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It’s almost time to Hit the Trails again!

Dixie Run 33

Dixie Run 33 is just 3 weeks away......

Are you ready?

We are all super excited that there’s just 3 weeks to go before the best trail riding of the year is finally here once again. Can you believe it? Crazy how time flies. One more reason to not miss out on a great weekend like Dixie Run!

This year along with being at AOP for the first time, we have a bunch of amazing new sponsors on board to support SFWDA for our 33rd Annual Dixie Run weekend festival!

Our schedule of events is filled with fun for the whole family. Whenever you take a break from the trails, you’ll find lots more to do. The comprehensive schedule is now published on our website so you can plan out your full weekend from beginning to end.

Speaking of trails, did you know our Ride Signups Are Now LIVE! Once you have purchased your tickets, we encourage folks to go and Register our Guided Rides before they’re all full. Guided trail rides at a Southern event are an incredible experience. We have amazing excursion rides into beautiful and interesting nearby destinations. We also have small groups departing frequently through the morning and afternoon out onto the AOP trails. Don’t worry you don’t need to have experience to join in. Basic safety equipment, and a sense of adventure is all thats required. Once they’re gone they’re gone. We only have a limited number of experienced volunteer guides to lead groups.

That’s not all. We also have a brand new food truck coming out to take care of everyone’s appetite for lunches and dinners through the weekend. But wait there’s more.....Want to go FAST, or watch others try? How about a Southern Shootout race up the mountain side and under the lights? Friday night it’s ON! There’s a line for all types of rigs, easy - extreme, so everyone’s invited to come give it a shot. Prizes will be awarded for top finishes. Speaking of prizes, oh yeah, we also have a HUGE RAFFLE Saturday that is a must with a ton of prizes to take home! Not only can you win some amazing products just for buying a raffle ticket but all proceeds go right back to our Members, and our core mission of Conservation and Education to protect and preserve our OHV trails.

There is a LOT going on at Dixie Run 33! Don’t miss out on a weekend full of fun! In case you haven’t been to AOP recently there is no better time to explore their new 150+ Acre expansion with newly added trails and a freshly included connector loop trail around the perimeter of the park. So much to see and so much to do. What are you waiting for.....

All RV slips are long gone but there is still plenty of dry / primitive camping throughout. There are also a few local hotels which do still have a few rooms if you hurry.

Book Now, and we’ll see you at Adventure Off Road Park!



Happy Holidays from our SFWDA family to yours


 We are honored and grateful to be a part of your holiday traditions. Southern Four Wheel Drive exists and thrives because of responsible and passionate off road enthusiasts like yourself. For over 30 years now our family has dedicated themselves towards a common goal and the core mission of our Association; Conservation, Education, and of course Recreation. 

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! 



Our fresh new "SFWDA Trailfest 2018 - 15th Annual", T-Shirt's are looking sharp! Pre-Order online today and guarantee yours.

Our designers have whipped another killer new graphic for our upcoming 15th Annual Trailfest event.

We hope everyone likes it, and we suspect most will. Be sure to order your shirt online (Tickets & Registration Page) before it's too late.

This will be a two sided multi-color print on a super soft, ring spun cotton material in heather cardinal red shirt with a distressed graphic on back and a coordinating SFWDA logo on the front. 

trailfest 2018 shirts.jpg

Sizes from S-3XL
A very limited supply will be available on-hand during the event,
and those usually go really quick.
Just $20 - all sizes



Welcome BMS Off Road to the Southern Business Member Family - We're proud you have you!

 We're proud to welcome BMS Off Road!

Out of Hendersonville, Tennessee it's our pleasure to have you onboard the SFWDA Business Family.

Shop them online today or in their shop.

“When it comes to customizing your 4-wheeled baby or beast, we don’t think you’ll find a better option around. Whether it’s wheels and tires, a lift, stereo system or custom exterior or interior, we’ve got you covered.”
— Maccie Stark 



A look back at 2017 and wishing all a Happy New Year for 2018

Happy New Year

What's your Association been up to.......

