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USFS Proposed Planning Rule Amendment - FAQ's and Updates


Good afternoon members of SFWDA,

 We thought a few of you may like to know that the Forest Service published a Federal Register Notice today (Oct. 12), requesting public comment on a minor but important proposed amendment to the 2012 Planning Rule.

 While the 2012 Planning Rule includes direction specific to national forest plan amendments, the 2012 Planning Rule did not explicitly direct how to apply substantive requirements set forth in the 2012 Planning Rule (requirements for sustainability, diversity, multiple use and timber) to those plans developed under the 1982 Planning Rule. 

 This proposed amendment to the 2012 Planning Rule would clarify the Department’s and Agency’s expectations for plan amendments, including expectations for amending 1982 Rule plans.

 The proposed amendment is recommended and supported by the National Advisory Committee for Implementation of the National Forest System Land Management Planning Rule ( and is based on experience gained by early adopter forests, public input garnered through plan amendment processes, and extensive dialogue with the National Advisory Committee.
 The 30 day public comment period begins on Oct. 12 and ends on Nov. 14 2016.

 Attached are some Frequently Asked Questions about the amendment. Additional information will be posted at: .

 We appreciate your on-going interest in the Forest Service and its 2012 Planning Rule. 
 With kind regards,

 Andrea Bedell Loucks
 Assistant Director
 Forest Service
Ecosystem Management Coordination
> p: 202-295-7968
> c: 202-295-7968
> 201 14th Street, SW
> Washington, DC 22046



BFG will again award $4,000 through it's annual OUTSTANDING TRAILS PROGRAM


It's that time of the year again....$4,000 can go a LONG WAY for your club and OHV Trail. You must earn it but read up on the details and let us know if SFWDA can help point you in the right direction to benefit another local club again.

The BFGoodrich® Tires Outstanding Trails program was established in 2006 to raise awareness for responsible use and preservation of off-road trails while providing support in the trails’ conservation efforts. Through 2015, the Outstanding Trails program has recognized over 40 off-road trails and clubs across North America. The program has provided more than $150,000 in grants in support of the various trails conservation efforts.Trails are nominated for uniqueness, terrain type and enthusiast following.

Learn More & Apply Today;



Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests inviting everyone to their Collaborative Learning Workshop

Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests inviting everyone to their
Collaborative Learning Workshop


  • Thursday June 16, 2016 from 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM EDT


  • North Hall Community Center
    4175 Nopone Road
    Gainesville, GA 30506

Please join the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests as we embark on an exciting new path, kicking off with this Collaborative Learning Workshop. 
We hope this workshop will be a catalyst for building community capacity to work together to realize shared goals - in any arena - and also to awaken and strengthen our communities' connection to our public lands. This forest needs you.

Participants will gain valuable ideas and skills that can be applied to solving problems and making decisions in collaboration with other organizations, governments, and communities.
By learning collaboration techniques together, we can build a shared language and establish mutual expectations. This workshop will feature collaboration experts from across the country and across perspectives - community members, academics, and land managers - to share their experiences and knowledge with you.

Beginning this fall, we will be reaching out to partners, stakeholders and community members through a series of conversations aimed at realizing a shared vision to address complex conservation challenges across a single large landscape on the Chattahoochee National Forest.

We will need your knowledge and insights right from the start in order to plan the right work in the right places for the right reasons.
This is something new for us. We are working to build our skills and capacity for collaboration, and want to help boost yours in the process, too. 
We encourage you to come to learn and grow - together with us. 

Register Now!
I can't make it

If you have questions about the workshop, feel free to contact Judy Toppins (770/297-3061,,) or Mike Brod (770/297-3090,
Thank you for your attention and response, and I so look forward to learning and growing with you during this exciting phase in our forest's history.
Betty Jewett
Forest Supervisor
Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests



Sign up today; Unlimited Off Road Expo Volunteer Land Use Awareness Booth Volunteer

Sign up today for the Unlimited Off Road Expo Volunteer Land Use Awareness Booth Volunteer spots. 

Are you interested in the Unlimited Off Road Expo?

Would you like to help be a part of our mission to fight for our trails?

Can you help direct others how to become part of this team?

We want you to become a part of our Conservation, and Education Mission!

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot

If you're available for as little as 4 hours; June 3-5 and can travel to Louisville, KY then join our SFWDA join Land Use Awareness Booth on the show floor and receive a free all access vendor pass to the event along a custom event polo shirt just for our volunteers. Sign up right now as a SFWDA booth Volunteer Representative at the UOR Expo ( on VolunteerSpot.

This 4 hour block on a 4 person team will handle the operations of the Joint Land Use Awareness booth. . Responsibilities will include talking to and interacting with attendants to support Land Advocacy. Distribute literature to folks as they pass by. Engage them by inviting a moment to watch, and learn from our featured educational videos.

We're using VolunteerSpot (the leading online Sign-up and reminder tool) to organize this event sign up.

Here's how it works in 3 easy steps:

1) Click this link to see our Sign-up on VolunteerSpot:
2) Review the options listed and choose the spot(s) you like.
3) Sign up! It's Easy - you will NOT need to register an account or keep a password on VolunteerSpot.

