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California Residents declare a victory for the Off Road Community

California Legislators and Governor Make the Off Highway Vehicle Program (OHMVR) a Permanent Part of the State’s Recreation Plan

   After many months of concentrated effort the California State Assembly just recently passed amended legislation that provides permanent status for reauthorization of the highly successful Off Highway Motor Vehicle Recreation program. The State Senate concurred and the legislation was submitted to the Governor for signature. On October 3, 2017, the Governor signed legislation making the OHMVR program permanent.

BAKERSFIELD, CALIFORNIA - After nearly a year of work with the California Legislature, State parks, Governor Jerry Brown, and stakeholders from across the country, the California OHV program has been extended. In addition, there’s a partner bill that makes the program a permanent part of recreation in California.

S.B. 249 and S.B. 159 are the legislative bills that Governor Jerry Brown signed into law. The California OHV program was introduced in 1971 and is funded by self-imposed user fees and taxes.  The program does not utilize general tax funds to accomplish its goals. The program also has an extensive “Grant Program” that provides funding for education, law enforcement and restoration through state, federal and local communities across the state

Over 80% of OHV opportunities in California are on federal land and facing budget shortfalls at all levels. The OHV program is an integral part of making sure that responsible and meaningful motorized recreation continues in California and provides the necessary funding to help augment those short-falls.

While it may seem that a complicated state like California would never allow OHV use, this proves that a viable, responsible and important program can work its way through a super majority and become stronger. Our original goal was to keep the existing program intact while at the same time make it permanent. With strong collaboration and hard work, we have accomplished these goals and are now looking forward to the future of off road recreation.

For more information, please contact the Off-Road Business Association at

Fred Wiley
Off Road Business Association
UFWDA Treasure




For more information contact:                                                                                                 Patrick Wagenbrenner                                                                               Brand Communications Manager                                                             PatrickW@4WP.Com  


$30,000 Contribution to ORBA from 4 Wheel Parts Round Up Campaign

 Compton, California (June 14, 2017) – 4 Wheel Parts, the global leader in off-road performance product sales and installation, presented a check in the amount of $30,872 to the Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) as part of its “Round Up” charitable fundraising initiative. The “Round Up” initiative served to raise funds to support the foundation’s goals of promoting, preserving and expanding meaningful off-road recreation on public and private land. Led by 4 Wheel Parts Regional Manager, Jeremy Komorn, the full roster of 80 stores across North America supported the successful campaign by providing customers the option of rounding up to the next dollar at checkout with the proceeds to be directly contributed to ORBA.  
The Off Road Business Association is an International Trade Association, comprised of member businesses ranging from large, international corporations to rural family run businesses. ORBA provides leadership and advocacy for the preservation of motorized access and the future of off-highway vehicles.  “With their dedication to ensuring that the off-road industry maintains a voice at the local, state and federal level, ORBA is performing crucial work as they continue protecting people’s opportunities to enjoy recreational off-roading,” said 4 Wheel Parts President and CEO, Greg Adler. “Off-road activities are important to our customers and we are grateful to them that they have shared in our objective of supporting this cause that is so important to us all.”    
All monies collected were directed to the nonprofit trade organization to further their objectives. The presentation was made this past Friday at the Light Truck Accessory Alliance (LTAA) meeting and luncheon held at the Ontario Convention Center by LTAA Chair, Kathryn Reinhardt and 4 Wheel Parts executives, Brent Goegebuer and Sam Cervantes.  
“For nearly two decades 4 Wheel Parts and its subsidiary companies have been passionate supporters of ORBA,” said ORBA President and CEO, Fred Wiley. “Several years ago, Greg Adler stepped up and became an ORBA board member and shortly after that, he was elected chairman. In addition to his active participation in our endeavors, this contribution is an example of how Greg and 4 Wheel Parts’ passion for the off road world furthers our collective efforts to preserve accessibility to the public private lands we offroaders enjoy.”  

For more information about the Off-Road Business Association, make a donation or to become a member please visit
About 4 Wheel Parts  4 Wheel Parts is the global leader in truck, Jeep, SUV and off-road performance products. With 79 locations across the U.S. and Canada and growing, 4 Wheel Parts Service Centers install all the products they sell. Maintaining the nation’s largest inventory of off-road tires, wheels, suspension products and accessories, 4 Wheel Parts serves customers across the country and around the globe. Life is Better Off-Road™. Visit them at or call toll-free 877-474-4821. 

