East Tennessee Four Wheel Drive

Our club is very informal, however, we do require all of our members to join the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association. We are very active in the association.

You can find lots of information about our club on this web site. We have photos from past trail rides that we have been on, so you will get an idea of the types of places that we go.  We ride all over the Southeast region. Windrock Park Oliver Springs, TN is where you'll find us most. We also frequent parks like Golden Mountain Park in Sparta, TN as well as Black Mountain Park in Harlan, KY just to name a few.

We also have information on the rigs that our members drive. Everything from Jeep Wranglers with 33" tires to custom tube rigs with 42" or larger tires. The bulk of our members have 36" or larger tires with lockers front and rear.

The best way to learn more about our group is to meet some of us. Check out our website , and feel free to come to one of our meetings join in on the fun, everyone's welcome!

We meet at "Dockside Grill" in Louisville where we sit down eat, drink, and talk about current events, upcoming trail ride ideas, and anything else that sounds entertaining.