Here are some changes in store for our new website. Important things like the newsletter functionality, membership registrations, dead links & pages all over, and completely inactive user database it's certainly time for change. Bottom line is no one within SFWDA including your self has been really using the SFWDA site and its time to try and change that. Rather than fix the old site bit by bit and have many never notice the difference I'm coming out of the gate with a fresh look and feel on a simple, clean, and powerful website so people do notice and hopefully get involved with supporting SFWDA once again.

A big part of that comes from our new logo. We needed a way to let the public know at glance we're not the same old Southern anymore, and that logo is the symbol leading this change. We want everyone's vote on this logo and so I have been running polls in effort to gain collective input from others and nail it before i design a website around it. 

  So, on Squarespace again, I can tell you first hand that it offers all the functions needed from the current website and host under Octane Media and Wordpress. My solution here with Squarespace will do all that necessary functions of our current website and then some in a very easy to navigation interface. Don't worry about the development John, I've got that part covered. I will still be looking for help in several contribution aspects of the sites management and hope you will be on-board for that. Yes, I do plan to present at the Q1 meeting this Saturday. It wont be 100% done yet but it will be a good example.

 On the logo project once again, I know that were nearing the conclusion of the final members poll and have compiled almost 200 votes in the two polls I ran. I have proactively reached out all over all the 4x4 forums I could think of spreading the word of SFWDA and it seems like we have a definite winner leading the pack. I trust you and your guys have also voted on the logos as well. The whole idea here was to allow SFWDA members to vote directly and so taking this back to the board after they have spoken is merely a formality. It's clear that people want and need change within Southern. Not intended at you directly John, but we don't be any roadblocks, we need people to help us out and unite to make this association what it can be. 


Walter Shafer
SFWDA Web Administrator

 * We cant soar with the eagles if we're floating around like ducks.