Universal brackets for mounting side mirrors & accessories on doorless Jeeps with snorkels and without.

  Once you take off the Jeep doors, our brackets mount into any of the open door hinges.  

  You may also purchase after-market stainless steel mirrors and our black PVC cupholders at no additional shipping cost when you place your bracket orders.  
Why not get some spraypaint and personalize your brackets and cupholders to match your own color choices? Or even buy our brackets and use them with your own mirrors and accessories. Do not block your airbags.

 Our brackets are MADE IN AMERICA of
SOLID STEEL (not tubular metal)
and are durable and strong.

About Us

We are rednecks making unique products with great quality at reasonable prices and we are Proud our brackets are Made in America. We created a universal solid steel bracket for doors-off Jeeping.  Use our brackets to mount mirrors on doorless Jeeps with or without snorkels. Or use our brackets to mount other accessories such as cupholders, reflectors, etc.  For your convenience, we also sell after-market mirrors.

If you are not satisfied with our product(s) you can return it within 30 days of the date of sale for a refund. Refunds do not include shipping costs.

We ship via USPS to all states in the USA. International and bulk shipping costs will be quoted on a per order basis.

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Bob & Barb Millsaps;  Brosaps owners

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Friendsville, TN 37737
United States of America

Tel.: 865-229-4633