Happy Thanksgiving Y’all!

  Happy Thanksgiving from your Southern Four Wheel Drive Association Board Of Directors and Leadership Volunteers. As fellow wheelers we are truly grateful for this beautiful land and it’s trails we’re able to explore. We’re even more grateful for the thousands of SFWDA Members who together progress our core mission for future generations - Conservation *Education * Recreation.#sfwda





The country’s most uncrowded state is making big investments in growing its recreation economy.

Wyoming wants more people to know that it is a place for outdoor lovers. Yet, while driving through America’s least-populated state, for long stretches of miles, the only sign of human existence is the occasional oil rig affixed to a rolling expanse of greenery and rocky hills. Extraction has historically fueled the Cowboy State’s economy and remains its No. 1 industry, but outdoor recreation—its No. 2 industry—is proving a viable and far-more sustainable source of income than the famously boom-and-bust-prone oil-and-gas enterprise. Thus, Wyoming has begun to invest in outdoor recreation more than ever before.


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“ Outdoor recreation already accounts for $5.6 billion in annual consumer spending in Wyoming, as well $1.6 billion in wages for 50,000 jobs—a considerable number when you consider that Wyoming’s entire population comes in at under 600,000 and that the extraction industries only account for about 27,000 jobs. Nearly 50 percent of Wyoming is comprised of public land. With iconic natural destinations such as Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons, it’s not surprising that outdoor recreation is indeed one of the state’s key economic drivers.

But not everyone sees outdoor recreation as a silver bullet for diversifying Wyoming’s economy. Mead’s outdoor recreation taskforce has to contend with the fact that, interspersed among much of Wyoming’s public lands are swaths of private land. And private land owners are wary about the prospect of growth (read: development) and heavier traffic, especially as more and more events and headlines point to irresponsible and disrespectful visitors.“ 



Annual SFWDA Meeting - Saturday, Dec. 1 - Join is LIVE or in Person in Oak Ridge, Tn


It’s almost time for our 2018 SFWDA Annual Meeting

Join us for our end of year meeting where we wrap up 2018 and discuss 2019.

Everyone is invited.This is an all access, no membership required meeting, and we want you all to join us either in person or LIVE online. That's right, anyone who can't make it in person can join us on your phone, tablet, laptop, smartphone, etc,, right at home. You are all welcome to join in. We will be streaming our Meeting LIVE on Facebook / YouTube this year from our SFWDA Page / Channel.
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We will be holding our 2018 Annual Meeting on Saturday, December 1, 2018 at the Hilton Doubletree Hotel, Oak Ridge, TN. The agenda includes a review of 2018, presentation of 2019 budgets and elections of officers. By resolution, we will be proposing the creation of the following positions: Director Communications, Director Education, Director Conservation, Director Recreation and Director Business Development. Please contact any current officer with any questions.

This will be an interactive event in which all attendees can ask questions both in person and online live during the meeting while viewing the Facebook LIVE stream.

Guests can call the hotel directly at 865-481-2468 and refer to the group code or this private link:

Use code ( S4W ) to book a discounted room with our SFWDA event Code and enjoy some free Hot Cookies. See website for more details.

See you there..... #SFWDA



​The Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway Receives ORBA Trail Award


  The Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway Receives ORBA Trail Award


The Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway has just been awarded by ORBA; the Off Road Business Association with its 2018 Trail Award! AFWDA is very proud of this award and For all the volunteers who have spent years of hard work and dedication to make this trail system come to life and we are extremely thankfull for being recognized.

