SFWDA BOD Members and others participating with on-line meeting:

Ray Stanley, Brian Overly, Doyle Punches, Jon Plaza, Walter Shafer, Lucas Weidner, Jeremy Rose, Greg Griffith, Flint Holbrook. Roger Theurer


Dixie Run 28 Update

  1. Reviewed last minute details including GMP, Vendors and any unresolved issues with Greg Griffith

  2. Pavilion 5 was won by ET4WD to raise money for ALS in memory of Henry Randolph.

  3. Trail Guides and schedule for Moderate and Moderate Advanced ready.

  4. Insurance – Complete


2014 Calendar

SFWDA Calendar events for balance of year:

October 18, 2014 UORTC Fall Jamboree, Eldorado, NC

November 1, 2014 SFWDA Trials Training Center Meet and Ride,

Sequatchie, TN

November 1-7, 2014 – Tread Lightly Annual Meeting and SEMA 2014

December 6, 2014 SFWDA Annual Meeting and Leadership Council,

Oak Ridge, TN

Walter to investigate use of a webinar format for the Annual meeting.

  • Combine 2014 Annual Meeting and 2015 Leadership Meeting

  • 2015 Elections – Vice President, Secretary, Land Use and Conservation

  • Introduce Leadership Council Concept and Plan for 2015

  • Planning for 2015 and Beyond


BOD Schedule

October 20 – FU DR 28, Membership

November 16 – Planning for Annual Meeting


SFWDA Membership 2015

SFWDA BOD welcomed the addition of Jeremy Rose, ET4WD and Lucas Weidner, Southern Jeeps to jointly share the duties as interim Membership Directors. Reviewed the membership frameworks previously approved:

  • Low cost club and group structure

  • Incentivize members to join and support SFWDA

  • Maximize a SFWDA Social Media and Web Strategy

  • All memberships will be on a rolling calendar basis


Continued with Topics Not Discussed during August 25, 2014 BOD Meeting Due to Time Constraints:

  1. SFWDA Membership 2015

    1. Technical Feedback and Design Issues

      1. Lucas Weidner shared results of his investigations on membership management tools. We discussed in detail as an integrated tool to manage memberships (Clubs, Individuals, Premiums and Businesses), events and SFWDA communications. Membee is a web-based membership management software tool designed for membership-based organizations.

      2. Cost is $55/Month and integrates with Paypal for electronic transactions

      3. The one technical issue with the previously defined concepts was the distinction of the Individual Member within a SFWDA club. After extensive discussion, it was agreed that a SFWDA club renewal will include all members of the club.

      4. Lucas will initiate the start-up of Membee for our 2015 renewals and create the Excel-style template that we will ask all clubs to complete as part of the renewals process. This format will allow integration into the Membee database.

In summary of the membership refinements to maximize the benefits of this tool, note the following:

  • All club/group members become association members during the enrollment and/or renewal process; and membership includes all the benefits of the SFWDA Supporting Individual Member.

  • Non-affiliated SFWDA supporters can become an SFWDA Individual Member to access event discounts, SFWDA Business Partner discounts and other member benefits for $10 per year.

  • Clubs Members and/or non-affiliated SFWDA supporters can also upgrade to a Premium Member status including SFWDA “Members Only” branded merchandise and all the benefits of a SFWDA Individual Member for $50 per year.


SFWDA 2015 Calendar

  1. Shared an overview of our 2015 calendar that will be proposed at the Annual meeting including the following:

    1. 3 SFWDA Meet and Rides (Feb, Jun, Nov)

    2. TrailFest and Dixie Run 29

    3. JJUSA Events

    4. Support of other SFWDA events

      1. St. Jude’s 4 Wheeling for a Cure

      2. GBR Mud 4 Blood

      3. STLCA GSMTR

      4. Damn Locals Memorial Day Bash

      5. Knox Off Road Wounded Warriors

      6. Carolina Trail Blazers Fun Caravan

    5. Support of other regional events

      1. Helen JeepFest (Tentative)

      2. UOTRC Jeep Jamboree’s

      3. Crawl for Kids JeepFest

      4. Jeep Beach


Meeting adjourned at 8:50 PM