Turbo Start

Most are familiar with TurboStart’s 16V racing back ground, but what you didn’t is that TurboStart also produces a full line of 12V AGM batteries!  TurboStart offers high performance and high quality 12V AGM batteries for everything from Hard Core Crawlers (PT#S12V3465) to LED having, big stereo listening, winch using SideXSides(PT#S12V925).  TurboStart uses only 100% new lead in the construction of our batteries!  Our thin lead plate design allows for more plates which in turn will produce more reserve capacity for components like lights, stereo, winch, and even on board air.  This design also improves cranking amp performance.  It allows the battery to maintain more constant cranking instead of just a quick burst of cranking power.  All TurboStart 12V batteries have a 3yr warranty and TurboStart also offers a variety of accessories like Multi-Stage SMARTchargers, universal light weight battery mounts, and brass terminal options to ensure easy maintenance and install.  If you have questions about TurboStart feel free to call us 877.324.9300 or email Info@turbostart.com.  Also make sure to follow us on FB, Instagram, and Twitter for new product releases, event coverage and specials.

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