Premium Ride

Friday, May 5th at Trailfest 3 - 6 PM

  Our beloved Premium Trail Ride which was first conceived by a couple of our top sponsoring brands was so well received we just had to bring it back. Luckily the folks at WARN, BFGoodRich Tires, and Clemson 4 Wheel Center, were grateful enough to support the concept at Dixie Run, and now Trailfest too. Let's hope we can make this an annual tradition.

  In case you're not familiar this is a basically a win your way in trail ride exclusively for Premium SFWDA Members. Now, since we're approaching almost 300 Premium individuals we have to narrow that group down for the ride. That's where it gets fun and allows everyone to join in to WIN your chance to be on this ride.

 Why is it so special you may ask. For starters you will be among fellow advocates which strongly believe in the core mission of SFWDA but better yet you can ride with top industry representatives who also firmly believe in this same core mission.  Expect to see some cool rigs, and hang with some cool folks. After the ride our sponsors have some special prizes in store which you could win. Dinner will also be served and it's all taken care of for you. Oh, wait, did I forget to mention there is a set of BFG - KO2's up to 37", a WARN VR-8,000 Synthetic Winch, custom shirts, and more all being raffled away. 

Premium Ride Group 2016 - Dixie Run

 Ok, so you may be asking yourself, how do I join? 

Step 1. Be an active Premium SFWDA Member. (Join or Upgrade Here

Step 2. Mark yourself as "Going" to the SFWDA Trailfest event and then Share the event on your personal Facebook page.            (

Step 3. Post on Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram) a photo of your rig which must include in the same post each of the following Hashtags; #BFGoodrich #areyoudriverenough #Warn #Clemson4Wheel #SPIDERWEBSHADE #Traifest2017 #SFWDA

Step 4. Share your post on as many pages, and groups that your a part of to get the most likes

Step 5. Meet all the requirements above and you will qualify for a raffle selection of 15 lucky winners.