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Spring 2017 SFWDA Meet & Ride will go down as a SUCCESS! Thanks to Hale Mountain OHV Park, and the Rocket City Rock Crawlers for leading.

 We helped bring out 75 people total to the park that day. 

 We helped bring out 75 people total to the park that day. 

  This is exactly what the SFWDA Meet N Rides are all about:  exposing folks to what Southern has going on these days, the accomplishments, status, and direction SFWDA is headed. 

 We helped bring out 75 people total to the park that day. Especially good when you can get this information in the ears of folks that may have never even had direct contact with Southern before.  At the same time, getting these people out on trails too and leading them through trails many of them have never experienced before. 

  The rain that the park saw overnight before the ride changed the equation a little bit for the difficulty level for everyone and momentum became the name of the game.  That, and some folks got some lessons on winch rigging and safety which is always good.  The "easy" group went through two rather difficult obstacles together as a team using straps and winches whenever necessary for those without lockers and less aggressive tires.  The route wouldn't have been quite as challenging when dry of course.  Moderate and hard groups also saw their fair share of challenges but it was expected and didn't stop anyone. 

  Many thanks to Hale Mountain for opening up their park for us and we hope that many of the attendees will re-visit the park, perhaps when it's a little dryer.   Also, thank you to SFWDA for covering the Chick-Fil-A biscuits and O.J. Saturday morning.  After all, we are Southern so what's a get-together without good food!  See y'all at Trailfest!

Great event for our club, SFWDA, and Hale Mountain Park. Thank y'all!

- Jake White
Owner / Operator
Rocket City Rock Crawlers

Complete Photo Collection of approx 250 images can be found on Cartotracks Facebook Page here

SFWDA also wishes to thank Hale Mountain OHV Park, and
the Rocket City Rock Crawlers for leading our rides. 

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Depsy LaMar, Loving wife, mother, and SFWDA family has passed away.

We just received notice that a fellow family member to SFWDA;  Depsy LaMar, a loving wife mother, and part of our southern family has passed away. Mike LaMar is a retired US Marine Corp veteran (Sargent Major, I believe).  He lost his wife of 20 years this past Sunday.  He has children who are 13 and 7 years old.  He has been struggling to make ends meet on his retirement pay while running a startup business as a real estate home inspector.  He had no life insurance on his wife, so he has been hit pretty hard financially with funeral costs etc.

Mike has been a longstanding member of Rocket City Rock Crawlers (RCRC), and for many years while stationed here in Huntsville he coordinated the club meetings at the Marine Corp Reserve Center here in town.  He left and spent several years at 29 palms Ca before retiring and returning to Huntsville.

The funeral home site is here:

A donation site is setup here:

RCRC 4X4 club has a motion before the board to donate a substantial amount toward covering the funeral costs and I suspect the vote will pass with no issue.