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OHV community submits joint letter to our Department of the Interior, Secretary Zinke

  With cooperation from ORBA and the SEMA group among other OHV organizations we have been working on a draft letter to be submitted out our newly appointed Secretary for the Department of the Interior, Honorable Ryan Zinke.  

 The goal here being that with so many newly appointed representatives within our government we may have greater success in expressing our concerns within our OHV communities. 

  The letter in whole is attached below (click to view).  In essence the letters intent is to bring to light the huge economic impact stimulated from the out doors recreation community, and more importantly the motorized recreation component we're very familiar with. "As our nation’s largest landlord of federal lands, you have a unique opportunity to make these lands available to the American public in ways never done before in our country’s history." It was noted in our draft that in A 2012 study on outdoor recreation found that it contributed more than $646 billion to the national economy.  Forty percent of that amount, more than $258 billion is directly attributable to motorized recreation. 

View Document Draft in it's entirety here. 



Sign up today; Unlimited Off Road Expo Volunteer Land Use Awareness Booth Volunteer

Sign up today for the Unlimited Off Road Expo Volunteer Land Use Awareness Booth Volunteer spots. 

Are you interested in the Unlimited Off Road Expo?

Would you like to help be a part of our mission to fight for our trails?

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We want you to become a part of our Conservation, and Education Mission!

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This 4 hour block on a 4 person team will handle the operations of the Joint Land Use Awareness booth. . Responsibilities will include talking to and interacting with attendants to support Land Advocacy. Distribute literature to folks as they pass by. Engage them by inviting a moment to watch, and learn from our featured educational videos.

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Support the RPM Act! Say No to the EPA by reaching out to your representatives...


"Please support Legislation to Overturn EPA Racecar Regulation and our friends at SEMA by contacting your legislator. This is important to our industry."
- Fred Wiley

Support the RPM Act!

The effort to protect racecars from overreaching EPA regulations continues to build momentum. The White House heard your voice, now it’s time for you to tell Congress to take action.

The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate recently introduced The Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016 (RPM Act), which would ensure that converting street vehicles to racecars used exclusively in competition does not violate the Clean Air Act. 
Take action now! Fill out the form below to tell your House member and your two Senators to support the RPM Act!
Already contacted your House member? Thank you! Now we need you to weigh in with your two Senators. Please resubmit the form to ensure your voice is heard!

Ask Your Local Member of Congress to Support the RPM Act

Click here to write your local member of Congress asking for their support of the RPM Act!

 Congress Introduces Bill to Ensure that Motor Vehicles May Be Modified Into Racecars 

U.S. Reps. Patrick McHenry (R-NC), Henry Cuellar  (D-TX), Richard Hudson (R-NC), Bill Posey (R-FL) and Lee Zeldin (R-NY) have introduced the bipartisan "Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act of 2016" (RPM Act), which makes clear that it has always been legal to modify a street vehicle into a racecar used exclusively at the track. The practice was unquestioned until last year when the EPA proposed a new regulation which would make this activity illegal. SEMA supports the RPM Act and urges you to do so as well.

Click here to write your local member of Congress asking for their support of the RPM Act!



2015 Annual Report From ORBA



The Off-Road Business Association’s membership and working partnership
categories throughout 2015 shows continued growth. It’s important to note that ORBA has realized an average growth rate of 4.3% per year for the past five years. Sustainable growth is a result of strong business planning along with a timely schedule of execution. It’s also backed-up by a Board of Directors that clearly understands the needs of Off-Highway Vehicle Community.

Strong working relationships with other national organizations are important elements of the business plan. Those organizations include ARRA, AMA, MIC, SEMA, Tread Lightly and several others.

ORBA’s C-6 IRS category allows for lobbing at federal and state levels. Therefore ORBA contracts with professional lobbying firms through the country along with project specialists for individual goals and initiatives. ORBA is a founding owner of a legal group called EcoLogic Partners. The Company has been in existence for over twelve years and has been successful with several litigations. The mission of EP is to do all that we can to stay out of court by providing solid analyses, appropriate legal and scientific comments, preparing language as needed for testimony at state and federal hearings.

Our staff is highly educated and has over seventy-five years combined experience. They have testified before congress, written legislative language that has been included in law and successfully managed state and federal administrative programs throughout the country.

