Q: Do I have to be a member of SFWDA to register for Dixie Run?A: No.  Anyone is welcome....

Q: Can I enter with a side-by-side instead of a full-size 4X4? A: Side-by-sides are welcome.  All drivers and passengers of side-by-sides MUST have helmets on at all times per park rules, no exceptions.  You will not be allowed entrance without a helmet to ride side-by-sides.  Entry fees are the same.

Q: What requirements does my vehicle have to meet? A: See the "vehicle requirements" below.  Please note the requirement for a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

Q: Is 110V power hookup available at the campsites? A: No.  Sorry....

Q: Are 4wheelers allowed? A: No they are not.

Q: Do I still have to pay for RV camping if I was not able to get a RV site? A: No, all camping is included, but the RV sites provide electric and water to those sites and there is a charge for that. RV parking is limited on top, but plentiful on the bottom and must be self sufficient.

Q: When is the Rock Challenge going to happen? A: Planned for Saturday morning.

Q: Are Dune Buggies allowed? A: No they are not.

Q: Are credit cards accepted on site?

A: No they are not.