Note: VolunteerSpot does not share your email address with anyone. If you prefer not to use your email address, please contact me and I can sign you up manually.

Click to View Volunteer Opportunities on VolunteerSpot



GBR's Spring Cleanup Work Weekend at Beasley Knob OHV Trail System raised over $10,000 in RTP funds for the OHV Trail System

The Georgia Bounty Runners recently held a “Fun Run” a/k/a work weekend at the Beasley Knob OHV Trail System in Blairsville, Georgia March 18th through March 20th, 2016. 

The GBR really stepped up for a very aggressive funds-match request that the USFS needed for this weekend.  The USFS normally gets around $4,000 in matching funds with each of our regular work weekends.  Due to the addition of brand new trails and work still needed, they had the lofty goal of $7,500 matching funds for this weekend alone.

The call went out and we raised over $10,000 in matching funds with the help of SIXTY-FIVE GBR attendees!  This is one of the highest turn-outs we’ve ever had doing the work at Beasley Knob.


We started with a meeting with Teressa Brown, Forestry Technician with the Forest Service, at 1:00 PM at her office in Blairsville on Friday for pre-planning.  We discussed how the OHV area weathered the wet winter closure.  She indicated they had not been able to get out much over the trails because all of the rain so conditions were unknown.  She did say some of the other areas had many downed trees and for us to “bring out the certified sawyers”.   We discussed that three new gates had been installed and people have been making there way around the gates, so one of our big tasks would be to block these illegal by-passes at the new gates.   She said she would have a few tools (one post-hole digger, shovel and a rock bar) and supplies (bags of sackret, posts, boards, screws to fasten the boards, etc.) at strategic locations for the work.  Unfortunately both of the Forest Service’s gas powered augers were out of commission!   Oh no!

After the meeting we headed over to the campsite.  Since the area was still locked from the winter closure we had to install a specially coded combination lock at the gate so everyone could get in/out without much problem.  Next, Rita and I set-up camp at the Satterfield Pay Station off Windy Hill Rd., as others arrived, we set-up plans for work parties to start evaluating the trails and start clearing back the brush.  One crew led by Greg Uphole headed out 93C cutting back the brush off the trails and cleaning out water bars.  Another crew, led by Kerry Vanderpool worked Trail 93 where they had to cut two trees off the trail.

On Saturday morning, we had a parking area full of vehicles!

65 Attendees Supported this RTP Weekend Workday Event

We had a driver’s meeting and went over the game plan.  I also gave a short safety briefing giving instruction on proper wear of safety equipment, care for distances around the sawyers and hospital location / reporting in case of an emergency.  Then we split out in to five groups.

 My group started at the Satterfield pay station going back towards Windy Hill Rd.  We cut the grass, cut back the brush and picked up the trash as we walked.  A group of us went to the new gate and installed short fences on both sides of the new gate blocking ghost trails going around gate.  We then went to the Blue Rock pay station cutting brush off the road. We then cleared brush off the pay station area and off trail 93.

  A second group, led by Kevin Sutz, started at the parking lot of 93D and went up Nicholson Gap down to F.S. road 117.  They covered the complete trail 93G, Beasley Knob Mountain trail, down to F.S. road 117. They had to chainsaw three trees off the trail and move a small one out of the way.  They went to the new gate to stop the illegal bypass around the gate.  At the new gate they used a vehicle winch to pull some big rocks into the ghost trail opening. After that they found some posts and installed them behind the rocks they added a cross bar to keep ATVs or other vehicles from trying to drive over the rocks.  They collected trash, cleaned water bars and cut back branches and tree limbs that were growing over trails          .

Another group led by Ralph Payne rode 93B cutting back brush and clearing water bars.

Our forth group led by Dave Logan rode trail 93D.  They cut back brush and cleaned out water bars.  They ran into a huge tree blocking 93D. The tree’s root ball pulled up and over blocking the trail.  The root ball was over 6 feet tall and the tree at its base was over 4 feet in diameter, impossible for them to move.  They changed their route going on another trail and back tracked to the other side of this tree.

The fifth group led by Paul Fon traveled trail 93C cutting back brush and cleaning out water bars.  His group also had to cut two trees off 93C, one tree at two different locations.

 Since we could not finish all work on Saturday a group of us stayed overnight and finished the needed work on Sunday.  This group repaired part of the fence behind the sign at the Satterfield pay station.   We also cut the grass and cut brush, back clearing the camp and parking areas.



G. Curtis Barnhart Jr.
Adopt-A-Trail Representative
Beasley Knob OHV Trail System



SFWDA & partners are working together in effort to make a big impact on the Unlimited Off Road Expo show floor.

  We are partnering up with some other Land -Use & OHV Stewardship related organizations nationwide to join forces to make the biggest impact possible on the show floor this year. Details are still in development so I can't say much more than that but you definitely don't want to miss the Unlimited Off Road Expo this year. Check out the highlights below.....

