Hardline Crawlers

"Hardline Crawlers started as a small club of seven members in June 2007.  The actual club has stayed small over the years and is currently at ten.  All the members were originally from the Birmingham, Alabama area. 

 An internet forum was started for communication about club meetings and rides.  As word got out, the forum grew.  Today, the actual club is not active, and the forum has taken its place.

  We now have over 9,000 registered forum members and 450,000 posts.  While concentrated in the Southeast, we have forum members from most states and several countries.  The forum members do a charity ride at Morris Mountain ORV each year called Shamrock Run.  Hardline Crawlers keeps an extensive calendar on the forum of all rides and competitions in the southeast.  This past year, the forum has had rides at Harlan, KY, Morris Mountain ORV, Choccolocco Mountain ORV, Hawk Pride Mountain Offroad, and Stony Lonesome ORV.  2015 already has a ride and a park work weekend scheduled. 

Come visit us at http://www.HardlineCrawlers.com; check out the calendar and forum. 
Great group from stockish Jeeps to the Rock Bouncing Racers, Hardline covers it all."

-  John Galbreath Jr.
Club Member
Forum Administrator