Video from meeting archived on Facebook from our LIVE stream

SFWDA Membership Status

  • Membership overall is up over 10% on a year to year bases.
  • Active club members: 2018 / up 16%
  • Individual members 375 / Premium members 223
  • Clubs 36/ up 12.5%
  • Business members: 62 /up 19.2%

Social Media (Dec. 2017)

  • Facebook Group: 7,006 / up 13%
  • Facebook Page 1,000 Likes + since mid 2017 inception 
  • 500+ followers for Instagram
  • 300 followers on Twitter

Third party awards for BOD Members

  • UFWDA Four-Wheeler of the Year Award:  Flint Holbrook
  • ORBA/SEMA Recognition Award for Outstanding Commitment:  Walter Shafer and Pete Mier

Regional Land Use Updates

Brent Galloway: WindRock – state of park activities

  • Additional cabins to be built on WR land and within the next 2 months online reservation will be available.
  • Building new parking lot next to T2- will be open for special events.  
  • WRP be getting into the concert business.  Spring 2018 will be timeframe of first event.
  • Currently has a Shooting range- shoot your own or rent.
  • A new restaurant on site:  WR Grill   
  • WR Bike Park- leased area for a prof mountain cyclist.   WR is diversifying. 
  • WR ATV Club is involved with trail systems since inception.   Disbanding at end of year.

DBBB Mountain Springs Rd Update:

  • Another hearing schedule on December 6.  We are trying to show 15 years of public use of roads. 
  • Goal to move forward to receive from the court system a Summary Judgement by Feb 2018.

New dialogues about the Blackwater Watershed.

  • Aaron Roddy- Carburetor Hill update:  
  • Early this year Forrest Service has closed it to OHV traffic due to landslide. 
  • Next few years to start process to do a land swap with the Forest Service and County. 

Uwharrie National Forest update: updates by Flint Holbrook and Ray Stanley

  • New District Ranger Michael Spisak  
  • USFS approved Interpretive OHV Trail system developed by Tread Lightly, 4Wheel Parts and Path Less Traveled, Inc.
  • Construction of expansion of Baldwin Lake Trail starting mid-December and will be RTP funding.

Beasley Knob OHV

  • GBR GA RTP grant complete.  The ongoing maintenance continues.
  • Problem area at Nicholson Gap, the potential solution may be re-route.
  • GBR proposed adding camping to Satterfield Station area.
  • Jay Bird discussed new Rock Garden at Beasley Knob.

Tennessee Commissioner’s Council on Greenways and Trails

  • Update provided by Bob Yarbrough: 
  • Things are more positive than in years past.
  • Currently in the planning stage which includes the study and surveys of OHV usage

NFS Region 8 Southern Region Recreations Resource Advisory committee

  • Ray Stanley has seat on committee
  • First meeting was elections, setting up structure and by-laws.

South Carolina Recreation Trail Program

  • Updates provided by Flint Holbrook
  • Rebecca Smith is the point of contact.
  • Trick N Traction looking for RTP grant to provide help to land area.

GA Recreation Trail Program Ken Sutz GA RTP committee

  • Completed a 2year cycle for RTP grant funds.
  • Estimating roughly 2million dollars available for motorized RTP grant funds.
  • Pre-application phase in progress and Phase 2 scheduled to commence April 2018
  • GA NR Projects for 2017
  • Conassuga Ranger district OHV trail Maintenance $70K
  • Bush Head Shoals State ATV Park $1.1M ATV project
         Proposal had public resistance with NEPA issues; the project was not approved.
  • GA DNR Projects for 2018, preliminary $2M to develop OHV trails.

Overview on Land Use:

Adventure Off Road Park:

  • change of ownership in 2017  
  • Committed to hosting Trailfest May 3-6 2018
  • Troy discussed conversations with Shawn and his continued commitment to the AOP.

Big Creek Rocks LLC Uwharrie NC

  • Mapping by Cartotracks/ campsites built / entrance gate and fencing installed / road repaired and shelter pad rocked.

Busted Knuckle Off-Road Park, Stevenson AL

  • Monitor progress of BKOR / hosting SFWDA M&R March 3, 2018

Coalmount TN Southern Gulf Off Road Park:

  • Roger Theurer provided status of construction.
  • TN RTP grant – purchased 1340 acres with an additional RTP grant for Construction
  • Started the project in 2010; $528K construction grant coming in.
  • Will need volunteers to help complete this park.  
  • Will be requesting SFWDA grant to help maintain water issues and road access.
  • Target is to open in end of year 2018.

Golden Mountain Park – Sparta Tn

  • Property is for sale and was reclassified for tax purposes.
  • GMP loss significant monies in recent periods.
  • DR31 & DR32 on GMP calendar, but no firm commitment if property sells.
  • Review findings of Event Planning Committee in the 2018 SFWDA calendar building portion of meeting. SFWDA will continue to monitor progress of any potential investors.

Tread Lightly updates

Al Sweeney:  Master Trainer Regional training projected schedule

  • July in Troy NC
  • November in Greenville SC   
  • Support of UNF Interpretive trail and SFWDA Educational Initiatives
  • Membership discussion on cost, time and requirements for having a Master Training Class with individual clubs in the Southeastern area.


