Rock Corps 4X4

  Rock Corps 4X4 LLC is a local to Marion NC, and beyond. We are based in Marion NC but our membership is spread from The Charlotte area, up into Lenoir, South into Kings Mountain, and into the hills of WNC or Canton, Bakersfield, and Burnsville. We are diverse in occupations as well. Welders, fabricators, Mechanics, health care, Medical, Truck Drivers, Loggers, Heavy equipment operators, Engineers, teachers, Body shop, Maintenance, investor, Lumber wholesaler, 4WheelParts mgt, 911 operator, and much much more!.

 We're a group of four wheeling enthusiasts that have a leased piece of property we have developed for the enjoyment of four wheeling. Our club membership is by invite only, and our land, "The Flats" is a 70 acre 4x4 park that has anything from mild to wild.

 A great history written by Chip Price of Rock Corps 4x4; 

 "We are in our 6th year since we formed. We started out with six guys, just looking for somewhere local to wheel. We found that place. The place we found is in Marion NC. We call it, The Flats. The Flats is 68 acres of leased land in which we have worked and worked to develop trails. The Flats honestly offers some of the best wheeling in North Carolina. Our club started to grow, once word got out about what we had. We have went from 6 to 60 in a short time. We met early on and decided one thing we wanted to do, was 1. be a good neighbor to the local neighborhood. 2. We wanted to involved in the community. 3. we wanted to wheel! Since the beginning, we have held benefits for individuals, for national organizations, and even one global organization. We have raised literally 10's of thousands of dollars. Out list of beneficiaries have been individuals who needed medical care. Families that were strapped to bury a loved one. A former member who needed a brace due to him having a stroke. A Forest service man's family, that was killed in the line of duty. A young man who loved wheeling who had passed from a terminal disease, His family wanted the proceeds to go to the Ronald McDonald House , who had give them a place to stay while having to have many trips to a distant hospital. The American Cancer Society, And individual who needed a heart and Kidney transplant. We have an annual toy run to benefit the children in out home county. We have raised literally truck loads of toys for these kids, not overall, but yearly! The list is much longer. So, when you see a Rock Corps 4X4 logo on a rig, or on someone shirt or hoodie, know that these guys and gals, are much more than just wheeling folks, they are givers of their time, their resources, and their hearts. We look forward to being a part of SFWDA, and SFWDA being a part of us!"