Accomplished goals 2015

1. “ONE-VOICE” fully implemented and organizing regional representation

2. “SAVE MOAB” provide maps, trail names, develop leg-language for 2016 bill

3. OHV protection language included in Colorado Wilderness bill

4, Passage of Boulder-Whitecloud protecting OHV uses

5. Extension of RTP and Federal Highway bill

6. Comment on the five early adopters of Winter Travel Management

7. Comments and protest on Sage Grouse

8. Testify on e-15 fuel requirement

9. Provide data for CPSC for the test standards for ROHV’s

Listed above are just a few of the on-going projects. ORBA also does support work for our association members in specific use areas. We are also involved in OHV economic impact studies for several states. ORBA is involved in the organization of state OHV organizations.



Spring 2016 Marshall University OHV Scholarship


Applications due December 27th, 2015. Classes begin January 11th, 2016.

NOHVCC is once again proud to administer a scholarship for a semester of the Marshall University OHV Recreation Management program.

The spring semester OHV Recreation Management courses are PLS 451/551: Planning and Design of OHV Parks; and PLS 453/553: Operation and Management of OHV Trails Systems. The information in these courses can be invaluable for both agency personnel as well as for enthusiasts. The winner of the scholarship will be able to choose 1 of the 2 offered courses for this spring's semester.

This semester's scholarship is being offered by the Right Rider Access Fund. The applications are due in to the NOHVCC office on December 27th, 2015. NOHVCC will review the applications and choose a winner in the shortest amount of time possible. Spring courses begin January 11th.

Information about all 4 courses, including how to register for the courses is on the NOHVCC website

For more information regarding the scholarship or to receive an application, contact NOHVCC staff

For additional information regarding the content of the course, contact Theresa Litteral M.S. at . 

The Right Rider Access Fund is a charitable, community benefit organization created in 2011 to support off-highway vehicle enthusiasts directly; by supplementing the work of the Motorcycle Industry Council, the Specialty Vehicle Institute of America, and the Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle Association; and in other ways. The Fund's charitable mission is to promote the safe and responsible use of off-highway vehicles and to preserve their access to appropriate lands.


Additional information on ORBA can be found at  and



Call to Action * The House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Federal Lands will be hearing H.R. 3668

Call to Action* Please reach out to your local congressman and help get this important bill to benefit the OHV community through its first hurdle.

From Fred Wiley of ORBA - The Off Road Business Association.

NR-comittee logo
The House Natural Resources Committee’s Subcommittee on Federal Lands will be hearing H.R. 3668, the California Minerals, Off-Road Recreation, and Conservation Act, on December 9th at 2:00 P.M.
Let's share this among all of our friends in the off-road community so everyone knows about the hearing and encourage them to weigh in and express their support to committee members.

Congressmember  \  District  \  Office Phone


Tom McClintock Chairman  CA-04  (202) 225-2511

Don Young  AK-At Large  (202) 225-5765

Louie Gohmert  TX-01  (202) 225-3035

Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson  PA-05  (202) 225-5121

Cynthia Lummis  WY-At Large  (202) 225-2311

Raul Labrador  ID-01 (202) 225-6611

Doug LaMalfa  CA-01   (202) 225-3076

Bruce Westerman  AR-04  (202) 225-3772

Dan Newhouse  WA-04  (202) 225-5816

Ryan Zinke  MT-At Large  (202) 225-3211

Jody Hice  GA-10  (202) 225-4101

Tom MacArthur  NJ-03  (202) 225-4765

Cresent Hardy  NV-04  (202) 225-9894

Darin LaHood  IL-18  (202) 225-6201

Rob Bishop  ex officio  UT-01  (202) 225-0453


Niki Tsongas  Ranking Member  MA-03  (202) 225-3411

Matt Cartwright  PA-17  (202) 225-5546

Don Beyer  VA-08  (202) 225-4376

Pedro Pierluisi  Puerto Rico  (202) 225-2615

Jared Huffman  CA-02  (202) 225-5161

Alan Lowenthal  CA-47  (202) 225-7924

Debbie Dingell  MI-12  (202) 225-4071

Lois Capps  CA-24  (202) 225-3601

Jared Polis  CO-02  (202) 225-2161  

Raul Grijalva  ex officio  AZ-03  (202) 225-2435