soft top on the market today. Trektop NX is truly a complete soft top but doesn't need all the frame hardware and bows of traditional soft top designs. It takes advantage of the Wrangler's sport bars to give it shape and support for an easier installation. And there's an added bonus to the Trektop NX - just zip out the windows and it transforms into a Safari Bikini Top.  Learn More.... 

For 1997-2017 Wrangler TJ/JK models

  • Includes everything necessary for installation including factory-style header, tinted 30-mil side and rear windows, factory-style door surrounds and tailgate bar.
  • Our premium-quality multi-layer sailcloth fabric maintains its shape in all temperatures, is mildew-resistant, contains UV inhibitors.
  • Tailgate bar allows you to open tailgate without unzipping the rear window for trouble free access.
  • Top Arch Bar spans the space above the seating area to keep the top tight, reduce flapping, and minimize puddling.
  • Bestop's exclusive patented polymer Door Surrounds are based on the OEM surrounds we supply on factory Wranglers.
  • Fits factory full steel hard doors – also compatible with any Bestop door kit (sold separately).
  • Also available for 04-06 TJD Unlimited.



RCV have stepped up large and offered us an Ultimate Dana 44 CV Axle Set for Trailfest 2017!

Our friends at RCV have offered stepped up large and offered us an Ultimate Dana 44 CV Axle Set with a value of $1,249.

This will be raffled off to one lucky winner at Trailfest 2017!

Better buy your Raffle tickets......



Register Today, Sign Up for your rides, and we'll see you May 4-7 @ AOP!

Ultimate Dana 44 CV Axle Set

  Dana 44 U-joint axle shafts with a high-strength constant velocity design. Tests prove Ultimate CV Axles to be twice as strong as OEM Jeep JK shafts, and they're just as tough at a straight angle as they are at extreme angles - where U-joints are weakest. Ultimate CV Axles also eliminate U-joint binding to allow smooth transfer power to the ground. Even if you have big tires and big power there are no worries. Ultimate CV Axles are low maintenance and operate with a smoothness you can feel - whether off road or on the street. And we back it all with a "No Questions Asked" limited lifetime warranty.

Axle set includes right and left CV axle shafts, SST seals and installation tool, installation instructions, synthetic moly grease, and installation hardware.

Learn More....…

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SFWDA Spring 2017 Meet and Ride Hosted by Rocket City Rock Crawlers at Hale Mountian OHV Park

Join us on Saturday, March 18 for the first SFWDA Meet & Ride of 2017. 

The Rocket City Rock Crawlers will host the event and provide guided Trail rides at
Hale Mountain OHV Park.

Digital CartoTracks Maps Available for Download on any Smart Phone

Digital CartoTracks Maps Available for Download on any Smart Phone

What are the Trails at Hale Mountain OHV Park like? 

400 acres of wooded ATV trails wind through Hale Mountain OHV Park. There are over 40 miles of trails for all experience levels, over 3 miles of trails for rock crawlers, including some new crawler trails coming soon, 2 mud pits, and a quarter-mile of mud trails.


CartoTracks has just created a brand new, GPS-enabled map of the park! 


  Click on the map image to take you to CartoTracks where you can get the new Hale Mountain map that will work on your smartphone, tablet, or iPad without cell signal but show you a blue dot indicating your location on the map.

Register today for a fun day to meet your association, the
Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, and together explore Hale Mountain OHV Park. 

  • On-site check in will open at 8:00 AM Central Standard Time
  • Our SFWDA meeting will begin promptly at 9:00 AM
  • Trail rides will begin at 10:00 AM and wrap up around 5:00 PM
  • $15 Fee payable at gate
  • OHV park Waiver needs complete (Download Here

  Camping is available on the park campground. See their website for more details. The motels they usually recommend are any brand in Winchester or Fayetteville, AL. Both are about the same drive time from the park but Winchester has a lot more food places than Fayetteville.  Also, their is a Microtel on Shields Rd in Huntsville. It may be a little longer drive due to the 2 lane road.

Hale Mountain OHV Park
83 Big Rock Lane
New Market, AL 35761

Park Website;

 Come Prepared....

