Come ride with us. SFWDA welcomes all to join us on 2 amazing trail riding adventures.

Mark your calendars for our upcoming and totally free Meet & Ride through the majestic and mysterious “Coppingers Cove” July 13th. Membership not required. We will be accepting donations for A Soldiers Child Charity. This is sure to be a cool way to enjoy the trails during he heat of the summer! The best part is we’re leading varied difficulty level groups in and out with the assistance of local knowledgeable volunteer SFWDA members to make sure we see all the best stuff!

  Then our 33rd Annual Dixie Run now for the first time ever at the crowd favorite, Adventure Off Road Park the weekend of October 3-6.  In fact Online Ticket Sales will launch this Wednesday, June 13th. Be sure to register early, you’ll be glad you did!!

  More details coming soon, stay tuned with all the latest right here on our Message Board.

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