Rock Corps would like to thank everyone for coming out this past weekend to the SFWDA Meet-N-Ride at the S.H.O.P. The temperatures were hot and so was the wheeling, I didn’t hear of much carnage so it sounds as though a good time was had by all. There was a quick introduction meeting to get people acquainted with Rock Corps, the SHOP, and the upcoming events for SFWDA. From there groups formed up and headed out to explore the park, Lunch time rolled around and hot dogs, hamburgers, and cold cut sub sandwiches were served with chips and cold drinks. After lunch more trail riding and park exploring was done until it was time to head back to our individual destinations. 

 Again Thank Each and Every One of you that came out to show support for Rock Corps and The SHOP and we look forward to seeing you again and coming out to enjoy our pride and joy called Sugar Hill Off Road Park


Rock Corps Board Of Directors

Below you can find a select few photos from my camera, while we have lots more from others as well as videos from the ride on the old event page with Facebook.