AMSOIL - Lube Guru's 


The Lube Gurus are Paul and Max Smith, a father and son team of Independent AMSOIL Dealers with over 30 years combined experience using and selling AMSOIL products. Whether you are an end user, OEM or reseller, our goal is to establish you as an individual, commercial or reseller account with AMSOIL. We help with product selection and provide training, marketing and technical support. We are distributors for the finest synthetic lubricants on the market today.

AMSOIL has been the leader in synthetic lubrication for over 40 years.

AMSOIL offers a complete line of Engine Oils, Transmission Fluids, Gear Lubes, Greases, and Fuel Additives.

AMSOIL offers premium synthetic lubricants for almost any lubrication need in the market today

Amsoil - Lube Guru's
Middle Tennessee AMSOIL Distributors
Max Smith (931) 982-4100
Paul Smith (931) 993-3579