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SFWDA has Several Positions Open for 2018 -2019 BOD Elections - We need Your Help

Contact us to submit a nomination. We need your support! 

Contact us to submit a nomination. We need your support! 

Do you like to go off road in your 4x4, and enjoy trail riding?
Do you want to help ensure public access to our OHV trails?
Do you have some spare time to volunteer and support a not for profit? 
Do you believe Education and Conservation are the keys to sustainability in OHV recreation? 

We need your help!

 Become a vital part of the largest and most active full size OHV stewardship organization on the east coast? 

 Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) has the following positions coming up in December for Board of Directors Election of the 2018 -2019 term.  

  • President

  • Treasurer

  • Director Conservation and Land Use

  • Director Membership



Notes from our last Leadership Meeting on Monday, Oct. 24th;


Currently SFWDA membership is at 2293 members and climbing

UFWDA and O.R.B.A are considering uniting forces together

Trail/Grant news

  • 2017- East Tennessee 4 Wheel Drive club will be developing new trails at Windrock
  • Beasley Knob- Blairsville, GA
  • Develop a picnic shelter on one of the trails
  • Uwharrie Off-Road Training Area- NC
  • Repair an access road for trailer parking and more accessible
  • Build an educational classroom shelter

SFWDA receive a $1000 dollars grant from the Appalachian Toyota Roundup and will go into SFWDA grant program

SFWDA dates for next year ( not yet officially confirmed)

  • Trailfest 2017- AOP (Adventure Off-road-Road Park) May 4th-6th
  • Dixie Run - Golden Mountain Off-Road Park) Sept 21-24
  • Spring Meet and Greet Ride- March 5, 2017
  • Summer Meet and Greet - June 10th, 2017
  • Fall Meet and Greet Ride- Nov 4th or Nov. 11th
  • Possible Locations for 2017 Meet and Ride's
    • Hale Mountain - AL
    • Windrock- TN
    • Black Mountain- KY
  • June 2-3 -Unlimited Off-Road Expo- Louisville, Ky Crager

Sandlick Rd- Slade, KY Looking at following the RS2477 act , which states that we can get the road back, very similar process to how the Rubicon Trail was left open.

DBBB - Mountain Springs Rd.- Waiting on Estill county to re-affirm the road, Please do not use until this  is resolved.

- Thanks for sharing Aaron Roddy



Hope You Will Join Us for the 2015 SFWDA Annual Leadership Council Meeting & Webinar

Join us December 5th in Oak Ridge, TN for our Annual Meeting where we wrap up the progress of 2015 and discuss the challenges, opportunities, and upcoming events of 2016.

Everyone is invited. 
Whether your a life long member or just now heard of us, you are all welcome to join us at this important meeting. We'll meet at the DoubleTree Hotel conference room for our 9am meeting to cover all current events, budget & financials, web and social media growth, grant developments, current land use matters, plans for 2016, future events, and 2016-2017 elections. There are also several important BOD positions open. If you or anyone you know of might be interested please contact us. 

Special Guests.
We're very excited and fortunate to announce several special guests this year. We've scheduled a special call in guest and a couple of attending guests from the Blue Ribbon Coalition and United Four Wheel Drive Association. 

This will be an interactive event. Everyone is welcome to attend. For those attending in person take this opportunity to meet and interact with fellow enthusiasts, industry leaders, land use representatives, OHV park owners and more. Webinar attendees can ask questions online using the Citrix chat box, vote online for upcoming BOD positions, and follow along on each discussion topic. All active eligible SFWDA member attendees can even vote during our BOD elections. 

Online Meeting Broadcast. 
If you can't attend this important meeting in person  you can still participate. We want everyone who can't make it in person to join us online in our webinar. That's right, everyone can join us on your phone, tablet, laptop, smartphone, PC, or Mac.
 Register for the Webinar and attend the meeting from the comfort of your home. No other special equipment is necessary to listen and vote.

