Season 2 of our Educational Video Series
is Starting Now....

  Off Road Education is at the core of our association's directive. A strong emphasis of our core mission is placed on education. All OHV enthusiasts are encouraged to practice safe and courteous driving and proper vehicle use off road.

We work closely with certified instructors, and professional trainers within the region who teach the principles of Tread Lightly! and best practices for safe and effective off road driving.

This continuing series of videos discuss some of the most common and useful best practices of traveling off road and managing a variety of obstacles that you may be confronted with. Stay tuned for a 5 new titles in Season 2 featuring topics like " What to carry on a 1 day trail ride", safe operation of a High Lift jack and a Winch as well as How to avoid getting stuck and in an emergency "How to get unstuck". We will be releasing these videos monthly throughout the year beginning with our first title feature already out within this months newsletter. 

 These videos are created with idea that through proper Education we will all enjoy continued safe use and access of our trail systems. Produced through our Non-Profit Associations Grant Program which supports our core mission of Education, Conservation, and Recreation. Check out our website to learn more get involved.