Chattanooga Off Road Enthusiasts ( CORE ) 

CORE is a 'Family Oriented Club', with all levels of experience and levels of build, from stock vehicles to more hardcore vehicles. 
Our goal is to get the Novice off-roader out with us to learn what his vehicle, and he/she is capable of doing, without damage to it or the riders.
We meet on the first Tuesday of every month at a local establishment for dinner and drinks, and to discuss upcoming event and rides that CORE schedules.
We normally ride around the Chattanooga area, and once a month we try to visit a ORP within 150 mi radius of Chattanooga.
We actively engage other club around the area and invite them to ride with us, or ask if we can ride with them.
We also do several road rides which include Forestry Service Roads. These are popular with the novice driver with a new vehicle. They're a good way for the to 'get their feet wet' to off roading.
We currently have just over 40 members, and we always welcome new members.
Membership fee to join CORE is currently $30.00, which includes a CORE T shirt ($16.00), a CORE Decal ($4.00), and a SFWDA Membership ($10.00).

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