Register for Webinar

Discount Rooms.
Special room rates have been arranged at the host hotel, DoubleTree and are valid through Nov. 25th., so act now. The reserved block of rooms at the discounted rate are available for all attendees if you follow this link below.
Book a Discounted Room



We welcome everyone to the 2015 SFWDA Annual Leadership Council Meeting & Webinar


 Join us for our end of year meeting where we wrap up 2015 and discuss 2016. Everyone is invited. We want everyone who can't make it in person to join us on your phone, tablet, laptop, smartphone, PC, or Mac. You are all welcome to join in. We'll meet at the Doubletree Hotel conference room for our 9am meeting to conduct our annual meeting to cover all current events, budget, plans for 2016, future planning, and 2016-2017 elections.  There are several important positions open which we hope will be fulfilled by a qualified volunteer for a term of 2 years. If you or anyone you know of might be interested please contact us

 This will be an interactive event which all attendees can ask questions both in person and through the online chat box inside of the webinar.  We will also take votes online from attendees for our BOD elections who will be verified as active eligible members.

The plan for the SFWDA 2015 Annual Meeting is as follows:

9:00      Welcome
9:05      SFWDA Financial Review(Doyle Punches)
             TrailFest, Dixie Run 29, Balance Sheet, Operating Statement
9:30       Communication Analytics(Walter Shafer)
             Web Analysis, Social Media
10:00     SFWDA 2015 Grant Overview
             Educational Videos/Update, Rock Solid Windrock Park Pavilion, 
             ORFW/Daniel Boone Scenic Byway/Old Fincastle Road
             SFWDA 2016 Opportunities
             Regional Tread Lightly Training, 2016 Educational Videos,
             Daniel Boone Scenic Byway Mapping and Signage
             (Rugged Ridge and Tread Lightly)
10:30     Break
10:45     UFWDA, Jerry Smith, Director of Environmental Affairs
             ORBA/UFWDA Annoucement, One Voice Advisory Committee,
             and SFWDA Support
             Blue Ribbon Coalition, Todd Ockert, President
             BRC Challenges and SFWDA Support
11:15     Land Use(Flint Holbrook)
             Updates on Uwharrie National Forest, proposed Badin Lake Trail
             Updates on Daniel Boone Scenic Byway and 2016 (Jeffrey Dozier)
             Updates on Beasley Knob and 2015 RTP Grant  (Kevin Sutz)
             Updates on TN Council on Greenways and Trails (Bob Yarbrough)
             Updates on Georgia Trails and Advisory Committee (Dave Logan)
             2016 Recreation Resource Advisory Committee (Recreation RAC)
12:00     Break
12:15     2016 SFWDA Calendar  (BOD)
12:30     2016 SFWDA Commitments of Support  (BOD)
             Tread Lightly
             Blue Ribbon Coalition
12:45     2016 Budget Recommendations
             Web Maintenance and Technical Support
             Social Media Management
             Communications, Meetings and Public Relations
1:15       2016 Elections(Secretary)
             Director of Conservation and Land Management
             Director of Membership
             Director of Public Relations (1 Yr)
1:30       Closing Comments and Adjourn

Online Webinar registration will be available soon for all attendees that cannot make the event in person. 

A block of rooms at the host hotel have been reserved for December 4, 2015 - December 6, 2015. The special room rate will be available until November 25th

Click here for your special group rate at the DoubleTree for the Southern 4 Wheel Drive Annual Meeting

Photos from the 2014 Annual Meeting

The Official Facebook Event page is now live: 



2014 Annual Meeting Wrap Up Report

 Thank you to all who attended this important meting. This past Saturday at the DoubleTree hotel in Oak Ridge, TN we had a great 2014 Annual Meeting. We not only had a great turnout in person (near occupancy limit) but we also had a larger than expected attendance for our online webinar. By the time the meeting began we had exceeded our 100 person allotment for this webinar. This turned out to be a very productive and efficient meeting, and we received tons of great feedback from the attendees. 

 Here are a few pictures from the meeting. I have also attached a PDF version of the complete PowerPoint slideshow presented to the audience during our meeting. 

The Presentation has been converted into a PDF file for easy viewing. Feel free to download from the link below.  



SFWDA Annual Meeting and  2015 Leadership Council


SFWDA Annual Meeting and 2015 Leadership Council

Be sure to join us for our 2014 Annual SFWDA Meeting & Leadership Council

December 6, 2014  9am-4pm 

9 AM EST Double Tree Hotel, Oak Ridge, TN along with a web simulcast online. (more details to be provided) so everyone can view no matter what corner of the Southeast you are in.