Jeepers Door Caddy

The Jeepers Door Caddy is the only safe way to transport and store your 2007 and newer Jeep doors.

Our 2/4 Door Caddy allows you to take off your your 2007 and newer Jeep JK and JKU doors and store them anywhere you go.

In 2007, the Wrangler JK went through its latest revision: It gave the owner the option of an additional two doors. Whether you have the two or four door model, you still have the option of removing the doors and enjoying the open air feeling. There is nothing like cruising around town or heading to your favorite destination with the wind blowing by you!

With this openness, there has always been a dilemma. What happens if the weather decides not to cooperate? You tell yourself, “If I could only safely take my doors with me.” Then you realize they will not fit in the vehicle and if they did, there is no way to safely secure them. Until now you had no choice. With the Jeepers Door Caddy you get the best of both worlds. A hitch mounted door caddy that will securely allow you to transport your two/four doors with you. When you get to where you’re going, remove your Caddy from the Jeep, put your doors on it and roll them away for storage until you need them again.

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