  • ORBA association of motorized offroad related businesses formed to promote and preserve off road recreation.
  • One Voice: explanation of the purpose and what is stands for “one voice to our government leaders”

2018 Grant opportunities:

  • Regional Tread Lightly Training  
  • Educational Videos
  • Organizational Support
  • Charity Contributions
  • UNF Mapping Project

2018 Organization support

Charity Contributions

  • Grant request to continue annual commitment to $1K each to TreadLightly, UFWDA, ORBA, and BRC
  • Grant request to donate $2500 each charity Crawling for Reid and 4 wheeling for a Cure

UNF Interpretive Trail System Project

  • Scope: create printable map of 173 miles in UNFTS which includes OHV, hiking, mountain bike, horse back and Kayaking trails.  Key part of Treadlightly interpretive trail project.
  • Start Dec 2017 / projected complete date May 2018
  • Total cost $10,954 / Carolina Beach Jeep Go Topless contributing $5954/4 Wheels Parts $10,000
  • Approved $5K SFWDA grant to help support

We are optimistic for a very successful and prosperous year ahead in 2018.

Hope to see you on the trails soon. 



Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!

Merry Christmas SFWDA Jeep Santa

 On behalf of everyone one of us within the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association, we would like to cordially wish each and every one of our Members and your families a very Merry Christmas and Happy Winter Holiday Season! 

As our Jeep was a-jeeping
Crawling rock and slinging mud,
As our wheels were a-wheeling
And singing Thud-Thud-Thud.

As our Wrangler was a-wrangling
And our Air bags were a-sway,
We thought how awesome it would be
If our Jeep were Santa’s Sleigh.

So we called to the North Pole
From our direct line.
We spoke to Santa’s Engineer
And told him what we had in mind!

Genius! He exclaimed
Let me run it by the Big Man!
Santa loved the idea.
He thought it was grand!

The Elves began building
With fenders and grill,
Adding BFG Tires
TERAFLEX Skid plates and
all the RUGGED-RIDGE Frills.

It was Red and It was shiny
And it had HIGH BEAM-OFF ROAD lights.
The Jeep had a 13 inch lift kit
And it looked like it could take flight.
But how would this Jeep Sleigh
Lift up in the sky?
It is unbeatable on ground
But how can it fly?

Christmas Eve came too soon
And it still couldn’t fly.
Santa’s Elves and Engineer
Had big tears in their eyes.

When what to their wondering
Eyes did appear...
But Santa with his toy bag
And all his TOMS’s 4x4 jeep gear.

He climbed into his Sleigh
And said “Step aside!”
The Jeep began flying
”Let the Big Man Ride!”

As he locked in his WARN lockers
And flew out of sight.
Merry Christmas to all
Echoed all through the night.

Merry Christmas to all, and
to all a good night!
— Modified Source;



Our new Facebook "Page" has just broke 1,000 Likes! Thank You SFWDA!



We're off and running now for sure, 1,000 strong! THANK YOU SFWDA members and friends. We're delighted to have each and every one of you as part of our stewardship family.   #sfwda

 While you may already know about or are a member of our original Facebook Group, this is different. The idea is the we will use this new page for events and promotions while our Group stays more interactive among our fellow members. Think of our new page more like a website and our group page more like a forum from yesterday. You should find anything published from SFWDA direct on both pages but more in-depth conversations and discussions will remain on our group page. Thanks for keeping up and remember Facebook is just one way to follow us. We also publish all important content to our website's Message Board and our other Social Media channels ie; Twitter, and Instagram. And of course you'll find all our latest videos on our YouTube channel as well.  



Annual Meeting LIVE Streaming on Facebook! This Saturday @ 8 AM

  If you can't join us in Oak Ridge for our Annual Meeting then you can watch online in your own home easier than ever before!

  Over the past few years, technology has evolved considerably and so has our outreach within the Association's membership. In the past, we managed a live audio and video feed available to anyone through a program by Citrix called GoToWebinar. While this still works and is widely used in business we wanted to provide more to our members.

  With Social Media options more diverse than ever we carefully considered which channel outlet to best connect with our members. According to all our reports, Facebook is one place where almost all of our audience frequents.  Now, for the first time, we have decided to go LIVE on Facebook to broadcast our meeting. We hope to make getting involved more accessible for everyone. 

  Please visit our Facebook Page or our website on Saturday morning. From 8AM - 12 PM EST Noon, you will be able to listen and watch our meeting LIVE from the conference room at the DoubleTree Hotel & Resort in Oak Ridge, TN.

Live Stream begins at 8 AM Saturday Morning 

Live Stream begins at 8 AM Saturday Morning