  If you do plan to attend we encourage everyone to please download, print, and fill in the PDF Waiver form the park provided. This will help expedite things upon arrival. There is a $15 park fee which will be collected at the gate by park official upon arrival. There are no other fees as this is a free SFWDA meet & Ride Sponsored event with assistance from Rocket City Rock Crawlers club in Alabama. 



Directions to Hale Mountain OHV Park

Please be aware that current maps often do the wrong thing with our address. In addition, GPS mapping tends to do the wrong thing with our GPS coordinates, too.

Legend has it that using "30 Elora Mountain Road, Elora Tennessee" as the destination address will bring you right to the OHV Park with GPS Navigation Systems.

If that doesn't work, we recommend going to Elora Mountain Road/Hale Mountain Lane (as shown in the map below). From there you simply follow the signs to Big Rock Lane and the Hale Mountain OHV Park.

GPS Coordinates




TrailFest 2017 Volunteer Sign Up's are now open


TrailFest 2017 Volunteer Sign Up's are now open as we're hoping you will pitch in a couple spare hours to volunteer for something.

But have you ever wondered; " Why do I attend SFWDA events "?

How about..........4 days and nights worth of some amazing off road trails and rocks. Camping with hot showers and bath facilities. Dinner on Saturday night from a variety of food trucks. Free riding, guided trails, excursions, and as much fun as you can handle is also included in your admission.

Most importantly though you're supporting a core mission that benefits us all, to effectively preserve OHV trail access in the Southeast region and educate others to make sure our sport thrives on. It's what we do, and that is why we do it. Now, we need your support to make this event a success!

Sign Up Today & Learn More.....

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Guided Rides Signup- Trailfest 2017 is now LIVE! Trails & Excursions

Guided Rides Signup - Trailfest 2017

These rides are only for those who have already registered to attend the event. You can signup for all Guided Trail Rides, both inside AOP, and our Excursion Rides. There is no additional cost to sign up for guided rides, and we encourage you to book early if you are interested ad we expect these slots to all fill up before the event begins. 

 We are again offering several Ladies Only Rides. Those registered online will be offered a free shirt for this part of the event. Ladies rides will be split into the same two levels of difficulty as listed below. 

Ride Categories

Easy Moderate Trail Routes:


Safety Belts, First Aid Kit, Fire Extingusher, Secure Battery, REQUIRED OHV EQUIPMENT, Transfer Case, All Terrain Tires, Recovery Points

Everyday rigs are highly encouraged to join. Routes will be mostly easier trails, and only those which everyone in the group can traverse.




Advanced Moderate Trail Routes:


All Basic Safety & OHV Equipment As Required of Easy Moderate Tralls
ADVANCED OHV EQUIPMENT:Winch, Lockers, Recovery Gear, Roll Cage

This group will tackle more challenging terrain. Routes will be more challenging, but still capable of everyone in the group. Body damage may be possible, and a roll cage is required.




Scenic Excursion Trail Routes:


Safety Belts, First Aid Kit, Fire Extinguisher,Secure Battery, DOT Registered Vehicle
Everyday rigs are highly encouraged to join. Most of the route will be on asphalt yet there may be some very mild off road trails. We will as a group travel to scenic destinations around the local area. Travel up to 100 miles round trip and visit landmarks, waterfalls, overlooks, and more.




Things to know about our Guided Trail & Excursion Rides:

  • Tread Lightly! principles will be observed at all times.
  • You're welcome to ride along on and participate in as many guided trail rides as you wish.
  • Trial Routes have been carefully pre-determined and should be suitable for rigs based on the categories described for each group.
  • Each group will have a brief drivers meeting before departure to become acclimated with the planned route and debrief on all safety, and communications, along with best practices when riding in groups.
  • CB Radios are suggested but not required. We encourage good radio communication and groups will be on a designated channel.
  • Each Guided Trail Ride through AOP is approximately 2-3 hours long
  • Excursion Rides are approximately 4-5 hours long.
  • Every Guided Route will include at minimum One Trail Guide and One Tail Gunner.  
  • Our goal is to depart each guided trip with no more than approximately 15 rigs per total. We can and will split rides into multiple groups to accommodate everyone and the trail system itself for maximum efficiency.
  • A brief drivers meeting with all participants will commence 15 minutes before each scheduled departure time. You must arrive on time!
  • In the South rain is a weather factor which can elevate the difficulty rating of some trails as much as one whole level higher on average. 
  • While each route category has a few different levels of basic requirements, most would benefit from use of some additional suggested equipment. While you want to be prepared you also don't be to be overloaded; CB Radio, Tool Kit, Spare Tire, Tire Patch Kit, and some common spare parts are all suggested equipment to have on-board.



