The Off-Road Business Association’s membership and working partnership
categories throughout 2015 shows continued growth. It’s important to note that ORBA has realized an average growth rate of 4.3% per year for the past five years. Sustainable growth is a result of strong business planning along with a timely schedule of execution. It’s also backed-up by a Board of Directors that clearly understands the needs of Off-Highway Vehicle Community.

Strong working relationships with other national organizations are important elements of the business plan. Those organizations include ARRA, AMA, MIC, SEMA, Tread Lightly and several others.

ORBA’s C-6 IRS category allows for lobbing at federal and state levels. Therefore ORBA contracts with professional lobbying firms through the country along with project specialists for individual goals and initiatives. ORBA is a founding owner of a legal group called EcoLogic Partners. The Company has been in existence for over twelve years and has been successful with several litigations. The mission of EP is to do all that we can to stay out of court by providing solid analyses, appropriate legal and scientific comments, preparing language as needed for testimony at state and federal hearings.

Our staff is highly educated and has over seventy-five years combined experience. They have testified before congress, written legislative language that has been included in law and successfully managed state and federal administrative programs throughout the country.

Accomplished goals 2015

1. “ONE-VOICE” fully implemented and organizing regional representation

2. “SAVE MOAB” provide maps, trail names, develop leg-language for 2016 bill

3. OHV protection language included in Colorado Wilderness bill

4, Passage of Boulder-Whitecloud protecting OHV uses

5. Extension of RTP and Federal Highway bill

6. Comment on the five early adopters of Winter Travel Management

7. Comments and protest on Sage Grouse

8. Testify on e-15 fuel requirement

9. Provide data for CPSC for the test standards for ROHV’s

Listed above are just a few of the on-going projects. ORBA also does support work for our association members in specific use areas. We are also involved in OHV economic impact studies for several states. ORBA is involved in the organization of state OHV organizations.