Smart Mapping

 We make maps.  Any maps.  Smartphone - ready maps that don't require data signal - only GPS - once downloaded to your Android / iOS device.

How it works you ask?
Our maps are designed so that you can download the map to a smartphone before loosing cell signal and then travel into an area where there might not be any cell signal and the app then utilizes just the GPS function of your phone to show you exactly where you are on our map!  No more messing around with GPS units and trying to figure out what to do with all of that data and turn it into some kind of usable map....we've sorted all of that out for you.  Just go and have fun! 

About Us

CartoTracks is owned and operated by Jake and Jennifer White and is based in Madison, AL.  After spending considerable time in various 4wd parks across the Southeastern United States, CartoTracks' owners recognized that the park owners rarely had any experience in taking GPS data and turning it into easy to read maps.  CartoTracks was conceived in order to provide this service to the park owners and, in turn, the park visitors who benefit greatly from the improved maps thus maximizing their time and experience in the parks.  Time is now freed up for park owners as well who, before, might have burned countless hours trying to learn how to make a decent map.  They can now focus their efforts elsewhere within their business.  

In early 2013, CartoTracks recognized the incredible increase in smartphone use and began working on finding an easy way to load our maps onto these devices and then use them "offline" where a data signal is no longer available.  In the spring of 2014, this became a reality and the new was launched to facilitate the distribution of these new, smartphone-ready maps.

With degrees in Geography and Geology, Jake and Jennifer have a combined cartographic experience totalling 23+ years.  An Eagle Scout and a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient, Jake and Jennifer were both exposed to maps early on in Scouting and an appreciation for maps and being prepared continues to this day.