Join SFWDA & Trick N Traction, and JeepUp on Feb. 25th for our Second Annual "Tread Lightly! ® Workshop"

 Last year the T-N-T club out of Clemson, SC launched a new workshop which is funded by SFWDA grant funds and provides a totally free opportunity to learn the Tread Lightly! ® principles and how they play such an important role in our sport. With the success from last year we are continuing this initiative through 2017.


 Education is at the core of our mission. Our goal is to educate enthusiasts and local citizens about what Tread Lightly! is all about, and why Environmental Stewardship is so important. When on the trail these steps are critical to preserve OHV access to public land for future generations. It's also a huge benefit knowing established best practices when off road that all fellow enthusiasts should aspire towards. 


 Then join us for a three-hour workshop and our second annual Tread Lightly! training event that's entirely free to the public! 


Last years workshop being led by Official Tread Lightly! trainers; Scott Fields, and Mike Morrison 

Here is what you can expect......

This Awareness Workshop is a 3-hour course that will provide attendees with an introduction to Tread Lightly! principles as decision making guidelines while enjoying the great outdoors in a safe and responsible manner. The workshop will provide you with situational awareness, the know-how on minimizing your impact while recreating, and the outdoor ethic that will help sustain our trails for generations to come.

Many Great Door Prizes will be given away!

The focus of this workshop will be on the Tread Lightly! principals. Uwharrie Off-Road Training Centers’; Scott Fields is a Tread Lightly! Master Training. He will be leading the workshop based on Tread Lightly’s! three hour workshop outline. Note that we will only be able to accommodate the first 100 people to register for this exciting event.” - Al Sweeney; SFWDA Vice President

Event Details

There is NO COST for the event. This workshop is funded by grant proceeds from within SFWDA.

Youth Center at NewSprings Church
2940 Concord Rd
Anderson, SC 29621

Register here and now online. It's free! We just want to know who all to expect. 
You can also register in person at the event if space is still available but this event is limited to 100 attendees. 

WHEN = Feb 25, 2017 ( 9 AM- 12 PM )



Russ Ehnes Transitioning Out Of Position As NOHVCC Executive Director

Great Falls, MT, January 12, 2017 — The National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) announced today that Russ Ehnes has expressed his intent to leave his position as Executive Director, effective June 1st, 2017. Ehnes, who has held that position for nearly 20 years, will be shifting gears to other opportunities in off-highway vehicle recreation, including managing the Bull Run Guest Ranch, near Great Falls, Montana.

by Karen Umphress | Jan 12, 2017
Russ Ehnes NOHVCC's Executive Director

Russ Ehnes
NOHVCC's Executive Director

 “I am still fully committed to the mission of NOHVCC, and extremely proud of what we have all managed to accomplish,” said Ehnes. “NOHVCC is in a great position right now. Its mission has incredible momentum, with many positive initiatives, thanks to a large and energetic team effort by the NOHVCC staff and Board of Directors. The initiatives include the “Great Trails” resource book, Great Trails Workshops, trail design projects of NOHVCC Management Solutions (NMS), and our partnership with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) on its National Motorized Recreation Action Plan.

 “I’m extremely proud and privileged to have worked with an incredible staff and board, who are dedicated to making the NOHVCC vision come true. I will still be involved in NOHVCC and keep contributing where the skill sets I have developed over the past 20 years can be put to good use. And, of course, I’ll remain engaged in off-highway vehicle (OHV) activism at the State and local level.”  

NOHVCC will begin the search for a new executive director in the near future in order to provide a smooth transition and allow for continuity with its many OHV enthusiast, club, industry and agency partners. 

Read the full press release