The Corporation seeks and exists to serve responsible XJ/MJ owners and enthusiasts who want to participate in XJ/MJ related events, and/or XJ/MJ owners who are looking for technical help/support in the troubleshooting, care, daily maintenance, repair, restoration or modification of their vehicles. 

Section 1: General Purpose
The general and primary purpose of the Corporation shall be to encourage and to facilitate the gathering and association of all XJ and MJ owners, on the Internet and at facilitated meetings and sanctioned NAXJA Events organized and conducted by the Corporation.

Section 2: Specific Purposes
The Corporation shall provide the world-wide community of XJ and MJ owners with a legal and operating structure to facilitate: 
Technical XJ/MJ discussion and provision of related resources; 
Coordination and hosting of off-road Events; 
Development of XJ/MJ regional NAXJA chapters; 
Responsible use of public lands through membership in land use focused organizations; 
Exploring, maintaining, preserving and enjoying OHV trails with our fellow club members; 
Providing social, educational and family recreational activities for its membership; 
Promoting the continuing and renewed use of public lands for Highway/Off-Highway Vehicle (HOHV) recreation; 
Participating in, and supporting, activities to further the causes of OHV enthusiasts and users of the outdoors; 
Improving the status of our sport through the development of better public image and association with people who are interested and active in the sport; 
Publicizing and promoting the ideals of the United Four Wheel Drive Association (UFWDA) and Tread Lightly

NAXJA is a club first and fore-most and an online discussion site second. NAXJA chapters host approximately 10 events every year which all members are welcome to attend. These events are at the largest and best known OHV areas in the US and are typically multi-day events which include a BBQ and raffle. With the effort established of local chapters of NAXJA we are providing the members a way to meet with local XJers and participate in their own events outside of the forums. NAXJA hosts a national event every 5 years to celebrate the anniversary of the introduction of the XJ in 1983. We have had events in 2003, 2008, and 2013. The next one will be in 2018. The event is held in Moab, UT, usually the first week of October. 

  When joining you are granted access to the members only forum, the membership news forum, the technical articles area, the forum archives area and you are granted several discounts with vendors. Many of our supporting vendors offer temporary or permanent discounts to our club Members. You will also receive your membership card and club sticker.
    The club also actively supports BRC and several other groups promoting the safe and fair sharing of public lands with the interests of OHV use. NAXJA as a whole, including the chapters have donated over $10,000 a year to land use each year for the past several years. 

 You are automatically a member of the chapter that covers the area in which you live. There is no associated cost of joining a chapter, as long as you are a member in good standing. Please feel free to introduce yourself in the forum for the chapter in which you live. If you have any questions on which chapter you belong to, please check the members forum sticky that has the map that each chapter covers. In certain rare instances (i.e. military related), a member may belong to a chapter in which they don't reside. If this applies, please contact membership.