  The Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway (DBBB) is a high clearance four-wheel drive vehicle route comprised of highly scenic county and public roads. It is roughly one-third gravel, one-third asphalt, and one-third trail. It is around one hundred miles in length and traverses the Red River Gorge National Geologic Area and Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky.The DBBB is moderate in difficulty. It is open to licensed and street legal vehicles. Historically, this area of Kentucky hosted Jeep Jamborees and other type events documented as early as 1969. In 2004, a travel management rule change by USFS closed many of the routes and ended the organized events and open access. Tourism dropped off for the local economies and we lost a world class-riding destination. Since the mid-2000's, a concerted effort from the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA,, five local counties, and the USFS resulted in the DBBB route being revitalized, publicized and supported.   Generous grants from SFWDA, UFWDA, and maintenance support from the USFS sustains this important recreational resource for all people. SFWDA awarded the DBBB a grant to pay for a digital map to be built by the cartography business Cartotracks, www.cartotracks. Users download the PDF map of the DBBB onto their smartphones and the phone's GPS guides them accurately and safely along the route. This use of technology has helped revitalize the local economy. Providing a way for the public to navigate the route whether or not they are familiar with the area or had map-reading skills proved to be vital. It also condenses the recreational use of the forest, allowing for efficient use of maintenance resources. This initial DBBB route is the first phase and totals over 100 miles. There are many more miles of historic roads that can be added with further work. The DBBB is made possible by physical and financial support from all members of Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, Ohio River Four Wheelers, Kentucky Krawlers; and key contributors Jeffrey Dozier, Anthony Foster, Jeremy Robbins, Tyler Hensley, Aaron Roddy, Joe Kling, Luke Bogner of ECO-OHV, Jake and Jennifer White of Cartotracks, and Flint Holbrook, Director Land Use and Conservation SFWDA.  SFWDA continues its work today supporting the DBBB through numerous conservation and access initiatives. 

To Learn More and help support please visit our DBBB page here on the website.  



Scott Fields Family Benefit - Memorial - Jeep Raffle Award Winner Update


The CTB raffle Jeep has new owner(s) the son and daughter of the original owner, thanks to James Belcher (CTB treasurer) who contacted the winner by phone. The winner wanted the Jeep to stay in the club. So did we. But James took it a step further, offered the winner his OWN money and then GAVE the jeep to Scott Fields kids. This is a shot of them taking what THEY believed, would be theirmlast ride ever in that jeep just 2 hours before the winner was announced





SFWDA continues the fight for your trails on the DBBB! Learn more about this World Class OHV System

The Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway (DBBB) is a high clearance 4wd route comprised of improved and unimproved county and public roads over 100 miles long centered around the scenic Red River Gorge and Daniel Boone National Forest in eastern Kentucky.

Back in 2016 SFWDA started developing a strategy to allow public access to all of the DBBB trails. We have already made great strides on physical trail improvements, in addition to reclaiming trails that were illegally blocked and barricaded by residents. We also Digitally mapped this great trail, and placed maps on kiosks throughout the trail system.

The fact is we are very close to setting a new precedent on the matter with a Summary Judgment in the works now. This would be a HUGE victory for us and the OHV Community as a whole for future land access battles. It’s been a costly battle though. Our own SFWDA Grant Program has been vital to get us this far. Our current expenses on the DBBB alone in 2016 were $8,477 then in 2017 $26,006 and now in 2018 we’re already at $36,075. Our last legal bill alone was over $18,000. It’s all well worth it when we claim victory. This is why we are asking for your help. A small donation today will ensure we can finish the fight and preserve these amazing trails forever. Scroll to the bottom of this message of this link to learn more and donate now.

More about the DBBB.

* The DBBB is of moderate difficulty and open to licensed vehicles only. It is designed for entry level off-roading and providing a safe and rewarding driving experience.

* Historically, this area of Kentucky hosted the Jeep Jamboree for many years, as far back as 1969. In 2004, a travel management rule change by USFS closed off many of the routes and ended the organized events.

* Tourism was a huge part of the rural economy of the area and the loss of access equaled a drop in economic input both direct and indirect.

* Since the mid-2000's, a concerted effort between SFWDA members, five local counties, and USFS resulted in the DBBB. Some of the important routes previously utilized by the Jeep Jamboree are now open and drawing organized events and support.

* The DBBB was launched in 2016. SFWDA supported the development of a digital map of the DBBB which allows users to navigate these beautiful 4wd roads with smart phone technology. The DBBB Facebook page has over 3200 followers and some posts have reached 10k.

* The roads are part of the historical county transportation systems which make the right-of-ways county property and allows access to the public.

* A few recent challenges to the public access of these roads have arisen due to the increased traffic of the DBBB. None have resulted in a loss of access due to support from the counties and SFWDA's grant program, which has provided generous financial support in the form of legal fees and road maintaining resources.

