New Strategies for Online Membership Management

As we move into 2015, we are very excited to have launched a consolidated membership tracking and events registration system.  This is an online solution provided by and it's goal is to combine a variety of group solutions into one console.

 Going forward, all club members must be tracked in our new system with a valid email address, and correct current status in order to register for SFDWA events (Primarily Trailfest and Dixie Run!). We've done our best to bring this information forward from our previous system, but expect that there will be some issues, as our previous systems weren't very well suited for tracking changes to this information, and it wasn't as critical to maintain in the past.
As your club's membership changes you will be able to maintain the roster for your club in two different ways. The first way allows you AND the member to login and make quick edits to their data. This is done from the SFWDA Website under the Membership menu and the Profile Management link.

Here you and all members will be able to edit and maintain user information, such as contact info. As Administrators of your club, you will also see the club listing below your own information, and see a button to edit the club profile.

This button will take you to a screen at which you can edit the details for your members or add new records. The  'Add Contact' button will allow you to add individuals one at a time. This is best suited for adding new members who join your club one or two at a time throughout the year.

The option to delete members is here as well, but I suggest that we should NOT use this. Unfortunately it can not be hidden. From within this interface we can not adjust members status either, so as your annual club renewals take place we will need to use the second method to update user records in bulk.
This method is a little more of a process and will require Microsoft Excel or another spreadsheet solution ( offers a free product that works!) and some planning. Upon request, the SFWDA Membership Director can provide you with a current spreadsheet detailing all of your club members. Rather than using old spreadsheets, a new one should always be requested so that we can be sure we're not duplicating member records, or causing other data problems.
The spreadsheet will have just a handful of columns, and be easy to update. There will be one row per member, including:

There are a couple columns within this spreadsheet that will be very important to be mindful of.
The 'Con Number' column is the unique identifier for each member record within our system. This should not be changed for any existing users ever. For new members, leave this value blank and we will populate it before we import the record.

For Person Status, please leave the existing value UNLESS a user status is being changed from 'Inactive Member' to 'Active Club Member'.
If you have a large group to import or you have additional questions or concerns please contact us for more personalized assistance in registration. We're always here to help. 

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