 Once again we will also be seeking member volunteers again to assist with this operation. If you would like to help out staffing our SFWDA part of the booth then please Contact US, and if you would are part of an organization that understands the importance of this mission and would like to contribute or help out in any way please let us know

Check out some of the other New Highlights for the UOR Expo!

The Mothership of all Off-Road Events... 

...oh yes, we are growing. And yes, we take change seriously. Believe it or not, we are bigger than any other show east of Las Vegas. And yes, we are the mothership of all 4x4 events and the only one who turns itself into an off-road dedicated "little SEMA" (no offense ;-) on all of your behalf! 
Nobody beats our B2B attendance, and anybody who took advantage of our great crowd noticed that we are the new off-road industry platform determined to grow your custom business.

So come to Louisville and take the lead...

Our marketing doubles again and breaks the $100k mark. Last year's attendance of over 13k will grow over 20k this year (real enthusiasts)! Billboards in 5 States, Radio, TV, huge Social Media, 5-State Park Event Promotions...all that charged

up with partners like Ford, JCWhitney, Powernation and others! We have created a buzz like never before. Join the Expo and take advantage of the marketplace we are creating for YOU. 

Now make the UOR Expo your Main Event

We are almost sold out, inside and outside. Join us and enjoy a well-managed, 360 show experience and meet old and new names. Make sure you take great advantage of all our events throughout the whole weekend. Connect to new partners while you promote your brand before Jeep, Toyota, Truck, UTV and Buggy owners.

We'll see you in the Kentucky Exposition Center. Call us today.

The Expo Highlights for 2016:

  • Ford Corporate set up with 2017 Raptor and F150 Truck giveaway
  • Ian Johnson w/Powernation/Xtreme Offroad JKU TV live build
  • History Channel custom vehicle reveal by Hauk Designs LLC
  • B2B Reception and big Party
  • High Caliber Product Presentations (Stage and Obstacle Course)
  • New vehicle dealerships on the floor
  • Regional Meetings for Landuse, Race Sponsors and Trailer Mfg. Assoc.
  • Traffic Optimized Floor Plan and traffic circulation (inside/outside)
  • Improved Race Schedule
  • Lil' Monster Trucks will fly high with kids of all ages
  • More Raffle, Swag and Discount Opportunities
  • Visitor engagement programs
  • Extended Marketing activities and big industry supporters
  • Consumer Highlights listed on our first Expo Flyer
  • ... please find much more on our Website

Our extensive list of activities and efforts to engage b2b and b2c business is available online and on our flyer! Here are some highlights:

  • Discounts, swag and raffles
  • Product News, Demonstrations, and Seminars
  • Tavern & Cavern Night Crawl
  • Public Obstacle Course and Race Action
  • Show & Shine Competition (win $2,500)
  • Miss UOR Expo voting
  • AXIAL RC Course (indoors)
  • ... and much more...
  • Visit our Visitor section online



2015 Annual Report From ORBA



The Off-Road Business Association’s membership and working partnership
categories throughout 2015 shows continued growth. It’s important to note that ORBA has realized an average growth rate of 4.3% per year for the past five years. Sustainable growth is a result of strong business planning along with a timely schedule of execution. It’s also backed-up by a Board of Directors that clearly understands the needs of Off-Highway Vehicle Community.

Strong working relationships with other national organizations are important elements of the business plan. Those organizations include ARRA, AMA, MIC, SEMA, Tread Lightly and several others.

ORBA’s C-6 IRS category allows for lobbing at federal and state levels. Therefore ORBA contracts with professional lobbying firms through the country along with project specialists for individual goals and initiatives. ORBA is a founding owner of a legal group called EcoLogic Partners. The Company has been in existence for over twelve years and has been successful with several litigations. The mission of EP is to do all that we can to stay out of court by providing solid analyses, appropriate legal and scientific comments, preparing language as needed for testimony at state and federal hearings.

Our staff is highly educated and has over seventy-five years combined experience. They have testified before congress, written legislative language that has been included in law and successfully managed state and federal administrative programs throughout the country.

Accomplished goals 2015

1. “ONE-VOICE” fully implemented and organizing regional representation

2. “SAVE MOAB” provide maps, trail names, develop leg-language for 2016 bill

3. OHV protection language included in Colorado Wilderness bill

4, Passage of Boulder-Whitecloud protecting OHV uses

5. Extension of RTP and Federal Highway bill

6. Comment on the five early adopters of Winter Travel Management

7. Comments and protest on Sage Grouse

8. Testify on e-15 fuel requirement

9. Provide data for CPSC for the test standards for ROHV’s

Listed above are just a few of the on-going projects. ORBA also does support work for our association members in specific use areas. We are also involved in OHV economic impact studies for several states. ORBA is involved in the organization of state OHV organizations.



SFWDA & TreadLightly! Thanks YOU, for your gift to the great outdoors!

We may have wrapped it, but we couldn't have given this gift without you.

Thank you to all of our corporate partners, small businesses, enthusiast clubs, Tread Trainers and individual members that have helped make 2015 an unprecedented year in keeping the great outdoor healthy, accessible and open for you! 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the Tread Lightly! Team!