* There are 50-100+ miles of expansion of the DBBB planned to meet the growing need of the OHV community for entry level experience.

* The DBBB is within 5 hours drive of the northeast megalopolis which represents 17% of the US population or roughly 50 million Americans. It is also convenient to southern states as well.

* Future financial support of the DBBB is critical to sustaining and growing these world class OHV opportunities. We have recently filed for a Summary Judgement which along with our ongoing efforts have become a considerable investment.

We are seeking additional financial resources to complete our battle for access via public roads to the DBBB. If you would please consider a donation today to help support and to preserve trail access for future generations.



An exclusive trail ride for SFWDA Members........

 Great Smoky Mountain Jeep Invasion



SFWDA will host an all day ride at the WindRock OHV Park on Monday August 27th starting at 8:00am.  It is absolutely free and lunch will be included.  This ride will be offered to the first 20 lucky SFWDA Premium Members that have an OHV with 35” or larger tires and front and rear lockers and a winch,  You must signs up on line at this link.

Sponsored by: WARN, BFG, Spider Web Shade, JP Magazin e and Chris Durham Motorsports.



Senator Maynard visits with US Forest Service in support of West Virginia OHV Trails

Washington D.C.-Thursday, Senator Mark R. Maynard of the 6th district met with the US Forest Service. He had scheduled the meeting due to a past discovery that in Tucker county(which is almost entirely Mongahela forest) has virtually no OHV trails due to gated roads.
Senator Maynard is a proponent of OHV trails, so he set up a meeting with the US forest service to discuss. There are 921,000 acres of monongahela forest in WV, with zero designated ohv trails, 1,064,176 acres of the George Washington National Forest and with the Jefferson national forest making up 709,593 acres with neither having OHV trails.
Senator Maynard said “l wanted to let them know our economy and the nation’s economy can benefit. I told them l want public land to be used by nearly all forms of public interest. I want birdwatchers to have a place designated where there will be zero disturbances, but l also want a place for OHV users to enjoy their taxpayer property.” One member at the table Senator Maynard spoke with used to live in Moab, Utah, and this member of the US forest service understood the importance of embracing the off-road community. Maynard said “Hopefully they will consider. I told them we could start a pilot project in Tucker county with the Tucker county four wheelers adopting and being responsible for the trails there.” If you are a taxpayer and would like the right to access your property, Senator Maynard suggested visiting the link below, to voice the importance of OHV trails on National Forests.<>

Senator Mark R. Maynard

CHAIR:  Rule-Making Review Committee

CHAIR:  Natural Resources

CHAIR:  Enrolled Bills

VICE CHAIR:  Economic Development

VICE CHAIR: Government Organization

304.357.7808<tel:304.357.7808> | Capitol Phone

304.360.6272<tel:304.360.6272> | Mobile

State Capitol Complex | Building 1, Room W-206 | Charleston, West Virginia  25305-0800

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Welcome TRAIL LOGIC INDUSTRIES as our newest SFWDA Business Member!


  Welcome TRAIL LOGIC INDUSTRIES to our family of supporting business members. They will be setup on Vendor Row at Dixie Run so stop on by and say Hi. 

  Trail Logic Indistries is also the sponsor CREEKBED CRAWL at DIXIE RUN 32. This is a fun and challenging event for everyone, and all types of rigs, an Everyman Challenge type of race.

   Look for more details from this team includn the amazing custom TROPHIES coming soon, hot off the cut table and a TON of raffle prizes for all Dixie Run participants.

Register here



Creekbed Crawl is back at Dixie Run 32!

 For our 32nd Annual SFWDA - Dixie Run event we’re headed back to Golden Mountain OHV Park one more time. This is your opportunity to explore the trails of this great park.

   We are also excited to announce the return of our Creekbed Crawl. Last year drivers in a wide variety of rigs and lots of daily driver rigs competed against the clock in a rock crawling race through the boulders over and over some ruts. It’s an every man challenge and all we require in the rig is basic safety equipment which includes a seatbelt and of course a roll cage.

  Welcome TRAIL LOGIC INDUSTRIES as our sponsor of this fun and challenging event. 

Register here -