Trick "n" Traction 4WD Club

Who we are?

We are a family oriented club that runs out of Greenville, SC. A lot of our members drive Jeeps of some sort, but we have a good assortment of various four-wheel drive vehicles. We are open to all makes and models. Our vehicles range anywhere from bone-stock to modified. Our emphasis is on having a good time and respecting the land and other land-users. We are members of United and Southern Four-Wheel Drive Associations and we practice Tread Lightly! 

We meet on the first Sunday of every month and usually plan our events for the third Sunday of the month.

What do we do?

Mostly we just try to have a good time! We usually try to have at least one major ride per month and sometimes we will have impromptu rides before or after our business meetings. We try to find off-road trails that offer a good challenge to those with really built rigs but are not impossible for those of us with less well equipped rides. We are very active in trying to get the Forest Service to re-open trails in this area, and especially with the state acquisition of the Jocassee Gorges area. Many of the old trails have been closed for years due to abuse by litterbugs and irresponsible drivers. We believe that by organizing and following the priciples of Tread Lighly!, we can improve the image of Four-Wheelers in the community. As a part of that goal, we often participate in or organize charity events and rallies. For a look at what kinds of riding we do, please look at our website's picture pages.

Who is eligible to join?

Basically anyone. We do not descriminate based on sex, age, race, creed, 
religion or vehicle prefference. We do ask however that you ride with us at
least once and attend two meetings before you join. This gives both of us a
chance to see if we are right for each other. We have some pretty basic rules
of ettiquitte on the trail and we will be more than happy to go over them with
you if you have any questions. Really the only rule is THINK before you act. 
Drivers or guests who don't respect the land or the other drivers
and passengers will be asked not to come back. We have a copy of the Club's
by-laws on this site. Please give them a look over. They can answer more of
your questions.

Where are we Where are we located?

The light green areas on the map are National Forests in the region. The dark
green area straddling the NC/TN state line is the Great Smoky Mountains
National Park.

OK, How do I Join?

Easy! Just E-mail us and find out when and where the next meeting will be. Come and
meet some of the members and check out their rides. (trust me, they won't mind) After
you have been to a couple of meetings and ridden with us, you will either be invited to
join or not. If not, no hard feelings. If so, then congratulations, you may fill out a
membership application and pay your dues. Our dues are $55 a year, this includes
your membership to Trick'n'traction 4WD Club and Southern 4WD Association. 
Memberships in Tread Lightly! , The Blue Ribbon Coalition or any other group is
handled by the individual.