As we reflect on an exciting 2014, SFWDA is building on the momentum of renewed enthusiasm! We all enjoyed a very busy and productive year. Following the launch of a new Membership Management solution in addition to useful Rewards and Discounts from a variety of off road related business's available to all active members. With our new membership profile software we hope we will prove to benefit our members, and group leaders, and also improve efficiency without the association. 

  We have also just introduced several brand new local clubs and business's to the Association. Now that all online groups, and individual members alike are welcome to join, everyone is welcome in the SFWDA family; no matter how big or small. Each individual can make a difference. 

 Hardline Crawlers
 Let's all welcome Hardline Crawlers into the SFWDA family. Check out their new SFWDA web presence and be sure to check out their forum. If you have no been there before, its well worth it, Tons of great knowledge, rides, and much much more going on.....

 T&A Off Road of Hendersonville, NC

We are delighted to announce our newest  SFWDA Business Member to join our family in 2015. Let's all give a warm welcome and show our patronage to T&A Off Road of Hendersonville, NC, a new off road retail supplier......

  Jeeps and Wrenches 
was our newest club member for 2014. Thanks to Kevin Woods, Troy Slaughter and Thomas Green for all the hard work and becoming part of our journey. Check out their Facebook community & Forum....

  John Galbreath Jr. of Harldline Crawlers recently commented with SFWDA about the challenges of membership in modern time and how important it is still to unite. "There are a lot of active people on the forums, but really not sure how many see a value in group membership. At age 57, I grew up in an era where you had clubs. Now with social media, that playing field has changed. Fraternities and many other organizations are affected the same way. Kids today, just do not see the need to group together and socialize the way mine and my parents generation did. That is one of the main reasons I like seeing SFWDA roll toward the newer platform."

  TrailFest 2015 has officially been launched and online tickets are available and discounted for a limited time in advance. This is our 11th Annual weekend event, May 1-3 at Adventure Off Road Park, near Chattanooga, TN. With admission as low a $35 per vehicle and more trail rides than you will have time for this is the year to make sure you attend.
 Our event schedule will include, Excursion rides on Friday afternoon and Saturday to some beautiful scenic Local Vistas; Guided Trail Rides and open trails inside the park system; a fun and challenging competitive Obstacle Course; a Ladies Only Ride, Kids Activities, a Hot Dinner, and huge Raffle are all included along with camping inside the park.
 The proceeds from this event fund our SFWDA grant program and support the continuing fight to protect land access and support conservation of your local off road trails. For more info check us out online at to register