Tuesday, January 20, 2015 8:00 PM EST

 Ray Stanley, called the BOD Online meeting to order.  Officers present were:

  • Ray Stanley, President
  • Brian Overly, Vice President
  • Doyle Punches, Treasurer
  • Jeremy Rose & Lucas Weidner, Co-Directors of Membership
  • Flint Holbrook, Director of Conservation and Land Management
  • Aimee Darnell, Recording Secretary
  • Walter Shafer, Website & Systems Administrator

 Ray informed BOD that Adrian Hall’s mother passed away on Sunday, January 18, 2015.  A motion in lieu of flowers for a SFWDA $250 donation in the memory of Sheryl Malloy Hall to the St. Jude Four Wheeling for the Cure event was made by Flint Holbrook and second by Brian Overly.  Vote:  Unanimous.

 Follow-Up Items

• Additions, Corrections, Posting from Annual Meeting Minutes

1.    Page 3 showed Director of Legislative Affairs as Bob Yarborough and it will be corrected to show Flint Hollbrook.

2.    Jon Plaza clarified the note regarding the need for large membership numbers.   As we re-brand and position SFWDA with more business partners, our larger numbers provide more opportunities to create business rewards for all our members.  The meeting commit did not imply nor mean to downplay the importance of families within the association.

• Membee Update

Clubs – New, Renewals, Targets

Lucas reported that Membee was moving ahead and was in good shape.  There has been a good number already registered for TrailFest.  Membee systems are working well and current reports show 971 active members; and 40 registered for TrailFest. Lucas is currently revising forms and formats within Membee and working on using Membee for security so we can present membership discounts in the future. Lucas sent an email out to club leaders to verify and update rosters.  

• Business Renewals, Targets

Only 6 businesses remain that SFWDA will need to update.   Lucas confirmed all invoices have been sent out for renewals.


Insurance 2015 Renewals

Renewal documents complete and submitted to K&K.


Calendar Updates

• Feb/March Meet and Ride 
Meet and Ride scheduled for March 7, Royal Blue/Sandmines.
Event will be posted and Membee calendar item created.

• February 17, 2015 On-Line Leadership Council

• Add March 14, 2015 AOP Wheeling for Reid Georgia Trail Riders


Additional Items

• Blue Ribbon Coalition

Elected a new President, Todd Ockert

March, 2015 releasing the re-launch of the printed color magazine for members

Increasing legal program funds to support member clubs and local issues

New mobile Land Use App http://m.delalbright.com

Revamping alert system http://www.sharetrails.org/


• Volunteer Leader & Land Stewardship Workshop

            Held in Sacramento, CA February 27-March 1, 2015 Workshop is presented by BF Goodrich and Omix- ADA

Jeffery Dozer cannot attend the Workshop. 

Kevin Sutz, President, Georgia Bounty Runners, will be attending as SFWDA representative as approved at Annual Meeting


• United Four Wheel Drive Association

UFWDA January 13, 2015 Delegate Call

UFWDA Four Wheeler of the Year Award

With 20+ years of work at Beasley Knob OHV and his overall commitments to GBR, Curtis Barnhardt, and GBR will be nominated by SFWDA.  Flint Holbrook will coordinate our nomination for the 2015 UFWDA Awards


• Windrock Park

Scheduled meeting on February 2, 2015.   Goal to obtain more knowledge on the Adopt a Trail Program and the possibility of inserting the SFWDA logo on the 2015 Windrock Park map.

 Schedule Items

  • BOD ran through the currently scheduled meetings and events for early 2015: r.
  • Jeeps and Wrenches, January 18, 2015
  • New club for 2015, Past SFWDA Presidents, Gary Parsons and Bob Yarbrough were in attendance at the January 18 meeting in Nashville.
  • Rock Corps 4x4, Marion, NC January 23, 2015
  • ET4WD, Knoxville, TN February 2, 2015
  • Stones River Jeep Club, February 7, 2015 6:30 PM
  • Bob Yarbrough plans to attend and discuss SFWDA
  • CORE, Chattanooga, TN February 3, 2015
  • WRJC, Warner Robbins, GA February 5, 2015
  • TrailFest 2015 Planning Meeting, February 7, 2015
  • Georgia Land Rovers Club, GA February, 2015
  • SFWDA Leadership Meeting, February 17, 2015
  • Jeep Masters of Augusta, Augusta, GA February, 2015
  • CNC 4X4, Raleigh, NC March 10, 2015Black Mountain BOD, Harlan, KY March 11, 2015


TrailFest 2015

Registration is ahead of past years past.

First Planning Meeting was held January 10, 2015 at Tom’s 4X4

Items discussed:

  • Schedule – AOP, Excursion, Ladies, Obstacle Course
  • Vendors – and creating a new vendors page on the website
  • Food – food vendors
  • Kid activities and RC competition
  • Education- 2 segments for TrailFest

Next meeting is scheduled for February 7, 2015  at AOP at 9am.


SFWDA Grant Program

  2014 Educational YouTube Video

• Introduction to Series is ready to go

• Strategy, Timing (Walter Shafer)

Walter plans to launch the Intro video shortly; then follow with additional videos on a schedule up to the TrailFest event.  The plan will be to present all videos at TrailFest as part of the Educational element.


•      2015 Educational YouTube Video – Phase 2

  • Present Phase 2 to SFWDA Leadership Council on February 17, 2015
  • Topics: Recovery, Hi-Lift Jack Operation, Winch Operation, Driving Techniques,
  • Popular Upgrades
  • Projected Video and Production Costs - $2300 est.
  • Technical Support, Storyboards, Scripts - $700 est.



•      2015 Uwharrie National Forest

Carolina Trail Blazers in conjunction with Friends of Uwharrie - Insurance and Maintenance Costs Preliminary Update and Status

CTB has donated $500 to FOU for insurance on the SFWDA 5 ton truck 
Triad Jeep Club has volunteered to provide maintenance support and labor Preliminary Grant request is developing for balance of insurance costs for 2015 and a maintenance fund to support SFWDA truck (i.e., batteries, hydraulics, fuel system, etc.)

Estimate - $1500 - $2000


•      2015 The Flats

Preliminary Grant proposal to build a moderate connecting trail within this 70+ Acre system, Marion, NC was briefly reviewed and tabled for the moment

Projected Costs - $3250


•      2015 Rock Solid Picnic Area Grant Request

A Grant proposal from the Rock Solid Jeep Club to build a pavilion and picnic area on Trails 26/27, Windrock Park was reviewed Picnic area will include a pavilion, parking, fencing, etc. Projected Costs - $18,000+ with an estimated 404 Rock Solid Labor Hours 

Club Support – Rock Solid has secured additional support from Windrock Park, Jeep Jamboree USA, Codgill Jeep and Painting Enterprises, Inc.

• SFWDA Grant Request - $5000

Feedback: SFWDA signage would be part of the grant request. 
SFWDA BOD was unanimous in support of the Grant proposal and agreed to present for final approval during the SFWDA Leadership Council meeting on

February 17, 2015.


Meeting adjourned.