Why should you become a member of SFWDA?

In unity there is strength. The SFWDA is dedicated to upholding the rights of the citizen in the continued use of public lands. Public Lands for Public Use -- But there is a need for proper direction in the use of these lands. The SFWDA supports the principles of freedom and with your support of these principles you will add your voice to the millions of other enthusiasts who are striving for the same goal.

Benefits of Association

  • You will meet and enjoy knowing other 4-wheeler's who share your interest and dedication to the sport of 4-wheeling.
  • You will receive the associations electronic newsletters and our quarterly "Trail Mix" which contains information about club activities, legislation, events, trails, and other items of interest
  • You will be aware of all SFWDA and United Four Wheel Drive Association, Blue Ribbon Coalition, and Tread Lightly sponsored events, news, and information
  • You will receive "alert" bulletins on land use measures and related issues
  • You will receive discounts from participating association sponsored businesses that support the recreation of 4-wheeling
  • Local Member Clubs events can be insured through the SFWDA group insurance policy
  • Promotion of Local Member Clubs events through various forms of SFWDA communication
  • Representation in the decision making process affecting the public lands we enjoy
  • Automatic membership in the national United Four Wheel Drive Association and the quarterly publication United Voice, at no additional costs. The United Voice contains articles of 4-wheeling interests from across the country.

How can I join the SFWDA?

Note: Before joining as an "Individual Member", we recommend that you check our list of Local Association Member Clubs to find a club in your area to join. Local clubs typically meet monthly and have many trail rides and social activities and they also belong to SFWDA. Clubs generally register as a group at the beginning of each year. 

If you don't find a club in your area you can download our "Membership Application", print it out, fill it in and mail it to us.

Business owners!!!  Would you like to see your advertising on this site, the Trail Mix Publication, and at SFWDA events? 

 For further information please contact the Memberhip Director

Would you like additional information about registering or have a question about your existing membership? Just complete this form and our Membership Director will respond to assist. 

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