2018 has been a great year for Southern Four Wheel Drive! Our Associaions Membership continues to grow, now with more active individual Members, and supporting Business than we have ever before. Not to mention the Premium Members who all agree it’s great to give a little more to get a little more, and as a SFWDA Premium Membership you cant go wrong.

  This past year we also witnessed changes to a few local OHV parks. While one private park may have closed, overall the future is very bright for OHV enthusiasts in the Southeast. For example there’s a public 1,300 plus acres OHV trail project known as Southern Gulf Off Road In Coalmont, TN already underway now with funds from the federal funded, state administered grant program know as RTP or the Recreational Trails Program.

  We at SFWDA are also very excited to announce we have secured our Dixie Run and Trailfest venues and dates now for 2019, and they’re going to be AWESOME! Speaking of events, we have several amazing Meet & Rides planned again through the seasons as well as a return to Daniel Boone Back Country Byway in the fall for the fourth year in a row.

                 Mark your calendars now!  

  Through the success of our very own SFWDA Grants program we have already awarded over $76,634 in 2018 to a variety of very deserving recipients.  This Grant program has been a huge success for us overall and has been instrumental in the funding of a variety of projects and free educational courses. 

          2018 SFWDA Grant Overview

            Total grants for 2018 $ 76,634

     2016-2018 SFWDA Grant Overview

                          2016-$ 33,411

                          2017- $40,194

                          2018- $76,632

Grand total $150,239 as an organization over the last three years.

To learn more please visit our Grants web page today.

   As technology continues to advance we will continue to strive forward along with it by providing our members convenient access to whats most important like current events, education topics and best practices, educational videos, and even streaming web meetings so that everyone can stay involved no matter where you live.

   After a productive Annual SFWDA Meeting on December 1st  in Tennessee we have some proud new Board Members to acknowledge. 

 Our 2019 SFWDA BOD is as follows:

President - Ray Stanley

Vice President - Jay Bird and Aaron Roddy

Treasurers - Doyle Punches and Ted Macias

Secretary - Aimee Darnell

Director Membership - Lucas Weidner and Bo Rosa

Director Conservation - Kendall Flint Holbrook and Robert Parmer

Director Education - Alan D. Sweney

Director Recreation - Pete Mier, Amy Dyan Clayborne and assisted by Shawn Moose Halstead

Director Communications - Walter Shafer and assisted by Dallas Pass

Director Business Development - Cristina Campanella

We have a great team appointed for 2019-2020, but we can always use more help from volunteers like yourself. 


         Let’s rock forward through 2019!