We're off and running now for sure, 1,000 strong! THANK YOU SFWDA members and friends. We're delighted to have each and every one of you as part of our stewardship family.   #sfwda

 While you may already know about or are a member of our original Facebook Group, this is different. The idea is the we will use this new page for events and promotions while our Group stays more interactive among our fellow members. Think of our new page more like a website and our group page more like a forum from yesterday. You should find anything published from SFWDA direct on both pages but more in-depth conversations and discussions will remain on our group page. Thanks for keeping up and remember Facebook is just one way to follow us. We also publish all important content to our website's Message Board and our other Social Media channels ie; Twitter, and Instagram. And of course you'll find all our latest videos on our YouTube channel as well.